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Selfmade Clothing Ideas

Well, Plastic Bags... lets talk about giving them a couple of extra more uses for them. I dunno if this sounds retarded but how about using them as Gloves/Shoes/Hat? There's a lot of raining and cold winds in this game and plastic bags could probably keep your hands and feet dry and protected from the wind.

They shouldn't increase your warmth meter... instead, they should make it take a bit longer for you to freeze to death. Maybe you could also wear up to 3 bags on your feet coz they should probably degrade/decay pretty quickly when walking around the map.

Specially useful when starting a new game. Sometimes you just start in the middle of nowhere and freeze to death due to your bad luck.

Here, I made a pic about how they might look on you.

The next Tier in weak cold protection should be using Rags. Handwraps, Footwraps and Headwraps. Here, a picture to represent Rag Clothing.

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This is a bit off topic but could you make some gun pictures and weapon pictures I'd love to see what you would design.

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Plastic actually does retain some body heat, so it would be better than nothing. If you're ever caught in a rainstorm without a coat, cut three holes out of a trash bag for your head and arms. I promise that it's better than nothing and will keep you a bit warmer. This is actually a good suggestion.

I was actually thinking of a way to make plastic bags into a weapon, but all I could think of is surprise suffocation weapon, or a "rocks in a plastic bag" type variant of the classic "roll of quarters in a sock" trick. Sorry if that's way off topic, but I agree with Nickboom that discussing make-shift weapon ideas would be more juicy.

Homeless people often use plastic bags to protect their feet from getting wet and so do many people practicing "semi-professional" trekking. I looked at one or two forums dedicated to such activity and it seems that plastic bag footwraps and sleeves are pretty useful and common. You can even buy such utensils in "professional" versions (same thing, 10x price if you ask me :).

For this to be useful in NeoScavenger, however, yet another status effect (or even possible a status bar) needs to be added, showing how wet character is and adjusting body heat and immunological system accordingly (if one gets wet he needs to dry himself and clothes fast or he will get cold and sick real fast - that's survival 101).

I would be delighted to see even more (realistic) survival elements in NS, but I guess not everyone would be happy about that.

"Any more ideas for Pastic Bags?"
Hat of course. And, while not directly made from a plastic bag, pieces of tarp could be used to craft improvised raincoat.

EDIT: @orbitneo - Weapons are boring, every game has them :D (<-- smiling face) Let's talk more survival!

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Neo scavenger has about 5 melee weapons (2 of which are very shitty im looking at you stick and pocket knife) and one ranged weapon/fast breaking melee weapon. So I believe a weapon topic is in order :P

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Fine. I'll gather some ingame graphics and work in some weapons, both Conventional and Selfmade. Also, if someone just happen to have all the ingame images for some reason, that could really help me when creating the pictures. :3

Another status bar wouldn't be really necessary. I do agree making the game more realistic sounds good but maybe this could just work like a weaker version of clothing, by just protecting you a bit longer from freezing to death. Also, imma work on a plastic bag Hat. I'm guessing the face doesn't have to be covered coz of the moisture and condensation that happens when breathing inside plastic bags.

Looks ridiculous but it might save your life! :P

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Add ragged, bug-infested, smelly long overcoat and voilà! Guy looks as silly as a veteran, homeless, can-gathering, urban survival expert should :D.

For bags (or foot-wraps made of rags and stuff) to work as a poor man's clothes replacement the big drop in loot has to happen...
(I would not mind if it did happen).

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Looks ridiculous but it might save your life! :P

OMG that's funny. He looks like an escaped mental patient. :D

It also give me an idea, you could be able to wear rags on your head, like how pirates do. It would be a way to keep your head warm and also look slightly more stylish than wearing a plastic bag as a hat. The next tier up would be a fir hat. Then maybe a motorcycle helmet. Actually, I think motorcycle helmets would make good protection in a fight as well.

Hmm... Rags should be the next tier in weak cold protection after Plastic Bags. Handwraps, Footwraps and Headwraps. Sounds good?

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I do like the idea of being a bag-person, literally dressed in rags.

Making wraps is a lot more difficult than I expected. This is the best I could come up with. Also, I guess the thread is gonna need a name change. :P


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I want that in the game!

Plus, now people who don't have the Trapping Skill can at least have crude hand protection.

Great self-mumification equipment :D Looks nice, would love to have it. Foot- and hand-wraps for protection from cold and self-made bandana (could come in colors) to cover the head from the sun.

