bleeding in the lungs must be the most common death in this world

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bleeding in the lungs must be the most common death in this world

I've played off and on for a few months now. It seems any time anything dies, its from bleeding in the lungs. Is this just a bug or should i invest in some padding for my chest in real life?

My guess is that most likely you are fighting with wrench or crowbar. It seems to me that bludgeoning someone/something down causes a lot of bleeding in the lungs in NeoScavenger. It must be either that or just plain luck cause during my game-plays most of enemies (and my characters) die of cardiac arrest.

I must admit that, for me too, this whole "bleeding in the lungs" stands out a bit to much. It wouldn't be a big thing if more death causes would be added or name was switched to more general "internal bleeding" instead.

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its usually from punches to the chest that causes it for me.

also, i had the browser window fullscreened to maximize screen size. anyway, i wanted to double check that you don't have too cook soup and i closed the window on accident. Sadly, there is no auto save screwed. i had spent at least 2 hours boiling enough water to finally start my journey. as soon as i start it this happens. I'd have preferred to have died from acute bleeding of the lungs to this.

the only thing that kills me is either cholera or dogmen, but yeah, everyone that I beat up with a crowbar seems to bleed to death.


The only ways I usually die is from either disease, but yeah bleeding in the lungs is what I usually get when getting my butt handed to me.

The chest is a bigger target than any other part of the body and an injury to the chest can cause bleeding of the lungs.

But you can certainly die other ways in a fight to the death.

congratulations you have pools blood your lungs.

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My theory is that this is a byproduct of the game mechanics. Technically, one type of death isn't more common than any other, all things being equal.

However, acute brain injury, cardiac arrest, and bleeding in the lungs are the three fastest ways to die (as compared to sepsis, bleeding to death, starvation, etc.). They're instantaneous.

So, when a player is engaged in combat and doesn't run away, they're usually in it for the loot. And since looting currently only works on dead NPCs, players have a tendency to beat NPCs to death, rather than wait for them to bleed out, starve, or die of infection.

You could technically knock an opponent unconscious, leave battle, and they'd bleed to death in a turn or so. But that uses precious in-game moves and hours (plus, they might wake up). Instead, players keep swinging their weapon/kicking until the target stops breathing, which means one of the triad of insta-death conditions: lungs, heart, or brain.

Compounding this, is the fact that players rarely see NPCs die outside of combat. It's not too often an NPC is on-screen but not fighting the player, and that doesn't leave a lot of time for death by poison, disease, or bleeding.

Oh, also, unconscious targets are more likely to have their vital spots struck in combat. So that also leads to more head and chest trauma.

With all that in mind, I think the game is working normally, and this might change if I added looting of unconscious targets. It's something I've got on my wishlist, but other things have simply trumped it so far.

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