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2 little suggestions

While playing NEO today i was thinking that maybe it would be better if :

a) we should be able to move headache pills from one bottle to another.

This is so we can gather all of our pills in one bottle. Right now it seems daft to carry several pill bottles with only one pill in each of them. I think this strategy of only allowing us one pill per bottle is maybe intentional to stop us having too many pills but it's not very realistic.
I recommend we allow maybe five or ten pills per bottle but make the pills rarer and slightly harder to find.

b) allow us to right click on a bag to empty its contents on the ground.

This is to make it easier to retrieve items from looters etc when we have incapacitated them. At present when i obtain a bag from a dead looter i have to firstly remove what i'm holding in my hand then move the looters bag to that hand. Then i have to move each item i want one by one to the ground or my inventory if i have space, then remove the looters bag and then place whatever i originally held in my hand.
Like i said i think it would be better to empty the contents of the bag on the ground in the first place and then pick what i want.

Usually inventory space is at a premium and so the present method involves a lot of unnescessory inventory management.

The first one is possible, but it's very fiddly. You must place the bottle in your hand to empty the contents. This goes for any container item.

Your second suggestion would take care of the first one, and I agree. I'm not sure if it should be right click. Perhaps an "Unpack" option in the context menu, as well as a Toggle for unpacking (like Consume, Delete, etc..). This would allow you to mass-unpack bags, packs, pill bottles, and especially water bottles.

I'm not sure if it should be right click. Perhaps an "Unpack" option in the context menu,

I should of been more clear. The context menu is what i meant by 'right click' and like you said an unpack option sounds prety good.

Can't you already do the first one? I'm sure I've done that... swapped out all my pills into one or two "full" bottles.

The latter is something I agree with, though; would definitely be easier to be able to just tip out all my pill bottles or found plastic bags onto the ground to sort through.

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Thanks for letting me know about my first suggestion.

I didn't know we could already do this so i'm gonna try it out just now.
How many pills can you keep in one bottle?

If it is as fiddly as you say then maybe it should still be looked at and an easier method made available?

You can keep stack of 10 pills per inventory 'slot' (one square). Pill bottle has two, so you can keep 20 pills.

I agree. I want this suggestion implemented too; it'd speed things up a lot.