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'Role' Playing Game

I'd like to see a random start feature... basically, you get an initial extra perk slot, but the game then randomises strengths (and weaknesses) and forces you to play the hand you get dealt. It's very tempting to get sucked into min-maxing and trying to work out the best skill combinations that fit your favoured playstyle, but a random start both forces you to explore the game a lot more broadly (who knew Botany could be so useful?) plus is a good launching point for emergent stories.If course it's susceptible to people who'll exploit it for the extra perk slot and scumm their game every time they get things they don't want, but as more perks and weaknesses make it in, it becomes increasingly improbable to reroll until you get some ideal combination (not to mention even if you did get something perfect, you could get unlucky and injure yourself in your first scavenge, attract a looter with a meat cleaver and die abruptly quick due to sheer bad luck).

Hi,I'd second this feature.I think it would enhance replayability to have a 'RANDOM' button at the start for skills selection. As the gentleman has mentioned above it's very easy to find yourself playing with the same set of skills everytime as you get used to a certain mode of play.Having to deal with a Random build character would force you (more or less, you'd have to push the button) into different playstyles that would keep the game fresh.Cheers,Plugger

I like it! It probably wouldn't even be that hard to rig up. I'll put that on my list, thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games