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New UPDATE Thread

I just read the NEWS about the updated build coming out soon! Finally getting to enter the DMC will be like discovering Shangri-La. A dream come true. Since I can't contain my excitement, I thought it might be a good idea to start a place-holder thread to discuss feedback and praise the additional features, locations, enemies, plots, encounters and bug fixes. And general celebration.

I pretty happy too. As long as I can check out that medical clinic ill be quite happy. I actually started saving up money for the stuff.

Anyone notice that you cant play the game right now :)

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Dan might have been in the middle of the actual update process.

EDIT: The new build up! Playing it now.

I didn't mean to hype this up too much, but I do really enjoy the city. :)

It would be great if the DMC also had:

- A seedy hotel to stay in to recover a small amount of rest (with possible limitations, like sometimes being soldout).
- A storage locker to keep excess items (or possibly just a hiding place).

Wow this is new update is pretty buggy...
First some items i found couldnt be moved at all and now I'm stuck inside a clinic with no way of canceling if you go to nanobotics... Anyone has this?
Ok I figured it out about the items, I was in the junk market... Silly me. Still I somehow managed to grab stuff I didn't have the moeny for.

Same with the clinic just save and load back in you should be out. But of course its buggy it just came out about 30 minutes ago.

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Yep just trying to contribute and yeah there's still a way of getting incredibly rich in the junk market...

Yep, it was a huge update, but it's great to be able to play with all these features.

You probably want to backup your save files in case you run into any bugs. Thanks for mentioning it.

I just recently started playing the update and I'm having a pretty good time. I started a character with the medic, strong, tough, melee, lockpicking and myopia traits, and cured my myopia after selling my starting medkit to get money for some eye surgery at the clinic.

I have to say the DMC is feeling pretty great so far, although I agree it needs some sort of hotel to feel like a true safe-haven. At the moment I'm saving up for eye augmentations (Because why not). I'm eager to find the random plot encounter in my game and the new creature that was added.

I like the idea of augmentations and I'd love to see more in the game. My only fear is that they may make the player somewhat overpowered if there aren't some overpowered enemies added into the game.

At the moment I feel pretty safe running outside the "no loot" area around the city, grabbing what I can and then running back for a considerably cheap meal (which is funny because my character thinks it's expensive) and some sleep. Maybe frequently looted areas could start to yield less loot to the player?

Fantastic game so far, keep up the magnificent work Dan!

Well after reloading (my last character got messed up by dogmen) for what ever reason the game has desided to kick my ass at every chance. I have frozen to death, missed almost all hits and made super weak ones despite strong+melee, utterly destroyed by about 3 dogmen. The game hates me all the sudden XD.

Official Trained Dogman

Yeah the game have progressed immensely, all the thinking of the upcoming updates makes me droll. :p
Remember the good ol' days?

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Has it become harder to find woods tiles with the scavenging option?

Since all city tiles have the magnifying class, I would think most woods tiles would also.

Great update though. Pretty soon we'll need a "Quests" menu to keep track of contacts and jobs.

Hey Guys! Glad to hear you're enjoying 0.960 so far. Hopefully, we can find and iron out any bugs that are ruining the experience. I think I've squashed a few already, but it sounds like there's still a junk market exploit. Let me know what the trick is, and I can see what's causing it.

Re: DMC hotel and locker/storage, I agree. The hotel was something I hoped to add before releasing 0.960, I was just getting anxious. It was passing 2 months since the last build! But if I can, I'd like to add a safe place to sleep in the DMC. Probably something like a capsule or pod hotel. And renting a locker sounds useful, too. Especially if dropped items disappear more frequently near the DMC.

FYI, if anyone's using a pre-0.960 save game and playing in 0.960, beware that some new encounters won't trigger until a new game is started. The way savegames work is that they include a list of all untriggered encounters remaining. Since they're missing the new triggers, none will be added. Most stuff should still work, of course, just a heads-up.

Re: augmentations, I like the idea of adding more. But I share your fear that they could imbalance things or change the game too much. It'll depend a lot on how easy it is to obtain them, maintain them, and how easy it is to stick around the DMC vs. explore the map. It's possible I need to further dampen scavenging near the DMC. Hopefully, I can keep these things in balance, so NEO Scavenger keeps its old, desperate scavenging flavor :)

@SuicideRev, love the comic! That reminds me, I was planning on adding anti-diarrhea pills at one point...

@orbitneo, I haven't changed the forest tiles in the new build. However, if they're too close to the DMC, that could be causing fewer opportunities for scavenging. It sounds like you're seeing city tiles with the magnifying glass, though, so I'll keep an eye out for any weirdness the next time I'm in there.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I hadn't read this post when I made my "suggestion" regarding adding a hotel and buyable apartments... but absolutely THRILLED to read Dan not only say he plans to add (at least) a hotel, but that it'll be the kind of capsule/"coffin" hotel I instantly imagined it to be (too many years reading the Cyberpunk Chromebooks and Night City guide!). Awesome!

Since that's the kind of "hotel" you're thinking of too, I think the "rent-a-locker" idea for added storage is a good companion service for it.

I'd still like to be able to save up and aspire to own an overpriced, sleezy apartment with built-in storage, someday, though. :)

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Just played a couple hours of the new update, and it's fantastic.

-Made it to the DMC
-Trekked to the Hidden Lake and back
-Picked up some night vision
-Encountered something scary
-Ate a nice meal at the diner
-Gawked at the clinic's goods

Not a single bug. And I love the new encounter. I immediately retreated, so I don't really know what it's capable of, but it was cool as hell.

I've been enjoying the heck out of it. I especially like the narrative text through all the new sections, like when you're getting your prosthetic eyes.

That diner officially creeps me out. Dining and ditching sets in motion some more creepiness if you're stupid enough to push your luck, kind of like the hidden lake encounter.

Anyone notice more 308 rifles lying around in this version?

Epic death: -strong invincible character
-killed by car in the city o_O

Anyone had such a epic death like mine ;p? I've actually enjoyed that 'event'.

Wait... what?! How did that happen? You got run down by a car in the DMC? In a random encounter?

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I was going to have a nice meal when some random encounter at the canteen happened. The last thing my character saw were lights of the car. That was fun to die so unexceptionally :D.

Cool, I guess that ominous feeling in the city wasn't for nothing.

I just found that new creature encounter today first thing i did was jump nearly out of my chair because i was not expecting such a scary image to appear when i was having a stroll in the woods. then i tried to fight it and got killed. i hope i can find it again in a run where i have better gear so i can get my revenge!

- A friendly neighborhood scavenger -

Don't forget to tip... ;)

I've been playing for hours upon end and i still haven't seen the new encounter so please don't spoil it for me.

I also made a DMC lay out on The Powder Toy(TPT),my acount is asthepanda3
TPT link:
Just copy and paste


Glad to hear you're enjoying some of the new content! There's always a risk that I'm going off the deep end when I add something new or unusual, so it's good to hear that I haven't lost my mind yet. (Well, not completely, anyway :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games