I get heat exhaustion from drinking cola?

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I get heat exhaustion from drinking cola?

After I drank a Corn-a-Cola, I immedeatly got heat exhaustion. I couldn't remove it by removing any of my clothes, and there was truly no reason why simply drinking soda would give me any kind of over heating, so what happened?

The cola so far is like one of the worst items in the game the only thing its good for is if your about to fall asleep in the middle of combat thats it.

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If I recall correctly, high heat is to be trated as a sugar rush and just a side effect. If I am not mistaken, it doesn't threaten character like 'regular' heat exhaustion, though, and disappears together with other effects of the drink after some time. You shouldn't be overly concerned about it and if it'll mess something up seriously, consider reporting it for the sake of balancing.

WHAT WAS ON THAT THING MAAAAN?!? Next time, try to not drink sugar,powder and morphine all together.
Oh and about what happened-A combustion happened inside you, so the fire started burning and you got exhausted.