Nickboom is a moderator, he might be able to alter the title.

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Ill try but I think my power is limited to spam blocking or I just need to know how. What title do you want?

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No worries, already done. :3

Edit: Also, I have 5 new weapons to suggest, most of them Selfmade. Should I make a new thread just about weapons or make this one more general in suggested content?

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You already have 3 threads you should just change this thread to general items in the game

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I'll just leave them here as an off-topic post, then. :3

The Rifle there is the same already in the game. I left it there so you can compare it with the Revolver and the Saw-Off Shotgun.

-Baseball Bat
-Nail Bat
-Scrap Metal Machete
-Scrap Metal Knife
-Shiv (Next to the Scrap Metal Knife)
-Broken Glass Knife
-Zip Gun (Next to the Broken Glass Knife)
-Saw-Off Shotgun

Both the Shiv and Zip Gun could be concealable weapons for assassinations, for instance.

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All I can say is wow, those actually look very good. the sawed shotgun kind of looks like a pirates handgun lol but those are great and I love how they look.

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When did you make these? Awesome work.

Seems like they should be in the OP as well, to show off the work. Good going!

these are brilliant ideas,
neo scavenger needs more people like this guy


Wow, that is AMAZING work! Would love to see every one of these in-game. You've got fantastic talent, mate. These really look fantastic and so in keeping with NEOScavenger's graphic style.

Just the thought of having that revolver or sawn-off shotgun makes me excited! Any chance you could have a shot at making some little ammo items to go with them (.38 bullets and 12-gauge shells)?

I like that the revolver looks like it could easily be crafted into a snub-nose too (reducing its size by one "space" at a cost to accuracy/range), however it's a shame that it still wouldn't fit in a Hoodie pocket even so cut-down. Maybe the Hoodie should have its pocket size increased by two spaces, to 4x2, to allow this? What do others think?

Incidentally, it still bugs me that the hunting rifle looks so much like a shotgun, at least to my eyes, but that's nothing to do with you... IMO, it needs a visible bolt-action and/or a short magazine.

(I can imagine quests that forcibly "disarm" the player at a location - such as Hatter's bodyguards - disregarding specific weapons with a "concealable" property, which would include the Shiv and Zip Gun).

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"Incidentally, it still bugs me that the hunting rifle looks so much like a shotgun, at least to my eyes, but that's nothing to do with you... IMO, it needs a visible bolt-action and/or a short magazine."

It's styled after a remington 760/7600... A .308 pump-action rifle. Not all rifles are bolt action :)

They're quite a well-loved "deer gun" and I think it's an excellent choice to put in the game. The fact that the developer chose this weapon gives me the idea he knows a thing or two about the subject... Or maybe it was a fluke.

I'm extremely glad that it isn't an ar15 or some bullshit like that.

Yes, but I'm sure you'd agree that when you say "hunting rifle" or "single-shot rifle" to someone, 90% of non-'gun nut' folks will instantly think "bolt-action rifle". It's like putting a "standard" shotgun in the game and not making it either double-barreled side-by-side or a pump-action. Plenty of other types of shotguns exist, but those two are what most people are going to visually identify the term with.

A game with dozens of firearms can feature all sorts of interesting weapons, but if there's just one of each type, I feel it should be clearly identifiable to the average player (example: Chiko's sawn-off shotgun and revolver, which are suitably "generic" and you can instantly tell what they are at a glance).

Right now, the hunting rifle graphic is absolutely fine, but if a pump or semi-auto shotgun ever gets added, well, it's going to confuse things visually, IMO. That's really what I was thinking when I made that comment, to be honest.

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I think the use of "gun nut" here betrays a personal bias. What do you actually mean here by "gun nut?" Isn't a truly deep and well researched game going to be "nut" in pretty much every way possible? Why take a negative view to real world knowledge? is it somehow bad to base game design on reality for a project like NS? Why should JUST guns be designed in a simplified intuitive way, compared to the rest of the game, which is harsh, realistic, and deep?

If someone can't tell a rifle from a shotgun what's stopping them from learning to do so?

I think you misunderstood me there, mate. I'd call a "gun nut" someone who was *very* interested in real-world firearms. Nothing wrong with that, no more than being a "Star Wars nut" or an "anime nut". It's a personal interest, and we all have 'em. Heck, I've been all THREE believe it or not at various points in my life, so no bias there, I promise.

