Westerado who dun it?

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Westerado who dun it?

Today i found this extremely fun and interesting flash game called westerado. In the game you play as a cowboy and you and bigger brother check on the buffalo in the pen your bigger brother notices one has gone missing so he tasks you with chasing it! but upon returning to the barn you notice. IT WAS ATTACKED! And you the lone survivor of your family you must hunt down the killer and get revenge!

The way the game works is you must help others and they will give you info on the killer the best part of the game is the killer is random every time you play! and you can sometimes kill him right off the starting line by killing a random bandit and getting lucky! the game is permadeath if you die you're map data is saved but you're clues are reset and the killer changes his look giving the game some replay value! also there are some hidden easter eggs. i don't wanna spoil them but i shall give you a hint look for an opening in some rocks.

Feel free to tell everyone how your run went :D!

P.s Also you can kill pretty much everyone even main characters that help you with clues.

- A friendly neighborhood scavenger -