Son of a biscuit eating bulldog.

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Son of a biscuit eating bulldog.

I was so close. Days after finally getting a glimpse of salvation, a series of skyscrapers, what was once detroit, majestic in this apocalyptic world. there I stood at the gates, only to get tossed back out, and sent to wander the barren earth once again, living on scraps and... squirrel meat. But a man, who went by the name of the hatter, offered me a deal, a chance at getting in. I was told to go hunt out an urn at a lake house, a few days away... and so I went. All the survival instincts I had gathered before arriving at detroit, all of them were gone as I rushed towards the faraway lake, ignoring the pain in my stomach, and my dry lips... and within only 2 days, I made it to the lake. What was inside, it was terrible... the whole time, I felt a sense of foreboding, but I pushed through, and I found my prize, the urn I was sent to get. I was saved... or so I thought. As I left the house... it all hit me at once, the wounds and broken bones I had accumulated from the looters and bandits on the way, the disgusting, tainted scraps I had eaten in my hastes, left me weak, a shell of my former self, as I had a lot of blood, and was desperately fighting off an infection, which had left me in a state where nothing I ate wanted to stay in my body.

I tried to push on, a horrible mess, placing faith in the city, that all this pain would go away once I returned... and who knows, maybe I could've been helped. But I fell to my knees, just a few steps away from a lake. Oh, how it teased me, how I teased myself, thinking, "It's right there.. just take a sip, then I can go back." But I didn't have the energy to raise a finger.

To think, all the power, the strength I had gathered in my old life as a body builder, before these dreadful days, it all meant nothing as I stood at death's door. Every man who crossed my path either ran in fear, or was turned into a bloody mess, even those dreadful dogmen, feel under my feet.

In the end, I regretted everything, in the end, I could only blame myself. And so... I FUCKING DIED! I WAS RIGHT THERE, A LAKE< FUCKING RIGHT THERE, I WAS GONNA BEAT THE GAME, BUT I FUCKING DIED OF DEHYDRATION, FUCK.