The only "bias" I'd admit to is thinking that your average player shouldn't need obscure or specific knowledge to understand the game. NS isn't a "firearm simulator", it's a survival game.

Incidentally, I'd be equally questioning if NeoScavenger presented ANY aspect in a way that required specific, uncommon understanding. For example, a character can build a squirrel trap in the game, but the player isn't required to have actual realistic knowledge of animal trapping, just to use a bit of common sense in crafting. Ditto purifying water, as another example. Finding a balance between "playable game" and "realism" is the mark of any great game, IMO.

And just because the cool pixelart used for the hunting rifle looks to ME like it could be easily confused with a Remington 870 or 1100 shotgun doesn't make it instantly "bad" and a comment worth taking offense over. I was just making personal observation (especially considering that other weapons such as shotguns not unlike those might one day be added) and wondered if anyone else agreed with it.

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my posts are a pursuit of logical debate, not emotion.

I still disagree with you, and think that uncommon understanding is a staple of a good game. It makes the game a learning experience.

and roguelikes in general tend to artificially create that lack of understanding by randomly generating items and their effects. We can't really do that with weapons without it becoming borderlands, but an alternative is to add enough variants that it seems like there's a whole world of things to discover.

I personally think the "lack of intuitive understanding" of the world is a staple of the genre, and makes it feel exploratory. No different to not knowing where all the locations on the map are.

Wow, you're really good with the pixel art. Geez!!

Those bag-and-rags clothing items look AMAZING, mate!

Current clothing is limited right now, and this would make great "early game desperation" protection from the cold/rain.

I want this now! This NEEDS to be in the game! Dan? Please?

(especially love the rag-made "do rag"!)

Incidentally, first thing I thought of when I saw the title was "wrap yourself in old newspapers like a bum!" :)

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I want this now! This NEEDS to be in the game! Dan? Please?


Chiko's visuals that bring this idea to life and I must have it.

got suggestion for you, perhaps some sort a iron,scrap,dogman flesh,sort of thing
just a suggestion.

Gun 2



i'd personally prefer to see weapons based on RL models for added variety and immersion, rather than genericised things.

in a game with as much potential depth as this one i'd be quite disappointed to see only one kind of revolver for example.

the bag shoes are an awesome idea though

i'd personally prefer to see weapons based on RL models for added variety and immersion, rather than genericised things.

in a game with as much potential depth as this one i'd be quite disappointed to see only one kind of revolver for example.

I don't mind if there is only one kind of revolver, as long as you can craft with it to make it unique.


Snubbing it (cutting it shorter) adding a scope, better cilender, reframing/better framing, repairs. I personally want instead of just here is your gun condition make so that the individual parts of the gun have conditions too and well as upgrades/improvements you could make to the gun. Example: Remington Rifle; Parts Muzzle 50%, Pump 98%, Stock Broken, Hammer 67% (Im assuming this gun has a hammer), Sights 54%. Also if you have attached different parts like the scope and sling. Scope 32%, Sling 68%. This would also help Dan solve the problem of when something is crafted it gets 100% fixed.

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Sawing down weapons would be fine by me as long as all the appropriate buffs came with it.
Scopes are ok too as they're already in.

Better cylinder - im not sure what you mean by that. Better in what way? what would the actual game mechanic be?
Reframing - again, im not sure what you mean. On most handguns a new frame means a totally new design of handgun because all the parts tend to hang off it.

Crafting weapons seems totally counter-intuitive and silly to me given the game appears to be set in america. there's no reason it would be a more viable option than just finding a new weapon.

The reason i think this game needs a lot of different firearms in different calibres, lengths, weights, actions, capacities and configurations is because the game already has systems with this level of depth.
We're already seeing volume/weight of both firearms and ammunition simulated - so why would we restrict the player to just a few variants when it comes to this? I can't dream up a reason not to make use of the systems in place to add depth. Make the world feel vast, make finding different guns part of the exploration. You might be able to fire up the game one day and see something you've never seen before. This, imo, should apply to forage-able plants, clothes and maybe medicine too.

As i've implied before in another thread if the limiting factor is art or research i would be able to donate this labour to the project if it meant we could see it in practise.

As for your repair ideas... these arent really things you can just repair easilly in the field.

To be honest, firearms degrading at all takes a very long time IRL with normal use if they are remotely well built. As far as firearm maintenance goes I think it ought to be a matter of cleaning rather than full-fledged gunsmithing like you described. A bore in terrible condition will have somewhat less accuracy, and possibly less damage.

