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Back to school

What if there was a school in DMC? Pay loads of dollars and perhaps you can learn something!

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Many adults go to community college to change their profession, so maybe you could exchange one "Ability" for another.

Like exchange Trapper for Electrician. Unless you had a free Ability slot, then you could just have both.

That's a neat idea. I like the idea of rare "skill books" that take multiple reads to "learn from" (spend a few hours each day for several days before you get the skill) but a school would make a great alternative.

Basically, pay up (I'd make it quite expensive, on par with some of the clinic prices) and "lose" a few days of game time maybe, but gain a new skill.

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I must say I am not that enthusiastic about the idea to gain new skills from books or schools (in games like NS of course). Let me explain why:

1) It's really not that realistic, since IRL it take people months or years of learning and practice to master anything on useful level. No one became proficient electrician by reading VCR manual or "Electric power for dummies" :D.

2) It's basically buying skills for cash which, for me, is over powered and boring (shops with skills are a bad additions in any game)

3) It contradicts post-apocalyptic setting. Grinding cash/goods to gain new skills is something that can pass in heroic-fantasy or high-tech space opera kind of games but here on the wasteland life should be (at least to some degree) bleak and scary.

That being said I don't say "no" to school at all. I don't like it being "shop with skills". It should be more like a separate side-story, a separate quest to gain one skill, with need to travel, take risks and stuff like that (serving DMC guard's field hospital out at the countryside as a part of the practice, running errands, scavenging for rare medications and things like that to gain Medic for example).

EDIT: I have to add, that I know that plot additions take a lot of work and time for Dan to implement, and that is why I do not think skill gaining is important enough to be generally considered right now (especially that we already can gain augmentation already). Maybe some mods later will be a good chance to work on that.

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All good points.

Personally, I was merely thinking that picking skills at the beginning is arbitrary, so if you wanted to swap something you could, as long as you had the cash. It makes sense that in a futuristic city they could beam six months of electronics course knowledge into your brain in one day. It's probably something that the Cybernetic clinic should offer: skill swapping.