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^ This.
Yolo's link has had the file removed so it'd be much appreciated if someone could put up the latest version of the save manager, thanks!

Try going onto the Neo Scav mod Nexus, I got the latest version from there from what I remember.

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If it was there, Chris, it isn't anymore. There is a save manager on there, but Banjo's has always worked best for me. Could you maybe upload it (with credits to Banjo ofc)? Thanks

Sorry for the long absence, folks... I've replaced the download link with a working one! Once more, I cry "death to permadeath!" (just kidding, but play-style options are always appreciated).

Some happy memories of working on this little utility years ago... :)

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Heya Banjo,

Not sure if you still use the site or browse the forums at all but I'm having serious trouble installing your Save Manager into my steam version of NEO Scavenger. Tried rereading your original post, the readme in the actual file and how other people solved their issues but it didn't get me anywhere.
I really want to get this to work and I think its a great idea, so if you could help I'd seriously appreciate it man.

I have a question, it's simple I think, who knows the name of the folder where the game is installed, I use a file explorer that helps me a bit but I can't find the catpeta or what it is like? I'm on Android, don't think I'm a fool, in pc it would already be solved