Indie-Games you look forward to playing

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Indie-Games you look forward to playing

I found the Legends of Eisenwald is in the Steam Green-light program. It's an original mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model. Rich possibilities of gameplay mechanics allow a player to feel being a hero of different stories ranging from treasure hunt to fighting for the throne

What are some other indy-games out there that you are looking forward to?

Also, these survival, crafting and building games.

- Gnomoria Survival, base building management game.

- Starbound Words to not do this justice.

- Stardew valley Farming and crafting game.

Waiting for a year for starbound beta to come out, spent fifteen bucks and my windows tablet can't handle it. Makes me sad...

*Throws IPad and picks up Razer Tablet*

Kenshi is very promising c: I already have it and I love it, it's tons of fun xD There's also Project Zomboid, but i'm just waiting for the update of that game... They're taking forever on this update, they use to not take so long xD

From what I did found on the internet Project Zomboid almost failed completely because all the game data was stored on couple of laptops that were stolen from them and now they have to rebuild the whole game from the scratch. And I'm not sure that the project survived that.

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I bought the game before that, and that's pretty much what happened, but when you say it that way it makes it sound like they had to restart the entire game from the beginning.
What happened was that they backup the game externally and someone broke into their apartment and stole their laptops, and they lost a good deal of their progress just for that update, so they had to start that update basically from the beginning. And that was a while ago xD

Since that moment they stopped updating the game, announcing any new info and stuff. My guess is that this robbery broken their game-making effort. Absolutely no update for more than one year means that the game is pretty much dead. I hope they revive it in the future cause that was a very interesting game.

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Man I really liked that game, I was waiting for NPC's and building to be better that sucks. :(

Edit: Um what site have you been going to they seem just fine they even posted a new years thing and started work on a modding pack.

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Absolutely no update for more than one year means that the game is pretty much dead. I hope they revive it in the future cause that was a very interesting game.

What the hell.. I've checked date of your post, I've looked at Project Zomboid page, I've looked back at your post, I've considered me being a chosen one looking through the veil of time or skipping dimensions or crazy and seeing PZ updates that aren't being there aaand no idea.

Those guys make an update with new info etc practically every week or so since months. Where the hell were you checking progress on the game? But anyway, if the link Nickboom posted works for you and I am not in fact as crazy as it would be possible - enjoy.

They update their blog it seems (I didn't check that) but not the game itself. The build they have there to download is the same one they had there a year ago (before the robbery) - Test Build version 0.2.0q (with public tech demo being in earlier, 0.1.4c version). That lack of any actual content update made me to think they might not be doing too well. But yeah, this blog promises new build so it do make me hope that some updates will soon follow.

Sorry if I created any confusion.

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Project Zomboid looks dope as hell, but it's been so long since I originally was looking at it that it's sorta fallen to the backburner.

UNEpic is already out and is fun and funny, lots of lol moments with their quirks and references. Definitely worth checking out for a little classic platforming rpg action with a modern touch.

Don't Starve is an incredibly fun hardcore survival game with a plethora of different things that you can do from creating a base of operations to enlisting armies of spiders and pigmen to defeat your foes. The aim of the game is to survive as long as possible while avoiding death from all sides, and as the name suggests, don't starve. You gain experience based on how long you survived in your game, which goes towards unlocking new characters that have special perks. It's currently in beta and new features are being released each month.

Thanks, I pre-ordered Don't Starve it's a great game. (UNEpic is now on my wish-list.)

The best indie-game I've played lately is Factorio. In the game you're stranded on an alien world, trying to amass enough technology and resources to get home. To do this, you can make a fully automated base, with conveyor belts and robotic arms that move resources around to keep everything running.

Edit, this is the correct link: h

The original designer of Shadowrun is making Shadowrun Returns for PC!

Oh yes, I will be per-ordering this...

A downloadable copy isn't available yet, but Shadowrun Returns is due in about three months.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to play with the editor before that. From what I hear, it's awesome.

Darkwood is a very promising survival game where the main character is in a cabin in the woods losing his mind. The player can explore and interact with the environment, build barricades, craft and use weapons. The pre-alpha trailer is like a clip from a well made suspense movie.

Planet explorers looks very promising, It has voxel based custom creations!

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I can also recommend Planet Explorers, everything is customizable including vehicles and guns/weapons!

Ritual Dementia

Just a small attempt on my part to help a project.

PS I bookmarked nearly every game here and that Planet Explorers looks awesome.


I'm backing Shadowrun Online.

I've also pre-ordered Shadowrun Returns.

(I'm in cyberpunk/dystopian/fantasy RPG heaven.)

Shadowrun is hardly an indie game... :D

Anyway, I found a little game called Wayward (you can play or download it from this link for free).

While gameplay is crude and clunky as hell, after you suffer through it, crafting system is pretty cool. Basically you land on an uninhabited island and have to make EVERYTHING for yourself, starting only with a sharp stone and a shovel.

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Since Shadowrun was crowd-funded I consider it to be independent, but perhaps you're right. Anyway, Wayward sounds like a fun title. I always liked Robinson Crusoe style survival games; stranded in a remote location, forced to build your own shelter and fend for yourself. I'll give it a try, thanks.

Black Annex

You play an agent who infiltrates and sabotages corporations. You can kidnap and kill NPCs as the mission and your own choices dictate, as well as steal or destroy sensitive data/research. The player can take direct control of up-to five agents deployed to various missions spanning a number of unique, corporate locations. Managing resources is important as the player runs the operations of his headquarters, the Black Annex.

I am actually looking forward to getting Game Dev Tycoon,you play as a game dev for 30 years(making games of course,but geting software,new game types,and getting much much more)

Link to demo:


Stonehearth is a very promising city building game that heavily supports custom content.


Hey guys I recommend clicking on the darkwood link again they are doing some form of fundraising and added forums. Also keep putting up indie games I love this gems of games.

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I almost forgot about gunpoint :O! Gunpoint is a promising looking little game. You infiltrate corporate buildings and steal data, whilst using abilities such as hacking (You can set a light-switch to open a door!) and super-jumping. It looks great!


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Good news! Darkwood is finally on Indiegogo.


Absolutely. And Gunpoint is coming to Steam soon.

Wayward Terran Frontier (WTF)

Great 2D space combat and shipbuilding game, desperately needs funding:

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Darkest Dungeon. The trailers are awesome and the game looks like it's going to be interesting and fun.

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