DMC needs a place to sleep

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DMC needs a place to sleep

Only then will it feel like a place to return to.

I'd like to see perhaps a few options, actually:

1) Hotel. A crappy "flophouse" (like a Japanese cubicle hotel?) that you have to pay $$$ to stay the night at.

2) A tiny, seedy apartment. Costs a good chunk of money, so definitely not early-game-obtainable. Gives you a DMC-based "camp site" that at least equals the Cryo Facility.

3) A "nice" apartment. Costs a TON of $$$. One of the best "camp sites" in the game, but you'll have to work for it!

The final apartment (or even a 4th "penthouse suite"!) might require not just a crap-ton of cash but a corporate/wealthy "sponsor" too; thanks to a "no riff-raff allowed in the building" policy).

I like the idea of the buyable apartments as something to really aspire and "work" towards. Given the open nature of the game, there's no way to "win" (and arguably shouldn't be, IMO) but having a long-term goal would be nice and realistic.

Reaching the DMC is a major step in the game, followed by gaining access to the city. But what then? The idea that you have to go back out makes me imagine my character thinking "so, what do I need to do to be allowed to STAY here and make it my new home?"

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I concur.

It's a point I brought up just after this last update, which Dan said that would probably become part of the DMC eventually. You went into more detail, which I like. I guess if you can afford an apartment, it would be a great place to stash your items.