City Scavenge Results: Postcards!

So, today's trek into the city was a success! The first postcard batch looks pretty good! I'll try to upload some pics soon, and I'll likely start putting them in envelopes and sending them out this weekend.

I also had fun asking the nice ladies at Shopper's Drug Mart which lipstick would transfer the best onto postcards. "Matte," they said. "Definitely matte. You're going to want a rich color, just really gob it on there, and choose something non-glossy." So there you have it, folks. Tips from the pros.

RSS Feed

Apart from the errands in town, I also spent some time with the website, getting the RSS feed setup. If you're reading this on the main page (a.k.a. the "news" page), you should see an orange RSS icon in the right sidebar, alongside the word "Subscribe." Point your feed reader to that link, and let me know if you have any issues with it. Hopefully, that should make it easier to keep tabs on what's new here at Blue Bottle Games. Thanks for suggesting it!

You Guys Are Awesome!

Which segues nicely into my next point: you guys rock! I took some time today to try and catch up on the forums. I could only cover so much before I ran out of time, but as I read each thread, I couldn't help but feel this growing sense of pride. The community that is gathering here is just amazing. I am so thankful for your supportive comments, helpful suggestions, and for having patience with me as I wrestle bugs and add new features. You guys are really a notch above the rest. Thanks again, I couldn't have asked for a kinder, more creative group!

Right, off to get some sleep, then I should be back at it tomorrow morning!