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NEOScavenger Save Manager

I wanted to do something to remove my frustration at only having one "save" slot and having it deleted after death.

Thus, I came up with this rather "hacky" but workable solution, using a batch file (.bat) and a couple of user-configurable settings files to create a sort of "save manager". The fact that it uses/resembles the old DOS command windows actually feels nostalgically fitting given the retro look and style of NEOScavenger, IMO.

A readme is included explaining how to install and set this up, but it's pretty simple.

Note though that the readme was written for the downloadable Beta version of NEOScavenger, played on Windows 7 x64 (though it should in theory work with the Steam version too). The topic here explains how to find the folder needed for the online version and/or for other OS systems like Windows XP, Linux and MacOS.

Also note that while this works perfectly for me, it's not the most user-friendly solution and the ancient DOS-like GUI (this is just a bat file, after all) makes it somewhat easy to accidentally overwrite a save if you don't pay attention. Use at your own risk. Plus, since it's a Windows/DOS batch file, it will quite possibly not run on non-Windows systems (sorry, I have no way to check).

If you feel this is somehow "cheating", here's something to note: running "cleanup" and temp file remover utilities like CCleaner will *wipe* your NEOScavenger save folder, so backing up your save from time to time would be a good idea anyway!

Download NEOScavenger Save Manager V7

Hope Dan doesn't mind me posting this; I made it for personal use, but thought it might come in handy for others who love NEOScavenger but hate "permadeath" in games. ;)

UPDATED TO V4 (March 5th, 2014): Now should "automatically" find your save folders and set itself up.

UPDATED TO V5 (November 10th, 2014): Now automatically keeps your saves and config files in a subfolder of your game's install directory (named "NSM") to minimize clutter. See the included readme file for more info. To continue using saves from a previous version, run Save Manager's "setup" again when prompted and then manually copy your .ini and .sol save files from your NeoScavenger folder to the new NSM subfolder, overwriting as needed.

UPDATED TO V6 (December 23rd, 2014): Fixed bug that prevented auto-detection of game files with newer NeoScavenger versions! Thanks for the heads up, folks! Also added a "wipe data" option in case you reinstall the game in a new location and want to make sure all traces of your old settings and saves are removed to prevent errors and conflicts.

UPDATED TO V7 (December 24th, 2014): Merry Christmas! Options on the main menu are no longer case sensitive (both "a" and "A" will now work).

26/03/2019: Fixed broken link to download.

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thanks a bundle banjo

First post updated with new link (version 2).

Save Manager updated and overhauled with error messages (so you know if something's wrong/not working).

Also, you are now able to type a brief description for your save when you "back it up", making it easier to remember which game is which (for example, you can label a save "Fighter Character" or "Arrived at DMC" and so forth).

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Awesome! Yea i lost a good character due to not thinking too. (You should update your first post with newer versions)

First post updated with new link (version 3)!

Minor UI tweaks, but mostly updated to fix a major bug that was overwriting Slot 1 when you tried to save to Slots 2 and 3.

Let me know if there are any other problems, and stay alive in that wasteland, folks!

(also, very humbly, maybe the mods might like to sticky this thread somewhere for new users wanting such a tool? Or move it to an easier-to-find location besides "General Discussion"?)

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Thanks Banjo! Great work.

Maaan, i'd kill to see you make a savegame editor :)

Glad to see this is helpful for folks!

As for a savegame editor... maybe if we ever get "proper" saving that might be doable.

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Hello. Having some trouble. I bought this game on steam today. Did everything as said in the instruction. But I can't save game, all I can do is just start game from NEOSaveManager and exit it, but when I press A, B or C button it says "Error! No Current safe found!". I can only run game by typing "0".
Resolved problem by copying whole folder by myself :) Tho thx for the tips and folder path, now I won't afraid to get killed by doing nothing in this game.

I had to change a bit in the nspath_saves file for my steam version, here is what mine looks like;

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\RANDOMNUMBER\localhost\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\NEO Scavenger\NEOScavenger.exe\

Hopes this helps.

