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Banjo's suggestions, ideas and musings

I thought it was better to make a single thread for this, rather than flood the forum with a dozen different posts. Hope that's okay!

The first thing I'd like to talk about are general things I personally think need attention; that is, things that aren't "major new features/big overhauls" but rather "tweaks or one or two new items that are hopefully easily doable without too much work". As always, this is all just my opinion!

* Skills/traits. First and foremost, I think we need more traits to let us balance out our characters better. The following are skills and traits I'd like to see added (that would fit with the existing ones and not require any sort of skill engine overhauls):
SKILLS (skills and advantages)
- Fishing (see below).
- Haggler (when trading, items cost less and sell for more... 10%?)
- Rest Easy/Sandman (can sleep easier and needs less sleep than normal)
- Attractive (for use in encounters/quests, possibly?)
TRAITS (disadvantages)
- Clumsy (increased chance to trip in combat or have accidents when scavenging)
- Slow/Old Wound (has reduced movement)
- Lazy/Weak (needs more sleep than normal and gains fatigue more easily)
- Easy Mark (when trading, items cost more and sell for less... 10%?)
- Sickly/Slow Healer (slower healing from all wounds)
- One-Eyed (reduced vision range and combat accuracy; worth two slots?)
I do wonder (not sure) if Medic and a Fast Healer skill shouldn't be separate picks (just because someone's a doctor doesn't automatically make their broken leg heal faster... though they probably know how to care for/heal it better, admittedly).

* I LOVE how crafting so often requires thread, screws, etc. as well as major items. I'd actually like to see the two main "junk" items split into three, however.
- Screws, bolts, washers, nails, etc.
- String, twine, thread, cord, etc.
- Wire, resistors, diodes, circuit boards, etc.

* A Sewing Kit type item. I was going to suggest a fourth "junk" type item - needles and pins and paperclips - but on reflection I wondered if that's one junk item too many? Perhaps a Sewing Kit item/tool would suffice, as an ingredient for crafting (along with string/thread) when sewing new clothes or repairing old clothes is needed. That would, IMO, add realism without too much extra micromanagement. I can think of several cases beyond sewing where needles/pins could be useful in crafting, too.

* Someone mentioned squirrel pelt coats being rather worthless, and I agree given the work needed to make one. I would like to see them offer better warmth than a a tatty old factory-made (and presumably fairly worn, even in 100% condition) and definitely should be more valuable for trade.

* Fewer tough-as-nails Dogmen early in the game. I believe this is already being dealt with. :)

* As others have asked, *PLEASE* let us add a full water bottle to a water-requiring recipe (eg boiling water or rags) and have it spit out the empty bottle... instead of having to manually empty each one first!

* I find it annoying that bottles look the same no matter their contents. For example, I'd honestly *much* prefer if a Corn-a-Cola bottle reverted to a generic "plastic bottle" after drinking/emptying, so it's easy to identify in my inventory, even if that's not 100% realistic. Ditto an empty plastic bottle becoming a Corn-a-Cola one when filled with Corn-a-Cola. Having to manually check the contents of a bottle is frustrating and unrealistic, IMO (I can tell if I've got Coke or water in a clear bottle at a glance!).

* A (rare) Canteen item that holds more than one water (x4 "drops"?) would be *very* useful and much appreciated!

* I assume it's just for the beta and experimentation, but I seem to always find *tons* of recipes everywhere... those should be a *lot* rarer and harder to find, IMO.

