Items moved to inaccessible location (outside of storage space)

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Items moved to inaccessible location (outside of storage space)

First off, great game concept, I hope it's fully realised but I'm a little worried that it will be and will then consume my life.To the point! This may be related to the disappearing item bug. I got very lucky this game and had managed to find a trolley, 5 backpacks and a whole load of stuff. Basically my inventory was full and as I was juggling my backpacks around I clicked on my currently held backpack to move it back to the trolley but it instead got placed outside the usable storage area on the vehicle screen. So I can see it there, it travels with me, and it's still full but I can access or move it or even get a mouse popup from it anymore. A lot of work went into that bag! Ah well. Oh and this is in the demo.Thanks for the game.

I had this same thing happen to me with my rifle yesterday.  I moved a full backpack to the hand that was holding the rifle and instead of the rifle swapping with the backpack it popped over to the right of my hand and was stuck there, unclickable.  After leaving and coming back to the item screen the rifle disappeared forever.

Put me in the list for a rifle... but that was days ago.  I have been extremely careful where I click and don't usually make use of item swapping (instead manually removing an item then placing the new one).


I have also seen this happen with an errant crowbar.


Me too on the crowbar weirdness.

Please help with the <a href="" title="NEO Scavenger Wiki" target="">NEO Scavenger Wiki</a>!

I've seen this happen, usually when I accidentally try to place something where it can't be held.  Sometimes, with smaller stuff, it will get drawn on top off (higher z-order) the source container but will remain pick-up-able.  Bigger stuff will land partly outside of the inventory squares, and become unhandle-able ever after.

I've encountered this bug numerous times. But I always have been able to re-access the item by moving things around on the Ground Items grid.

Nearly lost a rifle but it showed up again when I left the hex and returned... but that wasn`t actually the rifle being in an inaccessible location, that was just the rifle dropping when there wasn`t room for it (and then making room then leaving the hex to reset the ground display).  Inaccessible never seems to be changed by moving around objects on the ground.