Hand out monthly feature votes to those who buy the beta from your website?

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Hand out monthly feature votes to those who buy the beta from your website?

Hey, here is my thinking:

1) I'm gonna guess that not many people pay for feature votes and the people who pay for them now still would if they were coming in 1 or 2 votes a time monthly.

2) You get more money through sales from your website than the alternative website and this is another incentive to buy from here

3) It would be beneficial to you if more people were able to tell you where they'd like the game to go.

Just a thought. I love the game and I'm confident you'll take it in the right direction anyway but I don't personally feel that paying for votes is a very good value for my money. I used my vote I got with my beta game and the bar barely moved so I'd have to buy loads to make any difference and instead choose to buy none.

I am also guessing that those voting questions have been up a long time now and likely are not going to change all that much now and so perhaps this might give you a better picture of your community's opinion as it grows and changes. It would also give people a reason to come back to your website every month to check on progress, even if they don't play it any more.

Overall, I think this would be beneficial for you and give your community the feel of a greater impact in the game. I believe that people who buy votes do it to support you and that they won't stop supporting you with additional payments for votes just because they get a couple a month for free.

Cheers, be good to hear on your thoughts Dan.

I should have put this in the suggestions forum. Oops haha.

I am afraid that would be a horrible thing to do. Profit matters aside (though that does in reality counts, I know) it would make the whole voting worthless. Right now you got it kinda fair - a vote per bought copy unless you really need to make difference, which leads to you putting in more money and for that having greater priviledges as well as kind of insurance - you want to dominate the poll, at least you pay enough in case the choice you opt for is not majority shares (though some could argue it's morally still in the gray zone). If it would be time based though, the whole thing gets weirder - polls wouldn't indicate what is priority for community (be it through numbers of players voting or importance of some option making them willing to pay more) but about what people who bought it earlier find important.

It's not giving community feeling of greater impact on the form of the game, unless they're one of first buyers or unless the polls would be expanded by sub-poll from time to time regarding smaller additions based on the 'bigger' poll. As in 'current plan is expansion of DMC, choose things you believe need the most work/you'd like to see the most so it can be decided into what the most time and effort has to be put'. With something like players getting a fresh vote per every new poll, it could be interesting, though it could also affect the workflow (say dcfedor feels like making one thing but people argue for quick addition of something he'd think it would be best to work on later - though on the other hand, it could be argued he shouldn't add such option into the poll in the first place).

Perhaps you're right. I have no intention of dominating the poll, nor do I think anyone else would care to either. My point is simply that buying votes for the sake of having any extra say is actually just not economical and it would cost you far to much to see any gain at all. Instead I am saying that the reason people buy these votes is to support the dev and that would not change and it's good that you get something instead of just simply donating at least.

You are right though, it wouldn't make the polls any better. Perhaps the solution is to have new polls more often on specific areas but then the dev might just not be able to catch up. It would certainly build a stronger community if there were weekly polls for people to discus and talk about and bring others into the forums. A few easy polls that could be useful without adding much to the "to do" list might be:

1-How often do you avoid conflict?

A- Always/when ever possible
B- When unprofitable (Might be holding a weapon or you might be ill etc and thus wouldn't benefit you.
C- never

If always shows a significant bump then perhaps combat needs tweaking or perhaps it's working as intended and is really feared and if never is getting a fair few votes I think combat definitely needs tweaking. Either way, gives some extra info and gives the community something to mull over.

Or if he has a choice of several new crafting ideas to work on, why not let the community pick their favourite idea to work on first? It's just a way of building the community but I agree, my initial ideas were wrong.

I came to this game from PC Gamer and had passed it off as a game without much content because I never really looked at it. I just want the community to grow so these forums can grow and more ideas can come out of the woodwork from the community.


Some other interesting questions that would save him time by not having to do his own tests:

2- How long does blood loss pesist in your game?

A- Throughout
B- Majority of the days
C- Less than half
D- Barely/never

From my experience, I can't play a game without having the blood loss trait throughout regardless of if I've been in combat or am injured for a long time. The result is a constant thirst. I think this would come out of the community as a problem straight away if this question was asked.

3- How often do you drink water from unknown sources?

4- What is your most played trait?

5- What is your least played trait?

These are all questions that could easily aid him in his balancing of the game.