* iSlabs seem both too common and totally useless apart from trade... and I find them both too frequent and unrealistic (I assume they are "dead" and non-functional?) to be so valuable. I'd love to see them used more as (rarer) crafting components.
- Break one down (with the right tool/skill?) to gain x2 screws/bolts and x5 wires/resistors/circuits.
- Alternatively, "repair" one so that it's worth a lot to trade. This would require several wires/resistors/circuits, a charged battery (new item?) and the Electrician skill.
- Fully repaired, it could be useable in some "encounters" along with the Hacking skill?
Also, I find it a bit easy that they stack so nicely despite their size. :)

* Backpack limitations. I'm hesitant to say this, because it would make the game a good deal harder, but I don't think Plastic Bags should be useable as "backpacks", really. In real life, plastic bags must be carried. Perhaps needing to combining them (or a tarp) with string or something to make a bandolier/sling bag would be a good compromise between usefulness and realism? A duffel bag item could bridge the gap at some later stage, perhaps?

* Rags obtained from clothes, IMO, should be "fixed" rather than random: hospital gown gives more rags than a hoodie, which gives more than a t-shirt, etc.

* A Fishing skill that lets you scavenge water sources with a fishing rod (found ready-made item or homemade "branch + x3 strings + x1 sewing kit"?). This is probably the thing that's most work out of my suggestions, since it would need several new items added (fishing rods, raw fish, cooked fish) and a new skill, but I think it would be worth it to add another scavenging method that's realistic and different to the game.

* Rats!!! They're mentioned in encounters, yet we can't trap/eat them in-game? I *really* want to trap rats (like you do squirrels, but in urban scavenging locations) and be able to harvest their meat and cook/eat it! Pretty please? In a PA world, if you're not eating beans or spam, you're usually eating rat! :)

* As mentioned in another thread, the ability to "loot" dead Dogmen, either for pelts, meat or both, along with teeth/claws for valuable rare necklaces. :)

* Sleeping Pills. Sometimes it's hard to get some sleep! On the other hand, this should make being robbed or ambushed more of a risk!

* Urban food scavenging tweaks. I'd like to have more scavenging locations when I visit a town/ruins. I also think it's a bit hard to find food that's actually useful (tinned goods, as opposed to ketchup packets and jelli bears!); food should still be rare, but I think scavenging needs to be looked at as an alternative for non-botany/non-trapping characters (who's main advantage should be much less risk of having to venture into ruins and looter-filled towns). This would probably be helped with the addition of a few more "tinned food" items; after all, what's an apocalypse without canned SPAM ("BLAM!"?) and baked beans? ;)

* Bird eggs. I want to eat eggs for my post apocalyptic breakfast! Maybe wild birds someday too (roast bird on a stick?).

* Bread. As an Aussie, I've mastered the art of campfire bread. :) Simple flour and water dough fried in a pan (we do need a frypan item at some point!) or wrapped around a tree branch and cooked over a fire would add a very important food to the game, IMO.

* More camp/shelter options: a commercial tent (very rare) and a buildable "all natural" lean-to (branches+lots of twigs/leaves+string+multitool).

* Cans of lighter fluid, for refilling lighters (a "zippo" type lighter that holds double fuel would be nice someday, too) and making torches. Also, useful as a "fuel" source for future items, like...

* A camp stove (runs on Lighter Fluid, using 50-100 per "cook"?) that can be used in place of a campfire when there's no wood around. Rare, of course!

* Accessories like tradable/wearable "old world" jewelery necklace(s) or bracelet(s), dog tags (immersion!) the afore-mentioned Dogman-Tooth Necklace (valuable/bragging rights!) or a Paracord Bracelet (craft or break down at will into x4 string/twine).

* Face Bandanna and Gas Mask. Purely for the look, right now, but I'm sure we might need one someday in the game. :)

* New weapons. Not tons of them; I don't want/expect half a dozen different handguns or anything. But I would like to see a pistol (and bullets), a knife, a machete, a spear and an axe. Maybe a bow and arrow as well, if it's not too much work.

* Finally... other tools - knife, hammer, pliers, saw, screwdriver, wrench - alone, each is less useful (and heavier) than a multitool (which should be a lot rarer in this case) but better than nothing. This would mean a bit of tweaking to the crafting system though, I understand.

I'll add more as I think of it, but those are my feelings/ideas/suggestions after a week or so of playing the game (and having a great time with it, I must again say!).

