Favorite Skill setup?

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Favorite Skill setup?

I assumed a similar topic may exist, but I don't see it.

My favorite setup without negative attributes would have to be, lockpicking, hiding, botany, and medic. Otherwise, I through a insomniac and athletic in there. I've never survived more than 3 days with this setup, but I can only blame myself, as the times I've died, were all by idiotic mistakes, such as, trying to take on a dogman, not too long before killing a different one.

What are some of yours?

I'm on Tough, Medic, Hiding, Ranged, Melee with Myopia flaw, and I've survived for at least 10 days by now. Never had issues with diseases, wounds I fix quickly, and I'm skilled in all sorts of combat, giving me a defensive and offensive boost.. It's great!

Athletic, Hiding, Metabolism (positive) and Botany (also, with new build's eye augmentation, Strong traded for Myopia)

That character moves fast, needs little food and water and have no problem finding stuff safely (and can make tannin tea for better health). Add crowbar and, later, NV goggles and you have ultimate scavenging machine. If played right, searching only in "safe" locations and avoiding any risks, can go on for weeks without ever running into trouble. My longest play-through was about 40 days (EDIT: ...without a single fight), ended because I got bored and started experimenting with encounters :D.

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I always use trapping (for food and pelts) but I guess botany would be decent an alternative.

It seems like you can either make your character stealthy or a fighter, but I don't see the point in doing both. So I pick fighters with toughness, strength and melee. Then I use butcher knives to slice up Dogmen and bandits alike. I also use Kaaven's eye augmentation method to cram in another skill. Usually the extra skill is reserved for Medic.

This is the build I use to kill people/ get food when traveling outside the city

melee - with melee you could block almost every attack and have a higher chance to hit

athletic - +1 more turn/use less energy when moving around, what more can you ask

strong - carry 2 backpack full of stuff and a rifle without burdening yourself, also makes your melee attacks stronger

trapping - can make a squirrel trap to catch squirrels in forest(which is like EVERYWHERE), also can make yourself a squirrel jacket, never again suffering from hypothermia

medic(can substitute with anything else you want) - while not really needed, it shows how much blood/pain you are in, heals more while resting, also allows you to find a medic kit in your starting area, which can sell for quite alot of money at the junk shop.

myopia - get that eye surgery to fix this, free trait!


Hiding - Scavenge without being ripped to shreds by lousy dogmens!
Trapping - Kill all the squirrels!
Botany - Shrooms, berries and tea; om-nom!
Ranged - Pew pew!

(Kept me alive for 22 days at one occation.)

Currently i'm changing my skills setup every game as i try to find my favourite and most useful combination.

I think it depends on what style of play you prefer ie. Garrett vs Duke Nukem or maybe a more scout-ish type of setup can be used as well.

I usually do better when i pick :

Core: Medic, Melee, Hiding
plus either: Strong or Tough
then usually: Trapping, Electrician or Mechanic and a Trait of either Insomnia or Metabolism.

I actually prefer a more stealth style of play(and i really want to try the sniper rifle) but i always last longer with the type of setup i mentioned above, usually around 4 or 5 days (5 days is still my best)

I think that maybe we should work out what skills are actually useless or at least not as useful as the others.

I mean, apart from the cryo chamber how many other situations has the electrician or mechanic skill came in handy?
What about Lockpicking or Hacking, without giving any spoilers has anyone found these useful?
Should maybe some of these skills be changed for a different type by the developer that would make a difference to gameplay?

Well, as far as I know Lockpicking is used in most city scavenging runs for locked buildings and shacks, to gain more loot, at the cost of nearly no stealth, if any, way better than a noisy crowbar mostly.

I'm hoping the Electrician/Mechanic skill will be used for vehicles/futuristic weapons/general weapons as well later on, but only used in the Cryo chamber for now. Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't found another use for Hacking yet either, which is really a shame, seeing as I'm usually a sucker for hacking-related skills. I'm hoping the Hacking skill could get useful in DMC at some point, and more useful in general.

Well, as far as I know Lock picking is used in most city scavenging runs for locked buildings and shacks

That sounds pretty handy and i'm definitely going to try it out in my next game.

I think that the level of noise i create while smashing open boxes with my crowbar is the main reason i find myself in deep poodoo so often.

Crowbars can still make a pretty decent weapon though as i found to my cost when a looter broke my arm with one yesterday!

That was the first time i have had that type of injury and it meant i could only use one hand for a while.

Both Electrician and Mechanic are also useful during encounter with Hatter and I think Hacking too, but I'm not 100% sure of that. There are other encounters to use those 3 skills as well but game-play-wise I don't think there are any uses for them. And yeah, Lockpicking is quite useful when scavenging in city ruins.

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I haven't managed to make it to the Hatter with Electrician, Hacking and/or Mechanic, so that might explain why I haven't found much use for them. Still, they seem rather useless, taken a skill like Strong into consideration, which can be used for Scavenging, Plots, Combat and carrying capacity, or Tough with its Immune system boost, pain tolerance boost, healing rate boost and overall toughness boost in combat. They need more uses than a few plot lines, and the Cryo Chamber upgrades, otherwise they might as well be smacked together as 1 skill, but I hope that won't be the case, and I hope that the individual skills will be developed further on, as they seem to have quite the potential for some interesting things..

Edit: Hatter seems to need

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an Electrician too. :)

There are some skills that don't have much use at all now, but will in the future (you named three of them).

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It's pretty great to meet Hatter when you have Trapper skill.

As of late, I've been trying out just, being a total Olympian, Strong, Tough, Melee, and Athletic, no negatives, and I gotta say. Really pays off. And I've already made it to the DMC in a few days twice. ALthough I've only been inside once since I didn't know about the Strong and Melee thing in the first encounter.

Strong, Melee, Tough, Trapper. If using negatives Insomniac and Myopia for Botany and Medic. I really like beating people to death with wrenches and dragging their belongings back to my squirrel graveyard/mushroom mansion. +30 days a few times, not sure of record

Even before the update I never found Insomniac to be any kind of hindrance at all. It's just annoying having to press the sleep button multiple times per night. Now once you get to the city you can completely undo the effects of those two negatives so they're basically two free skill slots.

This game is a lot harder without combat traits. Playing without "tough" always feels like no matter where I am or what I'm doing I'm on thin ice and have to worry about some naked scavenger killing me in one shot with a lucky punch to the head. Most of the time when playing the above build I'll die from a Dogman getting a lucky flurry on me and messing me up beyond repair.

I typically run with
Trapping (Metabolism)
Medic (Myopia)

I stopped taking Insomnia for Botany just because of how much a pain in the arse it is to survive being an insomniac. I would also assume that as far as food sources go, Botany is better than Trapping in that you use up more moves preparing and cooking meat than you do with identifying edible objects. Trapping, on the other hand, works out better for safer looting, and the pelts can be used for clothing that protects better than the norm, I've discovered.

Electrician, Lockpicking, Hacking and Mechanic haven't been too entirely useful thus far, except in the Cryo Facility where it's possible to set yourself up with good lighting (e) and a permanent heat source (m) (though I've spent many a night out in the rain in a tarp lean-to because I was getting overheated).

I'm sorry but I have to defend lockpicking's honor. Lockpicking gives a MUCH greater chance of finding items in most building that aren't damaged and doesn't increase your chances of a fight nor a mistake. Lockpicks can be either easily found or made if you use 8 of the screws and washers etc. and lockpicking skill in crafting.

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You know, come to think of it, I don't think I ever survived very long whenever I took Lockpicking, which was back in the first few days that I played, so I probably never discovered its usefulness, lol.

Thanks for the tip, I'll give her a whirl.