Having %'s seems needlessly granular to me. It would be perfect to just have "status effects" for firearms which are either "yellow" (non-critical) or "red" (critical). non critical effects being repairable, and critical effects being non-repairable.

automatics would be much more sensitive to maintenance issues, balancing them out a little. But each weapon could be susceptible to status effects in different ways. I'd be more than willing to write up a full list if more info would be needed, and explain the logic behind them.

Attending to your firearms needs could basically be done with oil and solvent. Repairs could really only be very minor and be done with duct tape or simple tools.

maintenance issues - caused by regular use
- non critical - dirty - minor accuracy debuff - fixed by cleaning with rags + Solvent - causes "dry"
- OR "wonder oil" + rags - does not cause "dry"
- dirty would also cause jams on automatics.
- non critical - dry - chance of jams - fixed by rags + oil
- non critical - cracked stock - increases probability of broken stock - fixed with duct tape (only on longarms)
- non critical - misaligned sights - accuracy debuff - fixed with multitool, screwdriver, etc...
- non critical - weak spring - chance of jams - fixed with nuts/bolts/screws/whatever. (unrealistic, but meh)
- critical - barrel bulge - accuracy debuff -only possible when dirty

damage issues - caused by ABuse (failure of maintenance, knocked to ground, buttstock attacks, firearm itself being shot or hit)
- critical - exploded barrel - caused by cycling overpowered or incorrect ammunition
- critical - broken stock - lower accuracy
- critical - bent barrel - accuracy debuff

You could also have actual buffs which you could set up.

For example you could right-click a scoped weapon and pick "zero" - expending one shot but increasing accuracy over range. This attracts attention but could give you the precision you need.

Yes yes i agree with what you say but sorry I dont really know about guns as much as some people but im just saying that in the future since the DMC is in it may be possible to improve weapons and also you got to remember this is the post apocalyptic world most of the guns you would find wouldnt be in very good condition. When I said the stuff about frames and cillanders I just ment like the generally body of the gun it self. Sorry for the confusion. I would also like to see the ability in the future to get a home in the DMC and get machines to work on weapons and items. That sounds like if you have the right knowledge you could work on said weapons like that?

Edit: Also you cant count on finding another gun for all you know that could be the last gun on earth (silly i know but even if a gun was damaged i wouldnt just throw it away) and a lot of us arent talking about making new weapons we want high customizable weapons.

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to an extent yeah. It'd take so much setup that youd almost not need firearms if you were comfortable enough to run a machine shop :)

as for post-apoc weapons... don't underestimate how rugged firearms can be. none of my rifles IRL are any younger than 50 years old and they still work flawlessly :D

I have to disagree there, personally.

While there are certainly games where I *love* having dozens of detailed firearms to choose from, I feel that in NEOScavenger, a rifle should pretty much be a rifle, a revolver a revolver, etc. Guns should be rare enough that it doesn't matter if you found a Beretta or a Glock; it's an automatic pistol, which means 1) very valuable, 2) hard to maintain, 3) makes you king against looters stumbling around with crowbars and monkey wrenches!

As detailed as I'd personally want would be "light pistol" (9mm, 15 rounds) or "heavy pistol" (.45, 7 rounds) in terms of more than one type of any firearm. Anything more just becomes fluff that, IMO, isn't needed in NEOScavenger, and would take up valuable art creation time too. I'd much rather one revolver, rifle, shotgun, knife, bat, spear, etc. than six rifles with slightly different stats.

IMO gun - ANY gun - should be viewed with awe and fear in NEOScavenger, with ammo treated like gold. Modifications should be simple, like sawing down barrels, filing sights or adding scopes and stocks, *maybe* a silencer.

What I first fell in love with about NS is that it feels (and still does, despite the recent addition of the very futuristic DMC) like a "low-tech, basic survival" post-apocalypse game. As much as I adore the 'Fallout' games, they're packed with dozens of weapons and crazy gadgets, and you never get the feeling of a 'Mad Max' or 'The Road' world where a single rusty old revolver can make you - or your opponent! - a deadly threat.

But that's just my personal opinion, of course.

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Well no, my point was to have lots of firearms in terms of variety, not in terms of actual ingame number. I think firearms should be as rare or rarer than they are now, but there should be a lot more variety.

