Strange Glow *Possible Spoilers!!!*

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Strange Glow *Possible Spoilers!!!*
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So when I got to the DMC and I got my pass to get into the city it said the threat level was orange and I couldn't enter. I guess this is because the city isn't finished yet? Sorry if this is something that's asked a lot, I don't really look at the fourms a whole lot ^^ anyway thank you! :3

Oh and I bought the game yesterday and I love it c: I played the demo for months but I didn't have the money to buy it until a few days ago xD

Yes its not finished but luckyly you just joined right time he is just finishing up the DMC all he is opening it up but it will still have things added in the future just so he can work on different parts of the game.

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Awesome! :3 Thanks for the reply, and i'm looking forward to the DMC it seems so interesting xD