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On the new update

So I've been playing this new build, and upon loading one of my games I have come into a battle with a Merga Wraith. As far as I can tell, the thing's either invincible or it has a huge amount of HP, because I hit it with 6 bullets and my Butcher's Knife and it didn't even look injured. So it seems like there's no epic lootz there, and it's "grasp" is quite threatening, so melee combat is pretty impractical. Probably should have created a wiki page for it, but I missed that opportunity.

Also: A possible exploit. I notice that when you put things like Antibiotics or Pain Pills (or any pill for that matter) into a First Aid Kit, the worth of the First Aid Kit increases by some multiple of the pills...So when you find the occasional Antibiotic bottle worth $701.00, just put it in any old first aid kit and it'll be worth $1,400++. I don't know if that's intentional, but it certainly adds a farming element to the game: find First Aid Kits and then buy some of those $300 BioBlok pills from the new clinic and stuff them all in the first aid kit, then sell that to the Junk Store. Instant $2-6K profit, and Kits aren't too too rare. In fact, since I think pills stack to some degree, you could probably fit two stacks of ten pills inside each bottle, and make some ludicrous profit off just one first aid kit filled with stuffed BioBlok bottles.

I've seen posts saying it's possible to "get incredibly rich", but they didn't really detail it further than that. I assume this is what they meant, since this seems like the most efficient way next to hoarding shoes...

Sorry if any of this is already well known, haven't seen anything on it.


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Ooh, nice find! I'll have to fix that the next time I'm in the code.

And yeah, that new creature is not to be trifled with. Your only option is to basically run :) (The good news is that there is only ever one in each game, and it's optional.)

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Just wanted to add that doubling of the price of item happened to me as well but with pill bottles inside backpack and water bottles in a backpack as well. It seems that anything in container within container doubles in value. And container within container within container quadruples it.

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Can confirm that I've had the same price/value bug (happened to me with antibiotics in a bottle in a first aid kit). Hopefully an easy "hotfixable" issue and not a major pain to solve.

On the subject of the "new enemy"... I would be interested to get confirmation if it is *actually* invincible or just very very tough. Hopefully the latter, as I'd love to be able to hunt it down late-game if/when we get a super rare, limited ammo laser rifle or something. Or perhaps a quest that can give you a "weapon" that can cause it major damage (but does little to other foes)?

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Sir, we need to get you a bug tracker. :)

You can nest things very deeply, and the best thing to put into the lowest level are bracelets from the junkyard. 1500$ per slot and 5 nestings deep. You can create backpacks with 200k$+ worth :D