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I really like a lot of your suggestions. I especially like the iSlab being functional, you could perhaps make it a "container" for special software like mapping , calculating, mechanic skills, etc. Memory cards, perhaps?


That's really good idea re: iSlabs!

The idea of one actually giving you "artificial skills" is very neat and would work well if properly balanced with some sort of limitation to make "real" skills better. A limited battery life for the iSlab that means each "use" of a memory card skill consumes a degree/level of battery life? This would make sense to me since realistically, if you don't know a skill/technique (Trapping, Hacking, etc.)and are just looking it up in a book or online, you'd likely need to consult the memory card program/info every time to check you were doing it right; the advantage of having the real skill is that you "know" it by heart! It could be simply represented without any extra interface by giving the player those skills but as different icons that makes it clear they're memory card/iSlab skills and that using them will decrease your iSlab's battery (different colour skill icon/lable or a little lightning bolt graphic on the skill, maybe?).

While not totally realistic, I think making battery life finite (non-rechargable) for a Working iSlab would solve any balance issues here; heck, if it's supposed to be an iApple-type device, it's unlikely the battery can be easily replaced anyway! :)

It's not something I'd expect (or want) right away, but finding memory cards with navigation or mechanics software would add a whole new dimension to the game. Maybe with Hacking - which IMO needs a good reason to take it in a PA low-tech world - being required to repair most of the (corrupted) memory cards you find in order to use them?

However, if something like this WAS implemented, I'd like to see a Working iSlab be quite a major project to craft; finding a Dead Battery, a way to charge it, disassembling several broken iSlabs for all the other wires and circuits needed (meaning you need a tool to open them too), and maybe even having the final vital component ('Intact iSlab Screen'?) as a rare item with only a 10% random chance of gaining one when you deconstruct a broken iSlab? Limiting battery power would also make it a tough choice of when to use it in a situation (and lose some of the perhaps-finite life/power of the iSlab that can't be recharged, only rebuilt.

For those with no tech skills, there could be an iSlab quest to find a working one (or be rewarded with one, or just a Charged Battery item even).

Also, I like imagining the idea of "do I trade my pelts for all that food I need to stay alive... but wait, that guy has one rare Charged Battery Pack!!!" as a trading dilemma that may come back to haunt you later ("starving... wish... could... eat... battery...") :)

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(sorry, double post... please delete)

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I like all of these with the exception of the plastic bottle thing- I like that cola and water bottles look different, and I don't really use pop bottles after I've drank the cola, so the blue water/yellow soda thing looks neat to me!

Most of all I like the Fishing idea, it would make the lake and river tiles much more useful (as it is now I just bring in some shelter and branches and sit around all night boiling water about every 3 days), but a rod is not really needed to fish, you can get by just fine with just a line(probably a rare item, or crafted from 20 strings) and a hook (again, would be nice to have both found metal hooks and crafted bone/wood/plastic ones, with varying durability). A bunch of hooks plus a line and some more strong could make a bank line, like a squirrel snare but for fish, and the Fishing skill could increase chances, allow you to craft the bank line, and go spear/club/bare hands fishing.

I would also like to be able to make squirrel or fish soups (heat, cooking vessel, meat/fish, mushrooms or vegetables(from cans or DMC)

Oh, I'd *much* prefer if the pop bottles retained their look/label but changed colour to blue instead of yellow when filled with water myself... I was just trying to save Dan some work by suggesting they turn into "empty bottles". :)

For fishing, I'd be happy to have more choices like hand reels, etc. for realism; I just felt that two fishing items (scavenged and crafted) were enough to start off with so we can at least get a Fishing skill/system into the game. :D I agree about hooks too, and was trying to think about how to handle them without adding yet another tiny clutter item (needles or bolts/screws?); maybe they do need to be a rare small item though?

Definitely agree about needing home-made soups! (I see vegetables as maybe DMC market gardens expensive trade items?)

