New player, first thoughts.

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New player, first thoughts.

I've recently found out about this game via a friend who "found" it on the internet. I've played the Demo for 2 days straight, i'm not even kidding, and from what I see I think the beta is VERY generous in the content it provides to the player. I love the cleverness and the logic in the game, i love the randomness of the outcomes and the crude yet wonderful art style of the game. This game is possibly one of the most entertaining games i've ever personally played, and i'll hopefully be purchasing it shortly.

Cheers on a wonderful game.


EDIT: changed some words, i mean DEMO not BETA, sorry for the confusion.

So you liked my suggestion eh? :P

I also agree the demo is full of content and I also agree with how it is limited compared to the full game (It is nice that the demo does not stop the player from playing after a set time but only for when they go for the objective)

I'll also be buying the game soon and I hope this game gets the attention it deserves since even the demo is amazing.