Poison, Poison, Poison

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Poison, Poison, Poison

On my current character, I have easily made it to the glow, picking up a scoped and sling-attached rifle plus a good amount of other supplies. The only problem is that I've gotten poisoned three times now; two times were poison 2, and once poison 3. I survived all of them, thanks to my full bottle of water purification tablets. I'm not sure if this is the second coming of Mr. Unkillable or not, but he's one tough guy.

Edit: I forgot to add that he murdered a Dogman with 4 or so SP rounds.

Edit edit: Died after 12 days, 11.74 hours on my way to the lake from acute bleeding in the lungs.

Murdered a dogman with 4 or 5 sp rounds ha, I was able to kill with my bare hands by dodging an parrying . :3

Official Trained Dogman