Any chance you can get this work on mac?

Updated to Version 4!

It *should* now find your save folder and configure itself automatically... all you need to do is type in your Windows "user name" (the one you log on with or see when you open the Start menu!); this is to prevent the setup taking twenty minutes to search your whole computer for your save folder!

If you have trouble with the auto-setup, you can just create the config files needed manually as with previous versions; see the contents of the included "" for ones you can edit easily in any text editor.

While I use the "normal" (non-Steam) version, this should work fine with the Steam version too, but the save folder path will be slightly different; see the notes in the included readme file if you're editing the config files manually.

Note that (as with previous versions) if you get the "can't find saves" error, remember that you need to "Save & Quit" at least once from within NEOScavenger to create a "save file".

Finally, if you want to backup your saves for safekeeping, you can copy the .sol and .ini files called "nsSGv1_g*.*" to another safe location. Copying them back into your NEOScavenger game folder (where NEOSCavenger.exe is located) should let NEOSaveManager find them automatically when it loads... in this way, you can theoretically transfer saves between computers or even between the download and Steam version.

For those who want to use this with an Apple Mac... sorry, I have no idea how that could be done (Windows emulation, maybe?), since this is basically a DOS "batch file". I'd love to make this into a proper program with a GUI if I ever found the time, but even then I'd have no way to test it on an Apple OS.

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+1 to giving power to the player.

Just as many rational people are, I am sick and tired of developers and permadeath fanatics forcing their playstyle down other's throats.

I love permadeath, and even include it in all of the games I develop, or more realistically...ideas for all the different games since I can only develop one at a time.

However, in a singleplayer game...there is absolutely no rational argument to defend forcing a playstyle down another's throat. Even if I am a huge fan of permadeath and enjoy it myself, I am rational about it. In a singleplayer game, it should be an option. Not only because power should go to the player and the PLAYER should decide how they have fun (or what fun is)...but even more so because no developer can win. Scum-Saving is rather easy in most games, and developing ways to prevent it is just lunatic (i.e. Klei, Don't Starve, ex. they wasted endless hours of precious dev time trying to eliminate scum-saving, only for there to be a mod which eliminates permadeath...a mod which they host the download for...)

Permadeath is a very interesting concept. However, most fans and many developers have an almost cult-like obsession with its use, alongside an irrational mindset similar to that of a religious fundamentalist. No matter the truth, no matter the reality, no matter the quality of the opponent's argument, no matter the lacking in their argument or their cognitive bias...they will always and forever not only support permadeath mindlessly, but insist that others be FORCED to 'enjoy' it. Not only forced to enjoy it...but if they dislike it? They are bad people. They are worse than cheaters. They degrade the game, the dev, and everyone who likes permadeath.

Not sure why people are so irrationally attached to this idea, but many are. It is quite scary when you confront them with it too, especially the developers. (If you've read this far, look up Dean Hall and his horrific attitude towards singleplayer gamers and his crimes against a modder who wanted to allow people to play singleplayer. It is identical to the mindset of permadeath fanatics. There is this burning hatred that these people have for others, simply because they want to play games...differently...)

There is no argument against making permadeath optional in a singleplayer game.
It effects absolutely no one negatively.
Don't be irrational. "Make it Optional" != "Get rid of it entirely, for everyone."

I completely agree with you as I also have a love-hate relationship with permadeath.

Playing "NEO Scavenger" and making choices is much harder but also much more rewarding thanks to perma-death. The experience is just amazing. But dying due to an accident or bad luck without any way of 'fast-farwarding' to some major vantage points makes replaying the same initial moments tiresome.

My solution would be 'Story Mode' with limited saves, e.g., once a day. And only with 2-3 slots for saves to make it more difficult. And an additional (default choice) 'Die Hard Mode' with perma-death. Then everyone can play the game the way they want, and actually more people will enjoy it in more ways. Something along the lines of Minecraft where you've got survival and creator modes.

reached Detroid
survived for days thanks to brewing and selling tanin tea...
deaths: freezing, dehydration, sepsa, or KIA

See, that is a great idea.

