future pc spec requirements to run the game?

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future pc spec requirements to run the game?

Right now i can enjoy this game on my little netbook and its great being able to play it in bed or on the toilet but i am wondering if it will still run the game when most /all of the planned features are put in the game?

I've been reading the progress updates on the front page and the DMC is going to add so much to the game that i thought that maybe it wont run very well on my netbook anymore and i was hoping that maybe someone could reassure me otherwise and maybe give a guess at pc spec requirements for when the game is mostly complete.

Most of the planned features touch upon the subject of content - things using the same mechanics that there is now, just more of them. The only one that I suspect may cause some performance hit is change of graphics to higher res ones but even that shouldn't cause the game to be really problematic if it worked fine earlier.

I can't really see this game becoming taxing on any rig.

The only thing that might possibly become taxing in my opinion is the "end turn" button when all of the world events start generating the outcomes and movements. Other than that, the availability will stick with this in my opinion.

While not really taxing or anything, flash games can become kind of... clunky after some running-time, slowing down or lagging.

I, for example, run on a very old laptop and after playing for about 15-20 minutes usually had to restart the game because it slowed down mouse cursor too much to be playable. Since Dan implemented accelerated cursor this is no longer a problem but now after similar time (about +10 minutes) clicking the mouse becomes unresponsive to the point when i have to slowly click 3-4 times to close/open inventory.

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