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Decided to post in my original thread rather than start a new one.

Playing the game again with the new beta build and again having a blast. Again, though, I still find the absence of most things on my first post "wishlist" irritating. So, going back over my ideas, I decided to make some visual examples of some things I hope can be added. All example pics are to scale with Neoscavenger's existing graphics (most are shoddy modifications of existing items, anyway) for comparison. Hopefully this gets more people talking and maybe helps persuade Dan better than my rambling words alone! :)


Something I mentioned and still find an issue in NeoScavenger is the scarcity of 'found food', unless you have the Botany or Trapping skills.

In my mind, an early-game character should have two choices to survive:
1) If you have the right skills, forage and trap "wild" food sources in forests (and rivers for fishing, perhaps one day).
2) No skills (or luck)? Scavenge ruins for "old world" food (canned soup, ketchup packets, etc.).

I like the idea that (2) could be a viable option (right now, I don't think it is; I simply never find enough food by scavenging ruins and corpses to live long, though I suspect part of the problem may be that some foods need to decrease hunger more, such as soup, IMO). The downside is that this is a *dangerous* way to live, as ruins often contain and attract looters (or dogmen)! But I like the concept of a choice between "live more peacefully - but harshly - off the land with skill", or "live by scavenging and stealing amid the ruins with brute force".

However, if we're going to be able to live off old canned goods, I think we need...

IMAGE( (unopened tin) IMAGE( (opened tin) IMAGE( (tin contents)
Item Size: 2x3
Interior Space: 2x2 (unopened cans contains Baked Beans)
Found: scavenge urban ruins (houses, ruined buildings, cabins, storage sheds) or loot dead humans.
Uses: food (contents), empty can for crafting
Crafting Projects:
*Warm Beans in Pot (Baked Beans (contents) + Metal Pot + Lit Campfire)
*Hotpot in Pot (Baked Beans (contents) + Squirrel Meat + Metal Pot + Lit Campfire)

Food warmed over a campfire in pot (I'd love to see 'Condensed Soup' able to be heated like this too) would warm you as well as decrease your hunger. Consuming it would obviously return the Metal Pot to you for re-use.

Speaking of canned foods, I'd also really like to someday see tinned ham ('SPAM', or some typical joke-name equivalent). A post apocalypse just doesn't feel right without rusty old cans of baked beans and SPAM to scavenge, or is that just me? ;)


Since we're scavenging ruins for food, though, how about some "urban game" to trap?

Item Size: 2x5
Interior Space: None
Found: scavenge urban ruins (houses, ruined buildings) or the Shanty Town with the 'Squirrel Trap' item.
Uses: crafting (source of food)
Crafting Projects:
*Rat Meat (Rat Corpse + Multitool / Meat Cleaver)

'Rat Meat' could be a new food item (cookable), or for simplicity, Squirrel Meat could be renamed to "small game meat" or something and used for any small animal of this size. I'd prefer the former, but would be quite happy with the latter if it meant seeing more animals/game to catch and eat!

New weapons? Last playthrough I found myself *really* wanting an old revolver. Nothing fancy, just a reliable old wheelgun like something out of 'The Road'. 2x4 in size, 6 slots for individual bullets (no reloading in combat?), powerful but rare. Maybe with a 'Hacksaw' item you could cut the barrel down to a snub so that it was 2x3 in size and fitted in your pants/hoodie pocket?

Failing getting a handgun, perhaps at least we could craft...

Item Size: 2x10
Interior Space: 1x1 (for ammo)
Found: craft it yourself, or rarely find on human enemies.
Uses: ranged weapon (requires .308 bullets to fire)
Crafting Projects:

Finally, you could carry your gun in your backpack! The tradeoff? Much less accurate than the 'regular' Hunting Rifle (shorter barrel/range and sights filed off) and NO rifle butt attack! Not able to attach a scope (pointless) or sling (lugs removed) either, but at least it means you don't need a strap or free hand... that gun can *just* squeeze in your backpack now!