Limiting saves is a great way to get all the benefits of permadeath, with next to none of the negatives.

If a single "day" was a hefty feat in a specific game's design, then limiting save to the beginning of each day could indeed make the player not want to risk needlessly.

It would give the player

An incentive that once they are satisfied with the day (survived, got a great item, etc.) to continue onward to make it to the next "day" or the next save without heavy risk or dying. A sort of self-given one-time-use reward, "Wow, I found two bullets and a gun. I will make sure not to do anything stupid. I can relax now, play it safe." Before that one-time-use, "I need something. Anything. I have to risk!"

A setback or "punishment". Sometimes major. If the items found or events occurred were random, then the player reloading may not get that gun and bullets, and instead get "more useless junk."

Although this is better suited to replace harsh penalty death (such as item loss or statloss, as opposed to permadeath) it still can give ideas how to improve permadeath.

Another idea is that you could have a degrading "Luck" factor which resets upon every save, but raises when they go prolong periods without saving.
This encourages players to avoid saving often, which gives many of the benefits of permadeath (especially if the system can make a single death reset you back so far that you might as well just start over) without the idiocy of forcing the playstyle down other's throats like many devs love to do.

In the end, all good devs provide OPTIONS. A difficulty setting that can turn permadeath off, for those who think it detracts from the fun.

It doesn't matter though. The developers of this game have made it clear: their way or no way. You are forced into playing it their way, and you are a heretic for wanting anything different. In their eyes, you are scum if you scum-save, you dirty little cheater!

An option would take at MOST a few hours to add in as a feature, at least a few minutes. It's a simple function for a video game, unless the programmer is totally incompetent and has no idea what they're doing (then it might take a day or two at the literal worst possible case where the dev is incompetent).

There is no excuse to not allowing the player these options. Especially in games that already have a save system feature in the game. It is only a matter of enabling the ability to save more than once, or simply disabling the function which deletes the save upon death. A simple bool and one additional if statement. How easy is that...

if(EZmode == false)

There is no argument against making permadeath optional in a singleplayer game.
It effects absolutely no one negatively.
Don't be irrational. "Make it Optional" != "Get rid of it entirely, for everyone."

I found strange problem with saving with save manager. Every time I fill my three saves, I must delete all of them before saving new ones. If i try to overwrite save in one of three slots and then to load them, only sirst saved save is loaded. This problem is kinda annoying, so I wanted to ask, if anybody have same problem.

i need a vid to help set ythis up correctly because i cant make it work

What part are you having trouble with?

Also, what OS are you using, and are you using the Steam version of NeoScavenger or the regular one from this site?

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my OS is windows 8 guessing you mean version i have the demo version and i have it on steam.
when i do download it google chrome thinks its malaware and when i do keep it other than discard it some random file comes up and i see savemanager but i dont understand why i need to extract all the files.
i just tried to figure it out so my friend can play the game without losing progress and he dosent want the full version surprisingly

Assuming Windows 8 even has batch file support (I use Win7 and have no plan to change)... Can anyone confirm?

The malware warning is likely due to this being able to copy and delete files (saves). I don't use Chrome, but I didn't know it had a built in virus scanner. I use Firefox and Avast (no false positives for me with this combo).

If you follow the save manager instructions, you should extract the files to your Neoscavenger folder then run the batch file.

If you are using Steam, you might need to check the example config files I included and edit the config files' save path manually... Sorry, I honestly don't remember testing the latest version with Steam, since I use the Blue Bottle Games standalone version of the game (which should work the same as the GOG version). I didn't know the demo was on Steam, actually! I assume the demo is version 1.0 (been over two years since I played the demo!) if it the same as the full game?

