Just a few random suggestions.

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Just a few random suggestions.

Just wanted to share some of my thoughts, hopefully see one in game at some point. :p

Here goes, take it or leave it, it's only harmless suggestions, and if I've "stolen" someones idea(s); I'm sorry, I don't mean to take credit, I'm just agreeing with you!

ALSO, if this should be posted elsewhere, tell me so and I'll take your hate, apologize and try and correct it.

Threaten enemy to drop weapon/items/bags/clothing, or just plain surrender. Some bandits/people would prefer this method, to save time/stamina/ammo and potential bruising.
Most un(der)armed people facing a desperate wastelander with a rifle wouldn't take the chance of there being any bullets in it. Why die here and now, if you can survive this encounter, get away and find new goodies?
Or you could tie down your victim, use them as fresh meat, if you got a vehicle (Car-like?) to transport them around in (Could also be used for plots, capture/kidnap a guy).
You would need to feed them every now and then and perhaps even give them medicine,
unless you just want to ensure them a slow and painful death of dehydration, starvation and illness. If ill they could also infect you, and their corpse as well.
I know, rather grim, but the wasteland is a dark and desperate place.

Sneak attack, if within 0-1 tiles of enemy, while hidden (+Hiding skill?) to gain a good bonus to-hit and damage.
I just like being a bit sneaky/assassin-like, especially in worlds like these. Cheap shots are the BEST shots!
Maybe even ranged sneak attacks, of some sorts?

Targeting limbs. For efficient/tactical take-downs, combat dept/realism, and the sadistic wastelander.
One could also swing wildly, if the dept isn't interesting, which it isn't for some people.
Think DwarfFortress (not that deep necessarily.), something along those lines would be really cool.

Friendly/Faction-based NPCs roaming around. Team up, trade or shoot them and take their stuff?
Potentially have some unique characters that gives out plots/missions.

Farmland tiles. I like the idea of establishing a base somewhere, and having a somewhat steady source of food is always great.
Of course one would have to defend against raiders and such. Maybe be able to change certain world tiles altogether, turn it into a fortified camp tile for yourself (And potential allies in the future?) or something of sorts.

Pistols/Small firearms. I read somewhere that pistols will be included at some point, but what I *really* hope for is this;
I encounter a looter, feeble and frail as always, with nothing but his hands. I decide to charge at him with my cleaver thinking:"..Easy kill...", but shit quickly hits the fan when he pulls out an old revolver and unloads a couple of rounds in my chest and arm.
I like surprises, even bad ones, in these type of games.
tl;dr: Hidden firearms, for surprise attacks in combat, or as a desperate last move for a bandit? (1)

Personally I'd like if I could use the Spy function to also get a little information regarding equipped gear on the target, like clothing, bags, etc.
The Eagle Eye skill would of course be needed, unless one had a scope or pair of binoculars.

Corpses. If fresh it could be butchered for meat (Mmmm, fresh meat!). An overview of injuries, like the player has in his Medical-tab.
Maybe even determine how long ago the individual was killed if one has the Medic skill. Rotting corpses in hexes could also infect you, if not properly burned or moved.

Camouflage clothing, and camouflage nets for camps to make them more hidden. Decreases detection chance.

Traps. A spike trap, either a hole in the ground with spikes at the bottom, or a stringed-up version waiting to smash your chest/face in. Grenade-tripwire traps maybe?

More animals and hunting. Maybe be able to deploy traps in hexes, and return to them later to check for trapped/dead animals/people/unknowns? Once one (if one can manage to) collects a fair deal of ammo, it could be fun to have the option to hunt deer or the like as well. Sometimes food on the table is worth more than bullets.

Scrap metals for primitive armor, vehicles, weapons, etc. Like welding-helmets, shields, plate armor torso (Maybe also a lighter version, which you're able to hide under a coat/hoodie?), gloves, boots. Could be used to reinforce cars, or repair them, or build them entirely from scratch with other components!

Pills/Plants that speeds up the blood loss recovery process, at the cost of higher food and water intake.


Side notes:
(1) Why should anyone waste their last precious bullet on a lightly armed or completely unarmed enemy, as the very first thing when combat starts?
Make enemies save it for when things go bad, or when the player refuses to coorperate (Bandit threatens player to back off/drop their loot, etc.), depending on the amount of bullets they've got, morale and such.

I'll toss some more in here, when/if I think of more.

Thoughts? I admit, I have not thought everything through.

