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Perk Compensators

I believe these are somewhat in the game... i.e. crowbar -> break locks, but at the cost of reduced stealth, night vision -> NV goggles, but you look like a dork and they're expensive, Eagle Eye -> binoculars, but they take up a hand slot to use. I'd like to see more of these, however...

  • Botany- Botany book, but it will only have the basics, may be missing pages, thus while probably accurate for what it can identify, will have knowledge holes, plus a very small chance of missing a page that points out poisonous things that are incredibly similar to ok things. Same could go for mechanic, traps, electronics, medic, etc.
  • Tough- armour, obviously, at the cost of weight and thus fatigue... stab-proof and bullet-proof vests are a start
  • Strong/Athletic- Steroids and other drugs can give you temporary boosts for a few hours, with obvious downsides too... and that's if you're sure what you're taking are steroids... pill bottles without labels, anyone?
  • Hiding- ghillie suit: hard to make, hot in the wrong weather, only works in rural areas. For urban areas, I suppose there's a cardboard box, if you can find one intact...

I like the idea of pill bottles without labels. Perhaps using the medic skill to identify drugs the same way Botany does. You could have all sorts to counter all different things. Off the top of my head Amphetamines could reduce tiredness (at the expense of a crash later), and Iodine pills for radiation (or is it Iodide.. whatever). With enough drugs and a Medic skill you could be an unstoppable hopped up maniac. Of course a Medic handbook could work the same as the Botany book you describe to give a leg up to those who don't take the skill.Something else I'd like to see: Glasses to counteract the Myopia trait. What apocalypse is complete without an old pair of broken glasses letting you know something terrible happened to their owner. Good pairs would be hard to find, (perhaps a compatability stat as well as condition) and they'd deteriorate quickly in melee scraps (so you could take them off before a fight, if you plan ahead).