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UPDATED TO V5 (November 10th, 2014): Now automatically keeps your saves and config files in a subfolder of your game's install directory (named "NSM") to minimize clutter. See the included readme file for more info. To continue using saves from a previous version, run Save Manager's "setup" again when prompted and then manually copy your .ini and .sol save files from your NeoScavenger folder to the new NSM subfolder, overwriting as needed.

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Hey Banjo, First I wanna say thank your for making this. Can you please make a quick youtube video about how use your program? I have read your readme text and tried a few isnt working...Can you just make a quick tutorial video please?

Not sure how I'd do a video of this, but I suppose I could try. I can't promise when I'd get chance, though.

I'd like to help you get it working, though. What part are you having trouble with, and what OS and game version - Steam, GOG, etc. do you use?

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Hello Banjo,

I'm currently using your NSE+Fishing+ClassicSkillSelection mod and am enjoying it greatly. Thank you so much for making it!

I'm having issues with getting the Save Manager to work properly.

I activate it, and leave it running in the background after I use it to successfully launch the game by pressing "0." The problem though, is that I can't get the program to Save.

When/Where exactly do I need to press "A" to "Copy Current Save to Game1"?

Do I press "A" in-game, or do I alt-tab to get back to your utility's interface and press "A" there?

Or, while in-game, go to the game's Main Menu, press "Save and Quit," then alt-tab to your utility's interface and press "A" there? In other words, do I need to first have the game create the save before your utility can save it itself?

And, of course, if I'm completely missing the mark with getting the Save Manager to work, any other advice from you would be warmly welcomed... :-)

Also, I'm trying to combine a number of your mods into NSE, and my multiple and failed attempts at doing so are documented here. If you'd be so kind as to add some insight into my fumbled efforts, that too would be greatly appreciated. :-)

Hi Kyle! Glad to hear someone enjoying my mods, as well as finding my save manager useful (at least, when it works right for ya!).

You're spot on with your last idea for getting this to work: you DO need to "save and quit" inside the game, then alt-tab to the save manager and press "a" (or "b", or "c" or "s"). This will backup your most recent save to the selected "slot" (Slot 1 = press "a", etc).

Because of how the game works, you must "Save and Quit" inside the game to create a save file first. This is why even after backing up a save, you will lose any progress after the backup (using the save manager) was made if you die. There's no way around this with NeoScavenger's save system, sadly. This save manager is already a hacky workaround! :)

Here's how I personally use the Save Manager step-by-step:

1) Run the save manager (first time, you'll need to set it up).
2) Press "0" if I want to start a new game, or press "1" or "2" or "3" or "R" to resume previous game I'd backed up.
3) Switch to NeoScavenger (the game), keeping the save manager running in the background.
4) Click "New Game" or else "Continue" if I wanted to resume a previous game (i.e. I pressed "1","2","3" or "R").
5) Play for a bit.
6) When I want to backup my save (i.e. I've made some progress and don't want to lose it or need to stop playing), click on "Main Menu" (top left corner of the game screen) and then click "Save and Quit".
7) Now, alt-tab (i.e. switch between running programs/windows) to the save manager window.
8) With the save manager in focus, press either "a" or "b" or "c" or "s" to backup your current game save to slot 1, 2, 3 or the "quicksave" slot. Unless you pressed "s", you then need to type a name to help you remember the save progress by (for example "Saginaw gate").
9) Now, alt-tab (switch running programs) back to NeoScavenger (the game) and click "Continue" to resume playing.
10) Should you die, alt-tab (switch programs) to the save manager and press either "1" or "2" or "3" or "r" and the game will close and restart. When you click "Continue", it will resume from your last save backup. Disaster averted! :)

I know all that may seem like a lot of steps, but it takes only a few seconds once you get used to it, I promise.

Note 1: Pressing "h" inside the save manager gives you a short version of the above process; when it says "use NeoSaveManager", it just means switch to the save manager program.

Note 2: The first time you play, when you "Save and Quit", you might get a little popup window asking permission to save Flash info. Agree, or your game won't be saved!