Like i said, the worldmap is randomly generated so you have a chance of seeing something new every time. With enough different kinds of weapons, clothes, and so on, you might see something new on each play through - assuming they were not commonly found everywhere.

The point of it is to make the world feel alive and vast, with lots of things to discover. Having genericized weapon names like "heavy pistol" and "light pistol" is just silly. You can have a heavy pistol which fires a light round in reality, why not in the game? same goes for a light pistol which fires a heavy round.
They could still have genericised names, if anyone's worried about the amount of text showing in the windows. I can't really see how itd be any worse than "scoped 308 hunting rifle with sling" or whatever, in terms of volume of text.

With the amount of granularity in the current ingame stats it would really seem like a waste not to put them to use and make plenty of variants.

The reason this would be cool is because the player could organise their weapon choices more carefully. If all pistols or all rifles are the same, theres no choice involved.

If you have a lot of varieties - some lighter, some smaller, some firing a bigger cartridge, some with a larger capacity... then the player is actually making a meaningful choice about what he decides to carry in the field. It's not just a choice between pistol or rifle - there's actual depth where you might choose between a 6 shot .380, an 8 shot .45 or a 15 shot 9mm.

All of these choices matter because ammunition would weigh different amounts, do different damage, the weapons themselves would be different in size and weight.

Speaking of that, we could have take-down rifles at some point in the future.

Hello Harry. First of all I want to say, I like your way of thinking when you say that there should be more variety of items so that player could find new things during every gameplay. Discovering new stuff is a big part of what makes rouge-likes such interesting, repeatable experience. That being said I still have to disagree with you on the matter of "level of gun specialization". I would stick with 4(5) basic types and that is:
1 - Pistol
2 - Revolver
3 - Double barrel shotgun
4 - Hunting rifle
(5 - Laser rifle - while locked, it is already in-game, but it will be more like quest-related item as far as I understand)

Here are my reasons:

a) You say: "my point was to have lots of firearms in terms of variety, not in terms of actual ingame number"

If firearms were to be as scarce as they are right now (in general), finding both weapon and matching ammunition, even with 4 basic types would be (4x) more problematic. You propose to add even more variety... Adding 3 kinds of each weapon type (which would not be an overkill) would effectively make finding right weapon and matching ammo very unlikely, turning firearms into more of a curiosity than a tool. This also makes your point of player choosing right weapon for him invalid, since he will grab anything he found ammo to, or carrying loads of different guns hoping to find matching bullets.

On the other hand, making each weapon model as scarce as rifle is now, separately, would make firearms much more common (12x more, assuming 3 types of my 4 basics), turning NS into gun-fest (on which all agree is not a good idea)

b) With game mechanics as they are now (and there is no rules overhaul planned at all) there will be very little difference between weapons. There are no rules for kickback/recoil, stopping power, ranges are very contractual and so is accuracy (you don't have any real distances or chance "to hit").

Combat is pretty deadly and happens in melee most of the time and weapon stats are hidden so, for casual player, difference between current rifle and revolver will be minimal to none (six-shot revolver could load 1 more bullet and that's it).

That is the same reason, btw, why baseball bat for example, as fun as it is, would be unnecessary addition - there are 3 tiers of melee bludgeoning weapons already (branch -> crowbar -> wrench) and bat would be most likely just re-paint of the wrench. There is no room in rules, that I can think of, to make it distinct and unique in some way.

c) This one is just a matter of opinion, but despite the fact that I did my homework and know basic facts about guns, calibers and stuff like that, I still find too much emphasis on this subject in games rather boring and confusing after a short while. And I can believe that people who have no interests in weapon-lore whatsoever, can see it as more of a flaw.

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Do you feel the same way about having more than one kind of t-shirt, despite there being *actually* no difference whatsoever between them?

What about plans to add more variations of clothes in general?

Do you think that alienates players who arent interested in clothes, or does it add depth and replayability?

Guys chill out a little its starting to get a bit hostile in here. As for me I like finding lots of items and finding something I havent found before is very awesome.

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As much as I would love to slaughter dogmen wearing Motörhead t-shirt, yes I do think that adding more is unnecessary right now.

NeoScavenger is being made by Daniel alone and there are many more important things to add before version 1.0 is out than items of mostly cosmetic value. He will not earn his money by polishing the game forever after all and we want him to succeed so he can start working on NeoScavenger 2 :D

I am not trying to say that there should not be no more variety added, cause I already said I like that idea. I just think that items too similar to each other are absolutely secondary to an original/new content. Also, since Dan already said he wants to make NS mod-friendly, there will be no problem people adding 30 different shirt re-colors after the finished game is out. He can even update game himself, post-release.

