I Can Survive - Part One

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I Can Survive - Part One

I stumbled blinking into the light, my barefeet numb against the cold, hard ground and my fingers trembling as they held a metal case tight against my chest.
I had no clue where I was, where I was going, just instinct to move. Instinct to survive.

I staggered through a forest, blinded by the thick foliage, when the thick silence that had so far kept me company was shattered by a guttural, terrifying moan. I ducked behind a fallen tree and stayed perfectly still. I heard something move closer, I dared to lift my head slightly and look toward the noise.

I don't even remember running. I just know that I ran and ran and ran. My lungs burnt and my heart was thumping, I was still shivering, despite the sweat pouring from my body. I needed clothes, shoes, food. Hell, I needed everything.

I leant against an old Beech tree and caught my breath, my head fell back against the trunk. Then the rain came down. It soaked me in seconds, chilling me to the bone - I knew I had to get shelter quickly. I scrambled down a hill with the rain bouncing on the ground all around me. I could hear the rain thudding on the ground, but there in the distance was a drumming. That unmistakable sound of rain hammering on metal. I ran towards the noise.

That shack saved my life. I threw the door open and fell back against it. Inside was dry, it stank like an old toilet, but it was mine.

I rested a while and then looked around. There was an old suitcase with old clothes, I couldn't believe my luck. They didn't fit and there was a hole in the backside, but that wasn't important, I was warm! The guy must have been a hunter, he had everything. I really hit the jackpot - tinned food, water, binoculars, rope, a lighter.

There was a large locked box in the corner. I grabbed a few pieces of wire and made short work of the padlock - child's play for someone like me - and opened the lid. Inside was exactly what I had hoped for but it still gave me butterflies. A hunting rifle and boxes of ammo.

I grabbed as much as I could and loaded it into one of the rucksacks that were hung on the back of the door. As I did, my arm caught a crate and knocked it forward, sending three of them crashing to the floor. The noise reverberated around the shack, and no doubt the forest for miles around. I froze and held my breath.

Outside footsteps crunched on the wet ground towards me, I ducked behind the fallen crates and raised my rifle....