Anyway, hope that helps! Let me know if you or anyone else needs more help; I really want this to be useful for folks, as I personally went from "annoyed and frustrated" to absolutely LOVING NeoScavenger after I made and started using this save manager.

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I'm always happy to give mod-creators constructive feedback. I've been contributing to mods for 15+ years now, so I have a pretty good idea of what it's like on the development end of things. Rarely did we ever receive a simple "Thank you" for our hard and FREE labor, so I always make sure that's one of the first things I say.

I'm really grateful for the much more detailed step-by-step you supplied above. It's virtually idiot proof, which, in my opinion, is always the best way to setup mods for others to use, as it saves a lot of time answering questions later. Being proactive requires more labor upfront, but it saves a TON of time and labor on the back end in the long run.

That said, I still can't save using your mod. Come to find out, after reading your much more thorough step-by-step, I have been using the mod "correctly," but it's still not working. I'm running Win 7 Professional as the OS. My system's 3 years old, and can handle Far Cry 3 quite well.

So, I've tried several times to rerun the NEOScavenger Save Manager Setup. Here's what I'm encountering:

1. It's telling me that the "Game folder is set as C:\NEO Scavenger\", which is absolutely correct. I put a "space" between the "NEO" and "Scavenger," and I only mention that in case that's tripping up the program. I've worked on mods where a "little" thing like that can cause a lot of havoc.

2. When it asks me to "Type User name:" I'm assuming that it's asking for my COMPUTER's name, which I locate by clicking on my Start icon, and at the very top of the right column, my computer's name is displayed. I type that into the utility.

3. After I've entered my computer's name, it informs me that "Save folder is set as C:\Users\MyComputer'sName\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\FlashSharedObjects\JE8ELJ63\localhost\Users\MyComputer'sName\...Neo Scavenger\NEOScavenger_demo.exe\

Setup complete!"

4. My concerns regarding Point 3 are...
...I'm wondering if the pathway to the game's file is too long. If so, I can simply move all of it to a different file location so as to reduce the number of characters used in the pathway.

...I'm a bit concerned that it's ending at "...\NEOScavenger_demo.exe\" The word "demo" in the name of the executable, is that supposed to be there? I understand that the game is still in development, but I'm surprised that it's still called a "demo" when it's far beyond that already. Maybe the utility is finding the wrong executable?

5. After every setup, I'm able to successfully launch the game from your utility. Isn't this a strong indication that the program is setting itself up correctly on my system?

Thanks again for your help, Banjo.


After a lot of experimenting, I think I know what's happening now with the program not working properly.

I moved the extracted game's main directory to my desktop to ensure that there was a shorter pathway. I then reran the utility's setup routine. When I launched the game from the utility, Saved and Quit, alt+tab to the utility screen, and tried saving, it once again didn't save, and stated that it couldn't "find" a save.

I reran the setup again, and noticed that, as detailed above, it displays that the Save pathway as being where I keep all of the files that I download for my games. So I deleted the demo version of the game that I had downloaded earlier from Blue Bottle Games, and then I purged my Recycle Bin to make certain that the demo was destroyed and couldn't be found by the utility.

So I ran the setup routine again, and something very interesting happened...

It correctly locates were I have my game extracted to, on my desktop.

It incorrectly tries to save to the compressed game's files, where I keep all of my downloaded game files. That is, it's trying to save to the compressed game file that I downloaded from Blue Bottle Games after I bought the full version, when it should be trying to save to the extracted game's main directory.

What's strange, is that it does create the "NSM" directory in the extracted game's directory, but it never actually saves anything. Considering the Save pathway that's identified at the end of the Setup routine, I'm left having to wonder whether or not the game is REALLY trying to save to the NSM folder in the extracted game's directory, or if it's mistakenly sending its data to the compressed game files. That data never actually gets written to the correct file.

I'm going to save the downloaded compressed game's file to a flashdrive, and see what happens after I run the Setup routine again...

