Happy Holidays, and See You Next Year!

Well, today is the last day at the office before vacation. Starting tomorrow, I'll be on vacation until the 4th of January. It's hard to step away from the office while there's work to do, but it'll be helpful to get a couple weeks of R&R, see family and friends, and maybe catch up on a few games!

I'll still be checking email and the website periodically, in case any order or other issues arise. So if you have any troubles with the game, your account, or similar, feel free to email me!

For my final day of work in 2012, I started putting lights on skyscrapers in the DMC illustration I'm working on. It's a bit trickier than the lights on the postcard pictured yesterday. In this image, the buildings are at an angle, and viewed in perspective, so the lights have to be skewed accordingly. There are some useful tools in Photoshop for doing that, but it's a bit slower than just painting rows of perfect, orthogonal pixels. It's coming along, though.

Right now, the piece is in a state where some things look ok, but much of the picture still needs better shading and lighting. I've blocked some basic colors in, but they still look like they're not connected in any meaningful way. It's hard to look at the piece without getting discouraged at this phase, but I am able to remind myself that better shading and lighting can really change things quickly.

The good news is that when I return to the image in two weeks, it'll be extremely easy to get started again where I left off. I'll see areas that need work right away, so the ramp-up time should be as short as possible.

Though, that reminds me I should make some detailed notes to myself about where I left off on the content and encounter design :)

Anyway, time to sign-off for 2012. If the world still exists in two weeks, I'll see you there! And if not, happy apocalypse!


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Have fun, and happy new year Dan!

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Darth Ozy

We'll miss you good sir!