Lasted 4 days...

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Lasted 4 days...

I woke up with no memory of who I was or what I was doing in this weird room. I began to look at the other people in the room, still stuck in these tubes and heard something coming, as it entered the room it was intimidated by my mere stature. We ran toward each other at full speed. the beast never had a chance. I killed it with ease and even have video proof for all those skeptics. I left but had thought maybe this cryo place would make a good camp site, so I went back in. I found another room that, with a little work, might just be the place to wait until I get some supplies for traveling.
I visited a nearby town and searched a few buildings. I didn't find much, save a shirt, pants, a plastic bag, and some crackers and empty water bottles. I stopped by a near by pond and collected some water. On my way back to the cryo camp site I found a shed in the woods. In it, I found a lighter, a backpack, and a pan. I also grabbed some branches and small twigs to use as kindling and fire wood.
When I got back to the campsite I started a fire and boiled the water. I ate the crackers and had some fresh clean water. I waited until morning to go back out. As it got darker I saw a glow in the east, but I wont bother going there since I am only using the demo....that would be a waste of time for now. Instead I sleep and try to remember who I am.
At first light I set out in the opposite direction of the first town I found, hoping to find a bigger city. I brought my pot with me since I had no other weapons. It came in handy scaring off a few unarmed bandits but I would need to find something else if anymore of those beasts showed up. I found a small city with nothing much in it. A few storage sheds had a few things of food and water. I got some more clothes and little bits of wire and string. At about midday I had a run in with one of those beasts but apparently I am weaker then just a day ago and he got the best of me and my pan. I made a break for it and got away with just a scratch on my chest. I got lucky, he was one hex away from me and turned the other direction, good thing i covered my tracks.
It was getting dark so I needed to get back. I took a little longer way back hoping to find more stuff. I just barely caught a glimpse of a group of cities and boy was I relieved. I found another backpack and filled up both packs with little stuff, ketchup, crackers, and even a can of soup. I got some more water and even a multitool. I made it back to camp and used some pain pills, purified more water and ate most of the food. I rested for a while then noticed I could fix the lights in here now, if nothing else it would make me feel better at night. I still needed a tarp to heat it but it was coming together.
The next day I ran into more bandits, most still ran away from my knife but this one guy with a gun scared me. guess he didn't have any ammo cuz he just hit me with the butt of the gun. I stabbed him and probably would have won but didn't want to risk too much injury so I ran. I did end up finding a tarp pretty early and decided not to risk anymore searching. I ate a few mushrooms I found in the woods and got more water then headed back to the camp site at the cryo center.
I got the heating working but my stomach was killing me. I think those mushrooms were poisonous. "note to self; STAY AWAY FROM MUSHROOMS" I had diarrhea the rest of the night but got the heat working so it wasn't too bad of a day. I drank a lot of water so I wouldn't dehydrate and ate some better food, I hope the berries are good.... I had a few pills so I took those too. By morning I guess it passed cuz the diarrhea went away.
I was getting a little braver now and depleted all the cities close by so I really had no choice but to venture out a little farther. I had the same plan but needed to find another city to scavenge. I unloaded all the inessentials at camp and headed out with nothing but some water and crackers. I had a pretty good start to the day. I found an abandoned house that had everything! I couldn't believe it. I changed clothes, got a new backpack, even got a meat clever. I got some food and Im guessing its clean water since its in the bottles. even a soda pop, although it just gave me a crash once the caffeine wore off, I don't know how much that affects anything but anyway. Since I did so well here I decided to go a little farther and I didn't check the time. I pushed myself a little too hard and by the time I realized I was so far away from my cozy camp it was already dusk. I made a b-line for camp but it was too late. I got attacked by some bandits and ran away straight into the arms of a beast. it got me a few times but I got away but all I could do was cover my tracks and rest, hoping for another lucky escape like before.
No such luck, this thing was on me like.....I don't know what, but he got me again. I was bleeding and it was too dark to see. I tried so hard to get away from this thing but it was no use. I even dropped my backpacks hoping it would let me run more than one spot at a time, but it was too late. He got me again and this time I tried to fight back but it didn't seem to faze him. He mauled me over and over and eventually I could do nothing at all. It attacked and I just laid there, it attacked again and I just kept on bleeding. then finally after what seemed like hours of fighting, I passed out....and now I write this story as a mere ghost. 4 days I lasted. I thought I was doing so great... guess I need to buy the full version to last any longer.
Oh well, guess I'll try again...I woke up with no memory of who I was or what I was doing in this weird room. I began to look at the other people in the room, still stuck in these tubes and heard something coming, as it entered the room.................

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men" Colossians 3:23

Paragraphs...use them.

I would love to read this... >.< but the lack of any kind of sane formatting is hurting my eyes. I give up =(

I know that feel *pats back*