rural tiles, medicine and firearms

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rural tiles, medicine and firearms

I haven't explored the whole map yet cause this game is appropriately hard, but rural tiles seem to not really be present.

There'd be "farm gun" type loot, like shotguns or .22s used for pest control and killing livestock, there'd probably be old trucks or something (when vehicles are more common) barns to hole up in, but most importantly, veterinary equipment.

It'd be cool if you could make a character with a rural background who understood veterinary medicine and how it could be applied to humans. I have a book or two which goes through all the major veterinary medicines and their appropriate dosages for humans (generally dosages are the only difference, and many drugs can be used in unexpected ways.)
I suppose medic skill could cover it.

In general i feel like it'd add a lot of depth if lots of medicines had randomised branding. medical skill could be used to identify obscure brands, just like if they were foraged food. Using them at the wrong time could give you status effects.

Going back to firearms, i really like that you picked the remington 760/7600 in 308 for the most common rifle. I can't begin to explain how glad i am that it isn't an m16 or something, which is what pretty much any other game would have done.

I'm looking forward to seeing more firearms for sure. 308 is a great survival cartridge but i really look forward to trying out .22s, .410s, 30-06, maybe even some of the cartridges you never see in games like 17HMR and 22-250.

I should also like to mention that i'm a game artist/designer myself with several years professional exp, and if you want any assistance with graphics i would be more than happy to contribute.

Good suggestions here just in the wrong spot lol. But your actually right with a lot of what you said animals really (special cases with standing) just have different doses of what we get.

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oh right, i didnt notice this was specifically for the website itself. Anyone able to move it?

You're correct, I haven't really added much in the way of rural tiles yet. I've got the "forest shack," which was sort of an approximation of the non-agricultural rural area, and "suburban," which was more residential housing and trailers.

However, Michigan is pretty heavy in farming, orchards, and the like, so that makes a lot of sense. I've added a note to myself for when it comes time to add more scavenging locales. Not sure how far I'll get with my list, but I'd certainly like to do as much as I can!

I really like the idea of identifying meds with the medic skill. I've kind of taken liberties with the drug names to satirize the pharma industry, but it would actually add to the realism and strategy to throw in a handful of inaccessible-molecule-named versions. Having a player in dire need of antibiotics find a bottle of (N-(4-hydroxyphenyl) acetamide) L374 caplets, and having to decide if it'll work, or even if it's safe to take, would be quite cool.

I've been thinking about changing the way item identification works, and if I get into that task, this would fit right in. It's doable now, but I'd have to write crafting recipes for each permutation, plus create duplicate items for each type, which has already bit me in the rear with water, mushrooms, and berries.

As for weapons and ammo, glad to hear you appreciate the toned-down approach to guns. That was actually a big deal for me, too. I enjoy gun porn as much as the next Fallout Tactics player, but I also enjoy scarcity and realism in my scavenging games. There will probably be a couple other weapons introduced over time, but I'd like to keep it in proportion to other items in the game. I.e. Ideally, there will be more types of shoes than guns. That said, common calibers are the most likely candidates, possibly home-made, plus the occasional military-grade weapon.

(Incidentally, the home-made aspect might have a bigger impact than I realize. Especially considering things like 3D Printing. No strong theories on how yet, but it could change availability of scavenged goods considerably.)

Lastly, thanks for the offer to help! I haven't yet decided if I'm going to work with other artists or not, but I'll definitely keep you in mind if I do!

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

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another weapon-related idea that came to me which kind of ties into the identification talk -
itd be neat if there were plenty of variants of firearms, but before you actually handle them they just have generic names - ie. "rifle, pistol" - this would be what they "look like" at a glance. Putting them in the inventory would rename them to their model name or just a more descriptive name including calibre. like holding a crafting recipe, kind of. It'd simulate just examining the weapon, reading the stampings on the side, whatever.

The cool thing you could do is change the name of that item "globally."
Say you encounter a raider and he has "rifle." you dunno what it is or what he's really capable of with it cause you haven't seen his weapon close or used it yourself. But if it was something you'd handled personally, you could ID it and you'd have a better idea of exactly what it was.

some parts of Michigan are very dense with farms others not so much

a city,around the city is many small shacks and camps around those is farms and around that is forest.

so maybe the DMC might have many small farms around it to

also farms usually have industry's all around them then small towns and stores.

such as the farm that i live near around that is a factory and after that is a sewage treatment plant.


also I've been meaning to say this but we need more meds(gaus,stims,anti depressants,vaccines,casts,clean splints,crutches,that Chines bio gel).
maybe even suicide pill and regular pills


same topic about fire arms