Some more random suggestions!

1. Encounters with multiple choices should experience in themselves chance. That is to say an encounter goes like so:

You meet Jim. He has a knife. What do you do?
A. I run.
50% - You fall and hit your head on a pebble and die. The end.
50% - You run away.
B. I fight.
33% - You start with an advantage.
33% - You start at a disadvantage.
33% - Neutral
1% - You instantly defeat him.
C. I try to reason with him.
80% - See "I fight"
15% - He takes your weapon.
5% - He dies of a heart attack.

I think from here you could ALSO have chances of continuing branches of possibilities within those possibilities. I feel that unpredictable events are the most realistic. If I know that Hatter will ALWAYS honor the deal, people will always react as if breaking down a wall. You'll keep hitting the weak spot until it's down. If they die, they try again by doing things that worked the same way... but I think that's unrealistic.

A realistic world changes and doesn't always do what you expect. If you give players that feeling of "Hey, there is a chance that what I usually expect happening won't happen this time around".

If you've ever played the game Heart of Iron (Historical, strategic war game) the game gives you historical events that you can choose multiple choices of. One of the events is typically the historical event and will almost always happen exactly as you predict, and other are ahistorical (such as Germany NOT invading Poland) then there are some completely insane things that you can choose that have an extremely small chance happening but it still gives you the option regardless if you wish to try your luck (such as the USSR becoming a full ally to Germany in WW2). Sometimes even the AI picks these unusual choices.

This kind of unpredictability adds flavor, I think.

Idea #2:

Vehicles. I know this has probably come up before, I though of a pretty easy way to make vehicles possible. Add "Mechanical Parts" and "Rare Mechanical Parts" to the looting table. In an event at the DMC you get an all-terrain buggy you get to repair with say 10 MP and 5RMP. It uses .20 movement points and runs on fuel (another new resource). You can leave the buggy by putting the object on the ground. In the tile that it is at, it will have a little wheel symbol so you never lose it.

It can't go over water zones or hills, but can be upgraded to do so with additional rare parts or missions, in addition to perhaps mounting a large gun on top. Encounters in the vehicle still need to be figured out. I'm sure I could whip something up.

The thing is that fuel doesn't last forever, so something would need to be figured out. Whether that be a fuel filtration system , a new fuel, or solar power.

One by one:
More enemy interactions - suggested a few times by different people, I believe I've shared a few thoughts in regards to that too. Hopefully we'll see a few more ways of dealing with enemies (at least the sentients) than kill/scare/run.

Sneak attack

You already can sneak and remain undetected even when entering the battle with someone. I believe that aside from the obvious 'enemy doesn't see you so you won't get immediatelly attacked' it also gives you an advantage if you'll attack. Though it is quite hard to pull.

Targeting limbs

While I don't expect or need tracking of all kinds of tissue connections a'la DF, given we already have different effects depending on type of injury, targeting of different limbs seems like an obvious feature to have. I suspect we'll see it one day.

Friendly/Faction-based NPCs roaming around

Was mentioned in the past as well. Would be a nice thing but to be implemented well, it would require quite some work. Unlikely to happen soon, but I support such addition one day, provided it would have fluid faction reputation, allowing one to create different, individual types of connections with different groups (though avoiding scenario of 'everyone loves you' should be important).

Farmland tiles

Some ideas of establishing a base are already in (you can make quite a decent dwelling out of cryo facility) and about to be developed (with things like your own room in a hotel being already mentioned by the dev, I believe). As for being self-sufficient, I don't think farming is fitting or realistic - you wouldn't be able to really handle a field on your own anyway, even if you'd have an access to decent farming tools and machinery. Scavenging, hunting, trading or just getting yourself permanent access to some services etc should be the ways of feeding yourself.

Pistols/Small firearms

Basically a weapon not always immediately seen on some types of enemy without some scouting/good perception - why not. I'd be against random enemies who would magically pull rifles in the middle of the fight - that wouldn't be fun, that would just screw game for many and only because they had bad luck which isn't a good design.


Enemy corpses, why not. I am ambivalent toward cannibalism but I guess it's fitting. Being infected just because there's a corpse on the tile - nope, that's silly. You need to be quite a bit of time in the area full of rotting carcasses to risk some disease.

Camouflage clothing, and camouflage nets for camps to make them more hidden.

We need more clothing in general and camos among it make sense.


I suspect there will be some, given we already have code for such and one example in the form of the noise trap.