***Did as described immediately above - I cut/pasted ALL of my downloaded Neo Scavenger files to my flashdrive. Now, the ONLY location for any Neo Scavenger files is on my desktop, inside the extracted Neo Scavenger game directory. I then deleted NeoScavenger Save Manager from the extracted game's directory, and I also deleted the NSM directory and the compressed examplesconfigs file. I purged the Recycle Bin. I then reinstalled NeoScavenger Save Manager from my flashdrive into the extracted game's directory, ran its Setup routine, with it correctly finding the extracted game's main directory, and it (somehow!) still incorrectly states that the Save pathway is to the now "completely removed" NeoScavenger_demo.exe. That file is NOT on my hard drive in any fashion. And I triple-checked the pathway it was spelling out - it does NOT go to my flashdrive (where the file is now at), but keeps identifying a location that's been totally wiped out of my C drive.

How is the utility finding a file pathway that's been cut/pasted away off of my hard drive? The utility, if it has a "memory" of where the incorrect pathway goes, well, I DELETED that version of the utility mod before installing a fresh version of it, so, how can the NEWLY installed version of the utility acquire the DELETED memory of its predecessor?

Ohhhh, my head's hurting me thinking about these seeming impossibilities.

Where's the aspirin? I need a bottle's worth...


The save game manager is NOW working for me. I honestly can't say with 100% certainty as to why. Here's my best guess, and I hope it helps you in some way...

The only thing that I can think of that I did differently than before in terms of running the Setup routine again, is that it couldn't find the user name. I reentered the name of my computer multiple times, and it still wasn't registering. I did everything the exact same way as before, until...

...I grew so frustrated with what was occurring, that I entered in some random characters and pressed "Enter." I got the same response as before - still no recognition of the user account.

But then I reentered the correct name of my computer once more, and the utility then for the first time correctly displayed the Save pathway to the decompressed directory.

So, it's working now. I am VERY happy to finally report that. Why it took so many entries of the same information for it to finally recognize what it was supposed to is beyond me. Whatever the case, it worked.


Can't wait to really test it out.

NeoScavenger Save Manager v6.0 (Edit: See first post for updated link)

Why was this not working for some people? Because of ONE line of code I added in the last (v5.0) version that checked for your NeoScavenger save folder without making you edit the ini files manually (which is how the old version worked).

To keep it brief, the issue was simply that a certain "preferences" file was coded to be detected in order to find the right save folder... except I've now discovered that NeoScavenger no longer creates that file when it runs! Thus, if (like me) you've been playing the "beta" version for a while, the save manager worked since we still had that old file in the right folder from the old version (this is likely why Kyle kept finding the old "demo", because when he played that, it likely still created the preference file that the new full game does not). If you'd just bought the game, cleared your cache, or started with a later version (v1.0) however, then the save manager would refuse to find your save file location automatically, and the only "fix" would be to edit the file "NSM/nspath_saves.ini" manually.

I've edited the Save Manager's code so that it now looks for a "test save" that the game creates the first time it is run instead. This should make things get detected correctly, so long as you've run the game at least once.

I also added a "wipe all data" option; this is only to be used if you've reinstalled the game or just want to make sure all settings and saves for NeoScavenger are removed from your computer (so as to avoid problems like saves from the demo version being present on your hard drive, for example). Most users normally won't need to mess with this, but it is there if you need it.

Thanks for everyone's patience, and special thanks to Kyle for going into such detail and helping me fix this!

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Hello Banjo,

First, a question regarding using v.6.0:
Does installing v.6.0 overwrite or wipe out one's saves from v.5.0? If so, I'm going to hold off on using it till I'm done with my current run.

From Banjo:
...and special thanks to Kyle for going into such detail and helping me fix this!

Aww shucks! It was nothin'.


As you can see for yourself, one of the main reasons why I'm always so warmly welcomed onto modding development teams is that my reports are so detailed and highly organized that no one has to waste time having to question the nature of what it is I'm experiencing. It helps to be stubborn too. If I stumble over something that seems broken, I doggedly pursue every possible option I can think of to narrow the focus to help weed out the %&!*@[email protected]! culprit.


