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common gats

I felt like doing some pixel art for my folio and after the discussions in other threads, thought some pistols and revolvers in "neo scavenger style" would be fun.

I made some handguns popular in the US, in common cartridges.

I'll probably bust out a few more because they're fun, and there are whole classes of handgun i havent really covered by these


left to right, top to bottom:
Ruger SR9c, jennings 380, beretta cheetah
smith & wesson model 10, smith and wesson M&P
beretta bobcat, hi-point C9
smith & wesson airweight bodyguard, glock 21, ruger mk2
ingram mac10

if the game is opened to modding, these are some suggested stats for anyone able to put them ingame

needless to say, if Dan wants to use any of these graphics it's fine by me.

"Ruben Compact 9"
10 rounds, 9mm

jennings 380
"jennies 380"
6 rounds, 380

beretta cheetah
"brescia ocelot"
7 rounds, .380

S&W model 10
"west & smitt mk 10"
6 round, .38

"west & smitt police"
10 rounds, 9mm

beretta bobcat
"brescia lynx"
7 rounds, .22LR

hi point c9
"apex C9"
8 rounds, 9mm

S&W airweight
"west & smitt featherweight"
5 rounds, .38

glock 21
"gaston 21"
13 rounds, 45ACP

ruger mkII
"ruben model 2"
10 rounds, .22LR

ingram mac 10
"engels MK10"
20 or 30 round, 45ACP

That's some pretty darn sweet art you got there! I really love the Beretta Cheeta, S&W model 10 and Glock 21! Wish most of these would make it into the game :) Keep up the good work. Now do some melee weapons! :P

Meh, there's already quite a few melee weapons in the game. im gonna stick to firearms for a while at least in case they can be modded in or included officially.

Not enough, if you ask me. Improvised spears would be an awesome addition, for more defensive fighting, especially if shields were added as well. :) .. Or a shield and handgun combo!

To my knowledge, the revolver is the most common civilian handgun (38 Special specifically). Because it's a revolver it doesn't have the "jam" problems of semi-auto handguns. It's easy to clean, maintain and is reliable, which is really important in the Dogman post-apocalypse. I guess the .45 has more stopping power, so it's more popular with the military.

Either way, I would take a revolver over a glock.

This is largely a misconception. a SA/DA revolver is a more complicated mechanism than a straight blowback pistol like a 380 or 25acp. When a revolver does malfunction it's usually an indexing issue or a burst primer which is basically gonna freeze the cylinder in place and be extremely difficult to clear without tools and full disassembly.

On an auto, feeding problems are very easy to spot and quite simple to clear even during a "fight."

Revolvers definitely have their place though. They're light, but can still put out quite a heavy cartridge.

Personally i think i'd be looking at a .22 or a 9mm - .22 is something you can carry thousands of rounds for without being burdened by it, and almost ANY firearm collection is gonna have a .22 - meaning finding .22 ammo will be comparitively a breeze... whereas not everyone is gonna have a 9 or a 45. If i was going with revolver i'd prioritise getting a 357 - because the cylinder can take the full 357 load, but since 357's parent cartridge is the 38, you can also put 38 through it.

If you wanna talk about reliable though, one of those 357 derringers with 2 or 4 shots is something you cant go wrong with - again it could run on .38 as well. I'll be making one or two of those.

The glock is one of the most brilliant and safe handguns ever built. if you have an anti-glock attitude it's probably been developed through lack of information or misinformation.

This is largely a misconception.

Yep, I completely disagree with you there.

While the glock is a great gun (I have no problem with it) the revolver does have fewer cases of jamming than semi-autos. It's a simpler mechanism, so there are fewer parts that can go wrong. I personally think the motto "keep it simple, stupid" is apt when choosing a gun choice of a world without infrastructure. But I don't have a problem with the claim that glocks are great guns and should be in the game.

...have you ever taken apart a modern DA revolver?

The more I research this issue, the more I realize this controversy will go on forever. There are pros and cons to both styles of handgun. I guess Dan's only choice will be to put both types, a Glock and a revolver in the game and let the player choose.

well, considering he has total creative control he COULD choose to put none of them at all in. Most times this gets brought up it's suggested he'd be better dedicating his time to other features.
I don't personally agree and, as ive said in other threads, the more variants on weapons the better. Gives the world more depth and room to explore, and gives the player more meaningful choices to make. Right now there's only one rifle... if you find a rifle, the only things influencing your decision to pick it up are whether you already have one, really.

Imagine stopping power, robustness, accuracy, ammo availability, weight, size, ability to take attachments.... imagine all these things influencing what the player defends themselves with. it's more to think about, more choices to make... more of a game. You won't just find "either a revolver or a glock" and when you decide one suits your purposes, use it for the rest of the game. You might come across small shades of variation in glock-like pistols and find yourself actually thinking about your decision at many points in the game.

Even depicted in pixel-art Ruger pistol looks insanely cool :D Great work!

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

I like the gun sprites and they should look decent too once scaled properly. Ask Dan if he will put them into the game, talk over the license etc. Also, consider adding a few sturdy, practical but befitting a bit more futuristic setting models (as in without going too far into sci-fi, creating some zap-guns with LED all over the thing) as I'd suspect that given we have body augmentation and some rare pieces of beam weaponry, regular firearms also got a bit more advanced. A few simple, homemade guns looking like made out of different bits of hammered steel I'd also gladly like to see.

To my knowledge, the revolver is the most common civilian handgun (38 Special specifically).

I am surprised and suspect it may be very much a regional thing. For example, to my knowledge nearly all legal gun owners here go for semi-automatics like aforementioned glocks or our little native line of pistols. As well as if I recall correctly what I read, after assault rifles it's mostly semi- and automatic pistols being used in warfare by infantry in most third world countries, though it may be oudated info.

That being said, I've heard that in some circles weapons like S&W revolvers are very popular suggestion for man's first handgun because of balance between relative ease of use/maintenance, reliability and price.

But we start to move off the topic. Get us more handguns.

Good point.

Anyway, ammo is so scarce in this game that it might not matter much. That and the fact that rifles are so big, I usually just leave them behind and use a meat cleaver for combat instead. If we had handguns in the game, even with scarce ammo, I might actually bother picking them up.

Awesome pixel work, the detail is wonderful!

Awsome! Can you pixel art in 1903 Springfield .30-06 Rifle and Remington bolt-action Model Five Rimfire rifle?

And I wonder what shotgun model in game will be based of a FORT-500 shotgun (Ukraine) or Winchester 1200 or Remington 870 or
Mossberg 500. And I will say Remington bolt-action Model Five would be a better model for a basic rifle in game than .308 Remington 760/7600 pump-action.

My questions with guns is should there be a optimal range for weapons i.e. range over 2 with handguns lower accuracy and range under 2 with a rifle lower accuracy or something like that?


Amazing work on those gun arts.