Alternative Junk Markets/ "Settlements"

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Alternative Junk Markets/ "Settlements"

While the DMC is clearly intended as the game's major "bastion of civilization" (if you can call an equivalent to Mega-City One "civilized"!), I would love to see pockets of other non-hostiles living in the wilderness.

While it would be neat to have the option to trade/negotiate with random scavengers, I'd be happy with just a few random little settlements existing, dotted far from the DMC out there. Nothing at all on the level of the DMC's city, just a hex or two of a "shanty town" with its own trader (like a less wealthy "junk market" that sells mostly food and low-tech stuff) would do the job.

To me, this would allow you to sell stuff to survive (iSlabs for food, for example) when far out from the DMC, but still mean that you'd need to head back there to really offload your major hauls and to buy powerful stuff.

It would also add a much-needed feeling of "there are still a few people out there who don't kill you on sight, but they don't welcome you with open arms either" in such isolated communities (one encounter even mentioned "enclaves", I believe).

Whether these small "towns" had actual identities (named, with their own descriptions) or were just super-rare, randomly-generated terrain hexes, I'd love to see something like this added.

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The only settlements that survive in the wasteland are well-guarded Enclaves or Raider encampments. The problem with Enclaves is that they'd have to be secret and distrusting of strangers, therefore you'd have to work to earn their trust first. The problem with raiders is that they would just rob you and kill you. Any small town would have been easy pray for bandits, so would be long gone by now. To me, the general lack of civilization outside the DMC that adds to the realism, the story, the depth and challenge. But it would be cool to eventually gain the trust of one Enclave to trade with.

But for now, just find a shopping cart (read vehicle) to carry more stuff back to the DMC.

With busy, populated places like Zom-Zom's now in the game (prior to that, I agreed on the "lack of civilization beyond the DMC" aspect), I'm going to bump this, since we now have a less "empty" and more "scattered pockets of life" world concept.

The ability to trade at a few (not too many, just a few!) "neutral" settlements besides the DMC would be a good thing. Especially for characters either actively avoiding the DMC or wanting encouragement to venture far from it.

Heck, a trading post at Zom-Zom's would make more sense than not, IMO (though they should be overpriced and only have very basic stuff, no awesome weapons or high-tech!).

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