How I Survive and Die ! *GUIDE* (Sort Of)

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How I Survive and Die ! *GUIDE* (Sort Of)

Well I suppose I can start of by introducing myself! :D

Firstly; I bought this game a couple of hours ago, and I am enjoying it to the last bit.
I like zombie games, and survival games that allows creativity! (This game got all of that!)
I don't like Dogmen :(

End Of Diary...



First off, I'll tell you what I choose as starting traits.

  • Medic
    Spoiler: Highlight to view
    For starting med-kit
  • Botany
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    For harvesting easy food
  • Electrician
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    Will get to that later
  • Mechanic
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    Will get to that later
  • Myopia
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    Never really had any problems choosing this trait
  • Feeble
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    Home base! Will get to that later
  • Athletic
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    Faster movement between hex's
  • Tough
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    Personally, because I fight too much

Right! Provided you already know what the skills do or already have read them, lets get cracking..

Firstly when we start, we get to choose what to do before the dogman comes. Now what you want to do is to choose Botany so that the creature will flee. Next we would like to hit Medic so that we can get the free med-kit. Quickly just attach it to your hand, and get back to the screen. Now exit the building, but don't walk away! And once outside, click on the Cryo Facility and go back inside. Now you will see that you are able to "Explore the hall". And voila! You have now found your home base!

Now we're not done yet! Once you have clicked confirmed (You probably already went and done that) you see two new items. Click on one of them and hit confirm. This should give you the recipe for either the vent or the lights. (Make sure you get both recipe's..) Now just go out and scavenge for the needed supplies, and get back and repair the two items.

Vent Info:

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The vent gives you heat and stabilizes the temperature inside your base.

Light Info:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
The light gives you visibility beyond your base, without attracting too many unwanted guests.

Additionally you would want to get a sleeping bag, which is found scattered all around the map.
And a tarp shelter. For a Tarp shelter you need (2x) Tarp,Medium-sized Branch, (6x) A handfull of string, twine, floss, etc. And one of those handy tools.

Once you got all of that (That's alot! Unless you're lucky), you should have a pretty good place to store your items, heal up and sleep at. But if you're not yet satisfied! You could add a noise trap, I don't remember it to the minor detail. But it consists of a (1x) Assorted wire's etc. and one empty soup can. And (1x) handfull of strings, etc.

Toot toot! Guide train has come to the last stop. After this I go for city and meet the crazy hatter. Or just explore around my super secure base. One time I found a shopping cart, it could hold massive amounts of items, too bad I died.

Ways I've Died:

  • Poisoning
  • My lungs imploding (or something gory)
  • Drinking un-purified water (learned to boil it now)
  • Too many wounds...
  • Accidentally eating a metric-ton of the wrong berries, causing me to die of more poisoning..
  • Diarrhea :/


Passwords! Passwords! All so difficult!

Here as a more experienced player let me tell you my personal fav combo
This lets me carry an ungodly amount of weight to the point of which i can just carry anything with no down sides.

Melee on its own doesn't give to much the gameplay but combine it with strong they buff each other and make you VERY powerful i was able to 3 hit kill a dogman with a wrench. Also strong+melee at the cryo allows you to kill the dogman with out injures and you get an

Spoiler: Highlight to view
item that allows to completely skip a quest later in the game.

A GREAT ability it basically lets you get a ton more loot from most locations(not woods derp) if you have a lockpick set which can be easily made from

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8 assorted washers, nuts, and bolts.

Not to mention it doesn't really increase encounter chance.

4th slot
I tend to experiment with this one. If food is a sore spot pick botany or trapping, if not pick what ever you feel like I prefer eagle eye just to make life easier.

Negative slots
If i want another ability i usually pick frail because with the strong+melee combo you can kill most things very easily just make sure to fight smart

As for your permanent camp you do know about the DMC

Spoiler: Highlight to view
the city in the distance

Just a final tip for anyone playing and having trouble look a cabin in the woods these contain a motherload of supplies and usually guns (uncommon), ammo (rare), or gun parts/upgrades (common sometimes even with gun). But warning they can sometimes have a gun toting raider in there but its very rare and they very rarely have ammo

Official Trained Dogman

Oh I didn't know about the lockpicking trait, thanks for the tip :D And all the other tips :)

Passwords! Passwords! All so difficult!