Additional Cybernetic Parts?

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Additional Cybernetic Parts?

I'm just throwing these ideas out there.

Cybernetic Arms
Add melee skill to character

Cybernetic Legs
Add athletic skill to character

Synthetic Dermal Armor
Add tough skill to character

Bio-synthetic gland
Increased healing ability [not high metabolism]

Synthetic Muscular Nano-Fibers
Add strength skill to character

Neural Transfer / Cortical Array [super expensive]
Makes the brain a "computer" that allows "software" to be downloaded to enhance mental skills like Medic, Electrical, etc.

Yes, some of these are based on Borg implants. :)

Yes, please. Might I also suggest...

Hand Razors: Fingernails with a vengeance! Perfect for the cat lover who wants to shred his enemies into confetti.

Btw I love your suggestions and its not just like "iron skin" or something silly. My suggestion (do to my horrible one)
Cerebellum network: Decreases chance of tripping in combat and lowers the chances of an opponent pushing you over, Buffs safety chances in buildings (not too much), and finally allows you to enter a 2 move area for only one 1 move.

Just encase you need to know what your cerebellum is:

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I'd like a way to allow every trait to be achieved/deleted in game, but I am not sure I'd like them all to only be a part of augmentation system - that's quite a cut on the potential scale and possibilities.

But cyber limbs I am not fond of because of two reasons - first, any decent gym regular will tell you that when running it's not only legs that are being used and have to be fit, nor only arms are mobile and necessary when fighting. You probably would have to get both sets of limbs to gain traits and even then it would be suspicious. Second, well, it may be a problem or a feature depending how you see it, but I am quite sure that those limbs would need to recharge/undergo maintenance periodically as they would be put under far more stress and their use would be more 'heavy-duty' than how it is in case of eyes, which are, if you simplify it crudely, just a pair of passive light receptors.

Neural transfer/array I dislike for the fact that basically it's some magical gadget giving years of expertise of whatever one fancies. Unless you meant it as enhance of mental skills already possessed by the character - but in this case, there is again no point so far as all the skills work in binary - either you have it or you don't, with no differentiation for levels of expertise (though who knows, maybe one day it'll change - for better or worse).

Rest of the agumentation ideas I have somewhat less problem with and I must say that dermal armor makes me recall fondly good times of Shadowrun.

But mainly, I'd like to regard it from the standpoint of my first paragraph - I just would be saddened if all the perks would be just parts to be installed for enough cash.

Well, I already said, somewhere on the forum, that for me buying skills for cash is a bad idea that will make whole skill system choice of character's skill trivial and pretty much pointless. That being said no one mentioned that all augmentations have to be simple buy-able thing, but still I think it is a good idea to mention that.

Now, my observations about your ideas:

Cybernetic Arms - I think that Melee skill gives character knowledge how to fight, so it doesn't really matters what are his arms made from. So instead of that a rise in bare hands damage modifier would be more like it. And if any skill gain should happen, I thinking Lockpicking - robotic hands should be way more precise and possibly have some compartments for a small tool or two (a small 1x2 secret pocket inside each arm would be cool).

Cybernetic Legs - again, name Athletic suggests overall body proficiency to me, so legs alone won't do. They could remove moves penalties for over-encumbrance (body still getting tired fast but legs can carry on regardless) and hard terrain. Also 2x2 or 2x3 secret pocket (Robocop style :)

Synthetic Dermal Armor - who in his right mind would put armor under his skin when he can put one over it? And for dermal/sub-dermal armor to work one would have to loose all the feeling in his skin, turning himself numb...

Bio-synthetic gland - that or higher pain resistance

Synthetic Muscular Nano-Fibers - that one could work, but interchanging with cyber legs/arms because synthetic muscles don't work when one have mechanical limbs

Neural Transfer / Cortical Array [super expensive] - too overpowered for me, no matter how costly

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Yeah, I figure it might in fact be best to give body enhancements as opposed to full limb replacements.

"Synthetic Dermal Armor - who in his right mind would put armor under his skin when he can put one over it?"

Those who want even MORE armor to go with their armor!

I would rather have Kevlar attached to my skin and "enhancements" added to my muscles (like growth drugs or nanobots), rather than have my limbs removed and replaced with something that required power cells. Sure, it would offer less protection or add as much strength as becoming a cyborg, but would be vastly preferable to me (plus more balanced game-play).

Maybe there could be both? As in, one could either "enhance" themselves with added nano technology and such, or go full-blown cyborg mode with replaced limbs. Electricians/Mechanics would benefit more from being full-blown cyborgs, being able to maintain themselves and recharge themselves easier? Powerups shouldn't always be 100% powerups, a trade off is in place for very powerful upgrades, IMO, like full-blown cyborgs needing to recharge themselves more often or die of organ failure as they power down, whereas "enhanced" people wouldn't need power as often, be less vulnerable to electricity/EMP attacks, but aren't nearly as strong as a full-blown cyborg. Just a thought..

if you already have the tough perk it should stack and say tough class 2 and you can keep buying it but the cost go's up buy 500 dollars every time.
also i suggest bio ware cinthinik armor
(i made up cinthinik, pronounced Sin-tha-nick and it means strong,bio,regeneration skin type)
also it should be for individual limbs.

cybernetic lung implant(less likely to get acute bleeding in the lungs)


I think the implants should be more for convenience and not so much for overpowering you character... I mean robotic arms would be cool, but I could see how this could make you extremely overpowered in combat.

I would like to see something like a Diagnosis Implant, to see if I'm suffering from any illnesses. Or perhaps an implant that has a crafting database?

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For a right price of course, Self-diagnostic Implant (maybe needing some sort of power cell/battery to work) is what I call a good cybernetic - it is cool and gives advantage but it's not like you are buying traits or knowledge for cash.

Crafting database (list of couple recipes ready to use) don't have to be an implant. Maybe it could come from iSlab treated with Hacking skill?

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Yeah, I guess an implant wouldn't be necessary for a crafting data base.

But I really find 'super' enhancements (Like in Deus Ex: Human Revolution) to be OP. But I guess it could work if there were added disadvantages and/or scaled enemies dependant on the type of implants or the amount of implants you have... but that would kind of ruin the point of having said enhancements.

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Yeah, I think Neo Scavenger will always be a survival game at it's core. I agree we shouldn't be able to have overpowered characters. But I am fully on board with implants to boost various stats. It's all about moderation.