before and after part 1

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before and after part 1

my name is Philip and this is my story,
it was 8:15 AM Sunday
I had just woke up
"Better check the mail box"
in the mail box there was a letter reading "Cryo stasis genetics"
you have been chosen as a member to be awoken in 2105
So i got dressed and went to the facility above me was a big CSG the area was fenced in and in the middle of a forest
"over here sir just step in the pod" said the doctor pointing at the pod next to a company CEO,
I stepped in and the pod door closed,the pod started to fill with liquid nitrogen.

Before i knew it i was awake but some thing was wrong the facility was practically tore apart,then a sound a terrible sound like a mixture of man and wolf,it stepped into the the cryo room,quickly i ran to the panel on the door and closed it,
the beast was gone after about 2 hours, i opened the door but the beast was there but no longer alive.
A multi-tool lay silently on the ground next to me,i was quite hungry,and before i knew it i was gutting it,
"4 large chunks of meat,1 large peace of skin and fur"
out side was a car,it was in working condition,fuel and ever thing,so i toke my stuff and left.