And finally, I didn't said that too much gun-lore "alienates" anybody. I said that it can be confusing to people not that much interested in the subject. And even someone who knows thing or two about the matter might still get bored by constantly cycling thru 10+ different kinds of ammunition.

Sorry if my previous post was a little unclear (it's a bit difficult for me to formulate so complex sentences in English) and I hope now I stated clearly what I had in mind :D

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I personally would like to see more ammo such as buck shot,hollow point,casket,high explosive,incendiary,high velocity,low velocity,bird shot,

and maybe some grenades such as high explosive,incendiary,caustic,shock,and flash


you realise a lot of that stuff is completely exclusive to borderlands, right

Haha. I was thinking the same thing. I see all these concepts and ideas are strictly from gun-based games(Borderlands, Fallout 3, etc.) I do love the new clothing ideas. Then this topic got out of hand, and even though the guns look great, we really need to focus on the bigger picture here.

Harry first buck shot, hollow point, bird shot are all real, also high explosives, incendiary, and flash are all real too. As for ammo there is alot of different bullets and such. Please dont just diserguard another persons opinion about the game, this is his personal wants not what he feels is needed in the game. Also need I say that it is the future and frickin ghosts and stuff are real.

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Yeah, i'm aware. I don't think i really disregarded anything. I don't have the power to disregard anything anyone says cause i'm not in control of development.

My opinion is that a lot of the suggestions there are based on borderlands and wouldn't really fit into the "world" of NS. is there a rule against disagreeing with opinions? cause it will make discussion pretty hard.

Lets make a list of materials that could be used as clothes or Armor based on what it has been posted here. From worse to best:

Basic (Can be made on the field)
-Plastic Bags: Slower Freezing to Death Only / No Armor Bonus
-Rags: Minor Cold Protection / Minor Armor Bonus
-Pelts & Hides: Major Cold Protection / Minor Armor Bonus / Add Weakness to Fire
-Scrap Metal: No Cold Protection / From Medium to Major Armor Bonus

Advanced (Can only be made in certain Facilities)
-Fiber & Textile: From Minor to Medium Cold Protection / Some give extra Inventory Slots / From Minor to Major Armor Bonus
-Leather: Minor Cold Protection / Some give extra Inventory Slots / Medium Armor Bonus
-Forged Metal: No Cold Protection / Major Armor Bonus

Also, pre-apocalypse Clothing and Armor could also be used in the creation of improved version of them.

About the Weapons. I also like the idea of more guns to choose from but not too many... I also agree to have them with simple names like Revolver, Hunting Rifle, Combat Shotgun, Assault Rifle, etc. Makes things less complicated and the combat window less clogged, IMO.

About the gun parts discussion... Maybe we could have simplified parts instead of having them all as separated items. Examples could be like Metallic Pistol Parts, Plastic Rifle Parts, Wooden Rifle Parts, etc. Then, the only thing we would need to do would have the required items and amount of them, the Skill required and the facilities to make them if they are advanced.

So to make a Basic Selfmade Pistol we would need: 1x Metallic Pistol Parts 1x Wooden or Plastic Pistol Parts plus some of that item called "Assorted of screws, pins, wires, springs, etc" or something like that.

Edit: I was thinking about adding an advanced version of Plastic Bags under the name of Feedstock Plastic or Recycled Plastic... But I don't think Plastic can be used in the making of Clothes or Armor. Feedstock Plastic Material could exist in the making of weapon parts, though. Like Gun Stocks or Weapon Handles.

Pew pew pew!

I'd suggest exercising caution (if not claiming that in the longer go it may be impractical) in making generalized list of materials and their differences in effects.

First, depending on method of processing, thickness etc a set of products based on one material can show great differences. For example, compare leather pants you'll find in some fashion clothing shop and a product made by locals living in some harsher climate for everyday use. The former ones, aside from shine, texture and general aesthetics etc won't be that different from a pair of quality jeans while the latter by comaprison will be stiff, heavy and giving impression you can club enemy with a pair in last-ditch effort at self-defense.

Again, properties are mainly based on craftmanship - properly sewn, hand-picked ragged cloth (rags) will provide both superior protection against the elements and against enemies while allowing greater mobility than what just slapping a few mismatched leather patches together would allow.

