Odd patterns of scavenging loot

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Odd patterns of scavenging loot

Before I start this, I feel I need to say that i'm still currently playing the demo because I can't quite buy the game soon, but that will happen eventually.

Now that we got that out of the way, i'v noticed a strange pattern of loot from scavenging, and that is the amount of loot and how you get it, i'll explain below.

Let's say you're approaching a city for the very first time, and you're going to scavenge your VERY first building, knowing that the city next to this (just as an example) has the SAME exact buildings as the city you're currently scavenging.
You go over the buildings that are best up for the picking, and you have 2 ruined apartments, and a nice unlocked storage shed in each city!

For city number one you decide to start off with the storage shed, and you get a very nice size of loot from your looting, and aster quickly scavenging the 2 apartments you get a plastic bag and an empty bottle.

For city number two you decide you'd like to scavenge the apartments first and save the best for last, after the first apartment you acquire a lovely chunk of loot, though, not as good as the storage shed from city one, and the 2nd apartment yields you a pot and an empty bottle. This is it now, the motherlode that is an unlocked storage shed, quickly looting this shed yields you a mostly broken and rusty wrench, and a note.

Now, the point that i'm trying to get across is that the FIRST building you search will make up most of your city loot, while the other buildings give hardly anything, correct me if i'm wrong, but i'v been noticing this for a while now.

For those of you who will attempt to throw in the realism card, you have to admit this game does have patterns of loot with its buildings, i'm wondering if this is simply the demo in play, how loot is coded, or some other factor in this, i'm very curious.

Nah, I'm pretty sure that the buildings just have variable loot sizes, independent of which you pick first.

~The Pirate

I also must say that I didn't notice any pattern. In fact, over several different new games, the buildings in the cities and their loot was different - once I even found a rifle in the very first location I was scavenging and once I also arrived at DMC starving as there was almost no food among what I scavenged nor during that gameplay I've chosen botany and thus I've avoided eating unidentified plants.

I'd suspect you just had some wacky coincidence. Also, since there's still not too many types of buildings, it's not overly hard to find roughly the same amount and type of spots to scavenge.

The wacky coincidence idea is very possible.
It also may be a demo problem, I really need to get the money together to buy the beta :P