One other point that I'd like to make in regards to my "more challenging" experiences with v.5.0 of the mod is that I'm quite certain that having the CapsLock active while trying to enter one's desired Save selection in the bat causes it not to be entered. I tried this a couple of times late last night. Whenever I was trying to save to a Save Game Slot by pressing "a, b," or "c" nothing would appear on the screen if my CapsLock was active. Well, it was REALLY late last night, but I'm 95% certain of my foggy memories of my observations. :-D
----Commentary Regarding Supplying Multiple Saves by Default in NS----

Like many of the comments made here, I have to concur that I strongly feel that it would be to NEO Scavenger's advantage to supply an option for the player to make multiple saves.

I honestly don't know how it's possible to complete the game from start to finish with permadeath being the only option available. During last night's session, and using Banjo's great mod, I've made a total of 19 saves. Three of them were actually needed because of my avatar dying. Where would I be with the approximately dozen times that I've played NS with permadeath? Almost nowhere.

When I play a game, I want the option to explore the world in detail, something that's virtually impossible with permadeath.

I've played plenty of tactical games that come with an Iron Man/permadeath mode. I always try such modes, but have always ended up abandoning them due to how they rub out my ability to explore and experience the game world.

It would be great if NS came with the permadeath option active by default, but it would be even greater if an option for multiple saves could be supplied. I feel that Banjo's setup, of having three semi-hard save slots along with quick saving is perfect. There were a few times last night where I felt that even with my three semi-hard saves that I made, that none of them were far back enough in time to save me from dying from an infection. So, a player poorly timing the creation of his semi-hard saves could still be significantly penalized, and would have only himself to blame. In that case, starting over seems like a very acceptable option.

Even without permadeath, this game's structure is so stress inducing that a player is virtually cornered into constantly being forced to be on the edge of his seat the entire time that he's playing. Having warmly experienced the benefits of Banjo's three semi-hard saves and quick save system, I can attest to the fact that I was sitting back only a tiny bit more in my chair than usual.

And if NS allowed for one to switch back and forth from permadeath to semi-hard saving, with an auto-wipe of all saves as Banjo's now supplying in v.6.0, well, it seems about as close to perfect as I can imagine.


Just did a test run with CapsLock and no CapsLock, and then, later, Shift.

So I think the bottom line is that only non-capitalized (lowercase) letter entries are recognized by the program, yes?

Maybe that should be stated somewhere, just to avoid needless reports of "bugs" that aren't necessarily so.

Updated to version 7 (see first post).

Only a minor change: options on the main menu are no longer case sensitive. Thanks for pointing that out, Kyle.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Thank you for ALL of your hard work Banjo.

There's no question that you're a huge and very generous asset to the community.

Merry Christmas to you as well.


Thanks for all your work Banjo. I am using Windows 8.1 and the save manager can never find the save files. No worries, though I was amazed it even tried. If I really needed to save I guess I could download my COG version on my old XP machine.

Thanks again!

I am guessing most of you already knew this, but I discovered it today. The save manager works fine on Windows 8.1 as long as you do not run it as "Administrator". Just thought I would pass this along, especially since I gave it a shot on my old XP machine. That experience was somewhat less than satisfying.

ima use this, but only because i don't want to loose my main character while testing mods for bugs

OverHaul Mod
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Sometimes quicksaves don't work. I've lost about one hour of progress due to this, but my fault I guess.

EDIT: To clarify, if I quicksave one time, do a bunch of stuff, quicksave a second time then die and quickload, it loads the second newest save, so you lose a lot of progress. I can't find the quicksave file in the NSM folder either, is it stored somewhere else?

EDIT 2: Entirely my fault - i was saving without actually "saving and quitting" in game, causing it to just save again and again with the old save. Oh well.

Goddammit, ridiculous deaths!

I am having a problem that I don't exactly know how to fix, so i'll go through every one of my steps that I did.

