Will we be able to aquire additional skills in-game?

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Will we be able to aquire additional skills in-game?

I noticed skills are just an inventory item that can be switched out, but the slots aren't changeable. So does that mean we'll be able to gain more skill skills as the game progresses (and switch them out)? Will we be able to add slots later in the game? Our basic human is full, but maybe we could add cyborg or mutant and fill it with more skills. It seems like as a person progresses through their life, they can gain more skills. The downside is that we are older, which has it's own problems associated with it.

As proven in the latest game development news, perks can be changed and added during the game. Code-wise, skills are perks.

Thanks, but I meant to ask if we'll ever be able to add more slots AND if we'll be able to pick up additional skills, as an item in-game. Adding more skill slots would require adding something to the body slots, like cyborg, mutant, elderly or something. But as you say, it seems like the direction the game is going, since skills can be swapped out.

Well, we'll be able if creator thinks we should which is quite possible as (if I understood medical augmentation news) correctly, it's already like that - characters who have all the perk slots full just get another perk anyway upon augmentation.

I was thinking about this the other day, and while I generally don't like the idea of "read a book = gain a new skill", I can't think of a better way to have it work for Neoscavenger.

I see it as something like reading skill books in 'The Sims' games, though, where you have to spend time reading the same book; each hour spent "using" a book in your inventory slowly increases the percentage of that book read. When you reach 100% (which might take many days, reading a few hours each day, if you are doing other stuff to survive too), you gain the skill.

This would force you to manage your time against gaining a new skill (spend all day reading and you have no time to scavenge or move, risking running out of food, for example), and feels realistic enough to me; a book can teach me Botany, but just skim-reading it won't... I'd need to spend a good while reading and re-reading (and experimenting with) what it says.

Obviously only knowledge-based skills should be able to be learned like this (Trapping, Botany, Hacking, etc.) but I think it strikes a good balance between character effort and reality. "Skill Books" should be rare and valuable, however.

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