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Android / iOS market

Hey, first off, I love the game. I bought it today and I've only got about 3 or so hours on it so far so I'm quite the noob.

I know this is way off into the distance as the game is very much Beta, but I just wondered what peoples thoughts were on this game one day hitting up hand held devices. I think this game would work perfectly on a touch screen if you ask me and it would be a good source of revenue I would have thought. Though you'd have to get someone else in to help.

Side question- What does everyone take as their favourite starting set?

I'm currently playing around with strong, melee, lockpicking + ?

I don't have any sort of portable device, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.. But probably won't happen until later on down the road...

and I always have metabolism (the good one, not the bad one) it helps with food/water quite a bit c:

I have to agree that while the game is already providing quite some fun, it's still nowhere even near beta status as normally defined (finished product barring last bugfixes and testing) and releasing it for handhelds right now I'd say would be a bit of a stretch. Maybe in the future.

As for my character, I prefer making one more oriented on future possibilities, modern-age-regular-guy-turned-survivalist kinda RPy one could say, rather than one actually succesful. Botanics, tracking, hiding, maybe hacking, ranged or melee depending what I feel like at the moment.

Oh I agree with both of you that it is very far away, I just think this game leads well to a hand held. When you think about it, it's the perfect time sink while travelling. It's not a game you want to sit down and play all day, but it is a game that you would gladly play while waiting for an appointment or on the bus and it's turn by turn strategy means you can put it down at a moments notice.

I've never tried metabolism but I've discovered that all of a sudden my guy has a constant first. He had an infection earlier but he doesn't have it now apparently, yet his water consumption is off the chart and has been for quite some turns. Suggestions?

I also have never tried hacking, electronics or mechanic. Is there much in the game that actually supports these. Can the hand helds do anything of use in the game that you find?


Humm, on my current save I'm having to drink a bottle of water a turn it seems. I just can't go anywhere. Not sure if I bugged out because it doesn't say I'm infected anymore, it just says blood loss and has done for a long time.

I don't use any portable device as well, but with the way the game plays I can see it being a rather good conversion into that platform, once the content is finished. One thing though. Some people have problems seeing text/details right now, on computer screen. On smaller screens game might be really illegible. That issue would have to be addressed first.


Healing from sickness/wounds takes a lot of time and makes your water consumption sky-rocket. You just have to hold on and concentrate on getting better (no real adventuring while sick basically).

My preferred skill set is:
athletic - more moves,
metabolism - lowers food/water consumption,
hiding - safer scavenging,
botany - additional source of food + tannin tea

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This game quite clearly attracts the older generations if the lack of hand held devices are anything to go by haha. I think that if this game manages to get itself onto steam he will have the revenue and interest to try and find someone to help get this game over to iOS and android and that would be great to see.

I was always taking trapping but didn't this game through because I'd never really made use of it and now I've finally made it to the DMC for the first time and I am slowed down by this water consumption and running out of food!

Nah, i'm not old :P i'm 16 just live in a poor family xD But whatevers~ and yea, it's possible it could happen in the future... I could see it working c: but we'll just have to wait and see, won't we? :P

Sounds like you're going to die D: If you do, just hop back in and keep playing.. I can't seem to stop playing this game, it's just so much fun to me xD

I definitely hope he does manage to expand his team and take it this way. Hopefully after it comes out on steam. I also hope we can get steam keys for the game.

haha damn, I came so far, I don't want to die...again :(

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I think this game would do quite well on mobile devices, especially tablets. Simulation/Strategy games actually do pretty well. It was just announced that Battle Academy on iPad outsold the PC version 5 to 1. See ...

I bought the $25 version, but would gladly pay for this game again if it was in the iOS App Store. It actually plays great on an iPad already using screen streaming software (SplashTop remote, etc). The interface is already able to be completely driven by the mouse, which basically solves all problems in this regard.

yes, i definitely would like an ipad version of Neo scavenger, because I daily spent about 90 minutes in a bus to commute. Playing this game during this time would be just great.

I think it would be great on mobile devices down the road. I'm playing it on a Windows tablet and it's perfect. At night, I just grab my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and can game in bed. :)

*Throws IPad and picks up Razer Tablet*

I've been planning on getting a tablet soon. I have thought several times how great this would be on a tablet. When I get one it will be one with google play store. I'd happily pay for the game again to have it on tablet. I LOVE this game.


This would be amazing to have on a mobile device but It would have to be limited to iPads because of the lettering.

And me and my friend use strong,melee,and a random one skill depending what we feel like.

I'd love to try and get it working on a tablet, too. And in fact, I think it's technically possible using Adobe AIR. I'd have to work out some issues, though, such as legibility, manipulating small item icons with touchscreen, and other UI/resolution/touchscreen differences.

This is definitely something I'll be looking into once the PC version is done.

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yes, please port this to tablets. So much time passed and one of two things that I find when I want to buy this game for ipad is this thread. If you have any sort of development version that you need me to test, please let me know.

The second thing that I find is an ipad "neo scavenger guide" app which somebody with name Nguyen Van Dong sells for 5 EUR. And that's just some hints copied from the web, packed in simple application that just displays text. I don't know how many people bought this, but definitely there is an open market waiting for you.

When you port this, I am sure this will be a total hit.

Hello Dan, fellas =) I've been around and playing for a while now, but since I'm not much a forum guy I've only seen this pages once in a while when looking for some specific info...

Sorry for digging up an old thread, but when I searched for "Android" on the forums, this was the biggest I've found. I just kept thinking, the last few weeks, how awesome it'd be to be able to play it on my nVidia Shield Tablet!

Sad to see there's nothing so far available, but happy to see it's been considered once the PC version is done =) not only "lightly" considered, but you've already mapped the major points that'd need to be reviewed/reworked for better gameplay on portable devices. AWESOME.

Any way, just thought I'd drop by and say KEEP IT UP, NS is turning out great =D

I found a way to do it, but it requires internet access and a browser able to handle flash, such as Puffin.
You just head over to "Games" then "Play Full Edition".

I'm still working on finding a way to play offline and locally.
I'll try to download the full game a .swf file and run it locally on an iPad (it is fairly easy to do on Android, since you can manage files, but god damn Apple doesn't let us).
Edit: I'm an idiot. Obviously you can't download the full game as a SWF or it would be way to easy to download and redistribute.