1. I downloaded the .zip file off of the link you provided.

2. I extracted the file to This PC/C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/NEO Scavenger.

3. I ran the save file itself.

4. I typed in my Windows username.

5. A phrase pops up, and immediately after, the file crashes. I don't know what it says because it crashes almost immediately after I type my name in and press Enter.

If you found a problem with one of my steps, please tell me so I can fix it. I've been dying to use this mod, since permadeath isn't my thing.

Thank you.

[color=#FF0000]Ser Roderick the Lion[/color]

Ser Roderick, I was having the same issue. I had my system locale set to Japanese so I could play some Japanese games and when I set the locale back to English the save manager worked fine. If yours is set to a non-English setting try changing it to one of the English ones and see if that helps.

Changing your system locale to non-English settings can sometimes cause issues like this with English software so I try setting it back to English first whenever I encounter problems like this.

When trying to use save manager I get the message "save folder not found".

On my old computer it worked, but on windows 10 with game installed on different drive to windows drive it wont work.

Any help?

I've cobbled together a much more basic bash script that should work on Mac. If there's interest, I could probably make it work on Linux distros too. You should be able to put this script anywhere, and execute it from the command line (terminal). To execute a bash script, you can type "bash" or "./" when you're in the same directory as the script.

Options 1-3 in this script only copy the save game slot over your current game. It does not run the game. If you don't have a current save game, and the game is running, it will not recognize that the save game has been copied. You'll need to exit the game, run the script, copy the save game, and then open the game again.

If there's further interest, I can add some better instructions.

Download it here

I am using win 10. I copied NeoScavenger Save manager to neo savenger steam folder, after I run it, it will ask me for the name of my computer, after I wrote it down, it will just close the command window and then...nothing.
What is wrong?

Anyway, I was sorted my Firefox saved logins & ended up here, lol. Then I saw Dan did reply awhile back: totally irrational & then thread lock. I lost a lot of respect for him because of his low intelligent reply. I really dislike when people don't listen to a single word you say, then outright lie saying they did. Second time he pretended this is just a difference of opinion while failing to even grasp what is even being discussed.

So I ended up in this thread & I just wanted to thank you Banjo for this app.

It didn't just allow many of us to enjoy Neo Scavenger more, but it helped to make the product better in obvious ways that should have done in the first place.

Before I learned about automatic backup services like CrashPlan (which I use to keep an infinite number of revisions of all my save files for all games), I used this app which saved me a lot of hassle.

I enjoyed the game in two different playstyles:

"Free Play" mode, where I left Permadeath on, ignoring the story entirely, playing as a sort of "Survive as long as you can." game. Which I enjoyed the most.

"Story Mode", which I also enjoyed, but was made only possible through scum-saving. I would NOT have enjoyed going through the same story several times before getting through all of it. Permadeath does not work very well at all for a long story game. However it did work well for the "Free-Play" style.

Like I said, without your app I would have simply decided "Story Mode" was never worth playing. I would have enjoyed myself less.


There is no argument against making permadeath optional in a singleplayer game.
It effects absolutely no one negatively.
Don't be irrational. "Make it Optional" != "Get rid of it entirely, for everyone."

Hey Banjo, can I use this to preserve saves between multiple mods?

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Could i get a alternative link to the mod snice dropbox doesnt wanna display it?

Hm, link is dead and on a quick look Banjo was last posting someting 2 years ago. Maybe someone else has the Save Manager at hand? I'd give it to you, but a) I don't have it, like to play survival style and even if I had it I b) don't know Banjo's policy regarding redistributing his mod without his consent...

Sorry I can't help ya :/

I don't think he cares as long as it's unmodified and exactly the way he left it.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Well, then probably someone who downloaded it when the link worked fine could upload it again. Anyone volunteering? ;)

There you go.

I am trying this but I can't make it work. It only has a dos console that asks for my windows username, no matter how I write it, it doesn't accept it and I am stuck... Help.

Anyone have a mirror download link for the mod?