More animals and hunting

Sure. You can go only so far on squirrels alone.

Scrap metals for primitive armor, vehicles, weapons, etc.

Primitive armor, weapons - sure. You wouldn't be able to make any decent vehicle from scrap, though - not without processing it heavily at which point it wouldn't be just scrap anymore. Vehicles-which-aren't-really-vehicles like shopping carts notwithstanding.

Pills/Plants that speeds up the blood loss recovery process

I don't have anything against a few more medicines in the future, be it natural or man-made ones.

Why should anyone waste their last precious bullet on a lightly armed or completely unarmed enemy, as the very first thing when combat starts?

For the same reason people do it IRL, I'd assume. When you have a gun, you use it - either to disable, kill, or just scare your enemy - or you don't. Any sane person fighting for life would use the best and safest tool at their disposal. Duels are one thing but in case of life-and-death emergency, if one denies himself an advantage over the enemy till seriously losing, then he's an idiot who wasted that advantage. And most enemy encounters in the game are such kind of emergencies, just with possibility of becoming something else.

A realistic world changes and doesn't always do what you expect. If you give players that feeling of "Hey, there is a chance that what I usually expect happening won't happen this time around".

Yes, but in real world you still can prepare, maximize your chances for some outcome etc, unlike it is in your example where chances seem to be 'hard-coded'. I doubly dislike such thing because of my reasons shared already in combat difficulty/balance thread - it may lead to situations where greatly played game gets ended because of random fluke (your example of "You fall and hit your head on a pebble and die. The end."). Which many players would, quite reasonably if I may say so myself, find a horrible design for a game, very close to random game over screen showing up 'because'. If we'd try to use finality and randomness of some events in real life and port to post-apoclayptic world where player's character is clearly at disadvantage, the game would be rather unplayable as in majority of cases, most characters would die in a first day or two of emergence from cryo facility - and many even before then. Just because of random deaths. No matter how good the players would be. Hardly fun, even if you like great challenges.

Some chance is important, but critical decisions and results should depend on player's action and degree of characters aptitude with such particular type of a challenge.

My suggestion of adding chance to encounters were only extreme examples. Insta-deaths could be an extremely rare occurence or might not even be included in encounters at as all far as I'm concerned. I am thinking using them more as varying responses with different branches of activities with some unusual events occuring from time to time. Don't judge the idea just because of the instant deaths, that was a bad example on my part of what I was trying to convey. There are, even in it's current format, some insta-kill scenarios such as a bandit shooting you in the head while you run away based on its own random chance. That's just one example that is in the game right now.

I am only trying to suggest that not all events , given the same response, result in the same reaction at all times. It's something to think about.

I think you have to keep in mind also that no matter how skilled you are in life or at something there is always a chance of complete failure that is out of your control, or just an opposite reaction. All it takes is one stray bullet, one driver not paying attention, one coincidental instance to end your life or maybe even bring you fortune. I think to make the game so predictible doesnt really come down to skill as it does memory.

I love the idea of mugging (rather than having to kill every poor looter I come across because he's got a nice watch), and especially the idea that you could shanghai someone, maybe use them as a pack mule. :P

Hey, everything goes in the wastes, right?

Eventually, I'd really like to see the inclusion of the ability to set up a couple of tiles as your base of operations as well. Residence tiles such as homes, farmland, and fences/walls that would need to be upgraded (using various resources) as you go would be sexcellent.

In fact, I really like all of your ideas. =) Very descriptive, and quite fitting for the game.

The ability to mug humans who are out matched combat-wise would be simply amazing.

And farming would be interesting, but I imagine a lot of it would result in theft from looters/raiders.

I just had a very radical idea. By radical I mean it literally and not like (Whoa, radical, dude!). How about modifying player skills to be number ranges instead of flat traits? The player can, over time, develop increased skills and grow as a person. They wont have "levels". Example:

Scavenging: 31 (41) +10 Due to Eagle Eyes
Melee: 12 (0)
Hiding: 32
Athletics: 78 (83) +5 due to Well Cooked Meal (1h 3m)
Ranged: 70 (80) +10 due to Eagle Eyes
Pain Threshold: 30 (40) +5 Due to Athletics over 50, +5 Due to Battlescars (obtained trait from intense wound receipt)
Immune System: 100% (110%) +20% Due to Athletics over 75, -10% due to Injury to Left Arm
Strength: 60 (40) +10 Due to Athletics over 75, -30 Due to Injury to Left Arm

Bonus and penalties could vary depending on other things. Traits could still exist. Think the "Total War" series. Depending on a player's experiences they could attain new traits such as "Battlescars" whereas if a player obtains more than 30 Medium cuts for example. Or maybe "Tough Bones" for more than 20 broken bones healed properly, or even "Funny Bones" for 20 broken bones healed improperly.

