Medical Center Implementation

I spent most of today filling-in the medical center encounter descriptions. After mapping them out yesterday, I wrote text for each of the options' encounters, hooked up pricing, conditions that get applied/removed, and treasure dispensed. I created a new item for sleeping pills, too. I'll have to add that to existing loot tables next week.

I ended up writing special-handling code for two of the services. The "clean and dress wounds" option needed to change a large number of variables, plus install splints if necessary, so that was pretty special-case. And the diagnostic report tries to shimmy a dynamically-generated encounter into the queue, with player-specific info on it. (I still have to test that to see if it actually works)

There's still a wide range of treatments and services that I could add. For example, there could be glasses for myopia, cybernetic enhancements, massage therapy...I do have to stop at some point, though, because there's still the hotel/flophouse to build. And that doesn't even touch adventuring plots. The city's still pretty empty.

So I'll probably wrap up the clinic Monday, and get started on the hotel. I'll still keep enhancement ideas for each location in my notes, in case I'm able to return to them and add more. But I'd like to cover the basics first, maybe get an update uploaded, then think about expanding locations or adding new plot-based ones.

I might also take a break on plot after the hotel, and try focusing on the higher resolution/font feature. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do about that yet, but it's been on the list for a while, and plot work has put all other features on hold for a couple of months.

Plus, Christmas is coming up, and that means we'll probably be heading out of town to visit family for a week or two. So there will be a break in there somewhere, too. I had hoped to have a new build ready before leaving, but it's been pretty slow-going so far, so I'm not holding my breath. It's probably better not to rush, anyway. Rushing inevitably leads to mistakes :)

Well, I think that wraps up Friday. I hope everyone has a good weekend. See you Monday!


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While I'd love to check out these awesome sounding updates ASAP, you should indeed take your time and take things slow. Its holiday season!

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Doing great! You've been working non-stop. Take a break for the holidays. :)