Improvised guns (and prerequisites) [Crosspost from wrong forum]

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Improvised guns (and prerequisites) [Crosspost from wrong forum]

Cross-posted, since I put it in Blue Bottle Suggestions instead of NeoScavenger Suggestions.

They definitely exist! A favorite of mine-improvised weapons of all kinds, but particularly guns.

This details a wide variety of basic types. The submachineguns will have to wait until pistols and pistol ammunition are added, but others are worth noting.

Break-action single-shots or over-under double barrels would make the most sense with .308 FMJ.

Needless to say, all of them would be prone to KB (i.e. exploding in your face) or misfiring, but it'd provide a welcome change from the "goddamnit, I have twenty bullets and no rifle and I'm being chased by a Dogman.

Creating them would require access to basic tools, and a Pipe-something I'm unsure of the existence of, as I haven't played in a few months-but here's the recipes.

Break Action Single-Barrel

Screws & Bolts x10 (sights, hinges, bolts to hold the stock in place)
Empty Can x1 (holds the barrel onto the stick once cut into strips)
String x5 (to secure anything the bolts don't cover)
Stick (for the stock)
Pipe (barrel)

Reloading takes an extra action now, as the Rifle merely needs to be pumped to chamber the next round-if it is indeed a pump action as it appears in-game.

Break Action Double-Barrel

Screws & Bolts x15 (same as above)
Empty Can x2 (holds the barrel onto the stick once cut into strips)
String x10 (same as above)
Stick (same as above)
Pipe x2 (barrels)

These are highly improvised and will absolutely break-if not necessarily KB-in ten uses or so.

Once an Acetylene (or Plasma, it's the future) Welding Torch is added, you can make one that will last up to 50 uses. The only difference is the use of the Welding Torch in the recipe in addition to the Multitool.

An SMG will call for much, much more in the way of parts.

Screws & Bolts x20 (internals, sights)
Scrap Metal x2 (you CANNOT use a tin can to cover the action of a firearm; you need steel or something similar)
Stick (for the grip)
Pipe (the barrel)

This gives you the SMG and nothing else. You need to make the magazine separately.

Magazine x2

Screws & Bolts x20 (spring, to hold the metal together, etc)
Scrap Metal x1

You can load up to 30 rounds in a non-combat turn, spread between magazines as needed.

And please, DCFedor, for the love of the Jar of Screaming Eyeballs, make the combat system more intuitive. I realize fighting people is a bad idea. That's why I don't deck people at random IRL. But don't punish me for defending myself, kthx? <3

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

have you looked into how these are actually made?

Pretty much any servicable home made firearm requires at the very least, a milling bench. A lot of post-apoc games get this kind of suggestion and it always seems a little ill-advised to me. It really cant be done without some pretty serious infrastructure.

The reason the resistance in ww2 managed to pull this off is cause they were still operating machine shops for other purposes. Plumbing shops and such would be retooled to cut bolts and fold recievers for the partisans. This isn't somethign that can really happen in an SHTF scenario.

The only remotely plausible scenario would be creating a single shot .410 or .22LR zip gun/pipe rifle. For any other application it would be easier to find an existing, factory produced firearm rather than try to build one yourself.

It'd be a lot safer too. When i say "single shot" a lot of the time this would be the kind of "single shot" that you never get to reload.

Yeah, I agree. While there is a possibility to make some simple arquebuses without many specialized facilities and tools, most of the guns showed in the link Pwnlord shared would need a decent workshop to be made. To make even a non-working dummy versions of some them one would need a welding torch.

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A zip gun or pipe rifle is something I think should be in the game. Anything else, while cool, is pretty much beyond the scope of being possible for a character living amid ruins or the forest.

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Yeah, selfmade semi or fully automatic would need a "workbench" or factory machinery to be made. A single shot pipe gun or "hechiza guns" as they are called here, are actually pretty easy to make. Most small time criminals in me country make their own guns. Usually 2 pipes, scrap metal or wood for handles, duct tape and a nail that goes inside at the back of the gun to act as a hammer. It's possible to make them double barreled or improve the firing and reloading mechanisms but I have never seen one that uses magazines or fire more than once without needing to reload.

A "feature" they most have is both pipes are separated items which makes them easy to hide or be confused for something else if they don't look too much like weapons. Another feature some have is they can use different types of ammunition that fits there, from pistol ammo to rifle and shotgun ammo. The hechiza guns that have this feature are less accurate, though.

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