Lastly, some materials will be fitting for making some clothes and some won't. Scrap/forged metal will allow one to make some pads and breastplates, but one can obviously forget about making anything resembling clothes (yes, I know there's something like greaves or a chainmail - anyone who'd suggest such obviously didn't have to spend whole goddamn day in one while moving around rugged terrain). As some protective gear, your feedstock plastic could also work. But you'd rather not make a t-shirt out of it etc etc. Thus, I'd rather just approach the whole thing simply, as in 'I want to make jacket. Could it be done out of plastic bags? Nuh, that'd be silly. Maybe just leather? Sure, leather jacket, stylish. What stats would typical self-made leather jacket have then?'.

In regards the guns, I agree that we don't need every little possible part listed separately, but we shouldn't make it also too generic. 'Metal pistol parts' sound simple but then someone will complain 'why I can make this pistol but not that pistol even if I have so many sets of those parts?'. I'd suggest dividing gun parts to groups such as barrels, grips etc but that brings it's own set of problems so I'd say more brainstorming would be appreciated.

Also, for future reference, you need metal pistol parts by default to make any reliably working pistol. Wood won't cut it and neither will plastic. Even today, commercially made hi-tech firearms may be crafted and advertised as ones made with the use of some polymers and crap but it's only a part of whole gun and sadly, without any metal parts inside a gun wouldn't work or at least wouldn't work reliably and for period of time long enough for it to have a point (hopefully Neo Scavenger will avoid amusing but unrealistic idea of cheap, disposable guns a'la Tediore crap from Broderlands 2). I mean, given the year the game takes place in, possibly military-grade guns are more fancy and made using some super-materials but such would be rare, factory produced items for the most elite troopers of the most financed armies.

As usually, congratulations on the nice graphics. Consider sending the dev a mail, maybe you could settle on license (or, if you so desire, you can officially give him permission to use them however he wishes) so they could be actually ported into the game - it's kind of a waste to leave them only as a concept art when they keep the level and fits nicely visuals of the game.

Just make sure to point out that those wraps for feet and hands should be available for wear under the boots/gloves etc the same way they do IRL.

I was a bit vague in my post, I know but I was speaking about clothing/armor that could be made now, not pre-apocalypse like jeans and stuff. Leather would be a roughly processed products from Animal/Creature pelts and hides. Pre-apocalypse leather clothing is definitely not represented by the generalized "Leather" material I posted there coz the later would probably be made with survival in mind, not fashion anymore. Of course that's just general ideas of the material stats, just to have an something to be based on. Materials would definitely have more differences from one another if more damage types and related features are added to the game.

About the gun parts. I was kinda vague there too. If you take a look at the selfmade pistol example, you will notice it should be made of Metallic Pistol Parts and either Wooden or Plastic Pistol parts (for the grips, handles, stock, etc). So, metal parts are a must but you can choose between wood or plastic to complete the "recipe". Maybe we should call them differently, then.

Rifle Parts: Barrels, Trigger System, Hammer, and all the other metal parts of rifles.
Pistol Parts: Barrels, Trigger System, Hammer, and all the other metal parts of pistols.
Gunstock Parts: Long firearm Buttstock, Forend, Comb, Grip, etc. Can be made of Plastic, Wood or Metal.
Handgrip Parts: Pistol grips pieces, handles and the like. Can be made of Plastic, Wood or Metal.

Also, if automatic weapons are added, then we might need an extra item.
Autogun Parts: All the metal parts needed in Automatic firearms.

Lets work out a firearm idea with these new items. 1x Pistol Parts + 1x Plastic Handgrip Parts + 1x Plastic Gunstock Parts + 1x Autogun Parts + 4x Assorted of screws, pins, wires, springs, etc + Skill + Workbench/Facilities = Submachine Gun

The above example is of an Advanced Firearm recipe. Basic firearms could probably be made on the field and only with Single-shot mode. Advanced Firearms should also take a while... Lets say a day for instance. Also, if someone doesn't have the skill or time to make one, maybe the "facilities" should offer making the gun for you in exchange of money and the firearm parts. Maybeh?

About graphics... can they be like donated too or something like that? I don't know much about copyright stuff. I always like to make pics using the game's own graphical style. They encourage the community to participate and usually lots of feedback. lolz. I also had no idea this game might be mod friendly when finished. I like modding games. =D

Also about the wraps, yeah. Socks should also be available in addition to this.

Pew pew pew!