You get the idea. I'd be more than happy to work up a spreadsheet of relative traits, how they can be increased/decreased, used, associated, etc etc

Actually, that idea was already suggested in the past. Dan was thinking about it too (even mentioned it in the interview if I recall correctly though I may be wrong here). In the end, I believe that consensus was to leave traits as the sole, binary 'there is such aptitude/trait/knowledge' and 'you are completely uneducated/untrained in such things' to avoid issues with grinding particular skills or making 'aptitude requirements' for tasks, quests and dialogues a'la Fallout - which aren't a horrible thing but a bit of too mix-maxy thing for Neo Scavenger which may disrupt the flow, in my opinion.

Also, I suspect that in many regards that's how the game works - there have to be particular values associated with different actions/items, so that painkiller pill will affect your pain threshold by certain value, affected by the fact you were injured and lost this or that much health, so it can calculate results you can see on condition bar. It's just all being counted 'under the hood' and to be honest, I'd rather leave it like that, rather than have 'You use crowbar 2d6+1 against dogman (6 ac, dodge roll 9 vs 6), dealing 11 damage!' or some such.

I've only recently stumbled into this game on Desura. After purchasing it I've so far have been loving every second of the couple of dozen hours I've spent on it.
However I'm sure I'm not alone among fellow scavengers in the feeling that there could be things added into the game to make things that much more fun. Noticing this thread here I thought I'd add my couple of cents on suggestions of things I'd love to see in the game.

1) Hidden movement.
Sure it's awesome being able to hide on a tile with the hiding skill. But more then once while I've been out walking with my trusty cleaver and cybernetic enhanced eyeballs I would spy a unlucky raider in the distance. 'Oh joy!' I'd say to myself. 'This cat hasn't seen me yet, I wonder if there was some way I could sneak up behind him and put Mr. Cleaver into his head?' Where upon I step out of the bush I've been hiding in and [You've stopped hiding]. The raider sees me [Strong, Tough, Melee] and proceeds to run as far away as raiderly possible. 'Don't run!' I would call. 'You'll only die tired!'

I'd like to put Mr. Cleaver into some unsuspecting fool's head without a long protracted chase. Maybe by making the hiding function into a 'sneak' skill. Allowing you every move to make a check against the enemy's spotting while costing you double the movement points.

2) Tile Improvements/Base camp
More then once I've said to myself. OMG! A Forest tile WITH a lake? This would be the perfect spot for a Basecamp I could call my own! One week later there is skeletal corpse here laying on top of a giant pile of squirrel furs with dogman teeth marks on it's skull. (Turns out you can't really live off trapping squirrels for very long before you are going to sleep starving and waking up to fight dogmen in the middle of the night.)

It would be awesome if you could place down something with a little more permanence then a canvas lean-to. Perhaps even putting a special player's camp tile with a name on the map. Opening up a whole avenue of scavenging and crafting to improve your camp. (Raincatchers to for automatic water generation and storage. A makeshift stove for cooking and fire without completely ruining your concealment. Putting up a wall of leave woven branches to conceal your camp. The possibilities are endless! =D )

I've a few more ideas. (Naming character? Female Character?) But I'll leave it at two for now rather then compound wall of text syndrome.

But for now, looking forward to seeing what's coming up next in the game! =D

Dialog with another human bandit/scavenger would definitely make this game ALOT more interesting, you know... instead of beating everyone to death with a crowbar.


Threatening them with a crowbar doesn't count? =P haha

But thats the standard form of greeting in the wastes

Official Trained Dogman

Agreed. Hence why I thought about being able to threaten enemies for loot, encounter random non-violent NPCs or factions of sorts in the first place. Even though the wasteland is a shitty place to live, not everyone is interested in planting a bullet in your skull as the very first thing when they see you. Some will hide, some will ask for help, some might threaten you out of desperation (Think gang of desperate looters) for your food or items, some might even wanna join you for whatever reasons. Interaction with NPCs beyond plots and such is a must, if you ask me. At least to some degree.

Glad to see people spewing out ideas.. Lots of great ones out there.