We all know a lot of skills are sadly not much use right now; I love the idea of being a "techie" character in a low-tech PA world (sure, you might not be able to fight or hunt food, but you can theoretically make batteries and bullets!). I really liked seeing the mini-quests to fix up the Cryo Facility as a great campsite using the Mechanic and/or Electrician skills... but both of those and Hacking pretty much have no other uses so far. One idea I had was...

Item Size: 2x1
Interior Space: None
Found: buy at Junk Market ($250?)
Uses: crafting item
Crafting Projects:
*Megacity Tracking Bracelet (Megacity Tracking Bracelet (Broken) + Multitool + Electrician skill + Hacking skill)

Okay, maybe just 'Electrician', since 'Hacking' implies needing a computer terminal, but I really like the idea that *another* way (because thankfully there are already a few nice options) to get a Megacity Bracelet is to "make one yourself" if you're a tech-head character. You'd need a broken or invalid/cancelled bracelet first (perhaps from someone who's been erased from the security system as "dead"?) and the right skills, but it's another viable option!

Incidentally, this is also why I'd like to see a new junk item 'Circuits, Resistors and Wires' get added so that a couple of them would be required for this sort of "tech gadget" crafting recipe.


Finally, just for fun, I mocked up what I would *love* to see at some point: bottles show what liquid is in them at a glance!!! The only thing that bugs me more than not knowing if that blue water bottle contains water, cola, whiskey or lighter fluid is that we still can't use bottles of water in crafting 'purified water' recipes (seriously, emptying each bottle one at a time is sheet agony!).

IMAGE( (empty) IMAGE( (water) IMAGE( (cola) IMAGE( (whiskey) IMAGE( (lighter fluid)

IMAGE( (empty) IMAGE( (water) IMAGE( (cola) IMAGE( (whiskey) IMAGE( (lighter fluid)

IMAGE( (empty) IMAGE( (water) IMAGE( (cola) IMAGE( (whiskey) IMAGE( (lighter fluid)

Yeah, okay, because Lighter Fluid in the game is "grey" and so are some of the empty bottles, I "cheated" and gave them a dodgy little stuck-on label ("FUEL") to make them stand out from empties. Hey, I'd do that in real life rather than risk swigging lighter fluid! (darn, looking at it again, my attempt at a Whiskey Bottle of water is a bit *too* blue, I looks like some sort of Star Trek liquor!)


Phew! Enough for now, I think. But, yeah, this is why I really, *really* want the game to be moddable! :D

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Good ideas here. I personally want more weapons and attacking weapons. I also wish that clothing had defense values, one game I that had the right idea was Cataclysm, all most every item has a bashing, cutting, and piercing protection on them. From what I have seen neo scavenge already has 2 of these values bashing/blunt and cutting. Some of the weapons even have both in scavenger like dogman claws they have a high cutting but also some blunt as well.

Official Trained Dogman

I like the idea of clothing giving defensive bonuses, though I tend to think only a few things would do so (e.g. a leather jacket would give minor protection but I can't see a tee-shirt giving any help against a club, bullet, knife or claws).

I definitely agree on "more weapons". Like I said, an old revolver or just *some* kind of handgun would be top of my list, followed by a sawn-off double-barrelled "Boomstick" shotgun. In all honesty, those plus the existing hunting rifle and *maybe* some sort of craftable 'zip gun' would be all the firearms the game needs, IMO; I'm personally not keen on the idea of automatic weapons or laser rifles showing up!

Guns aside, though, I'd love to see more melee weapons, if just for the sake of realism and variety. My top choices, balancing out the need to add some new ones without going overboard and adding dozens of them:
* Knife (kitchen knife)
* Machete
* Metal Pipe
* Hammer
* Axe
* Baseball Bat (with craftable "spiked bat" variant?)

Also, an antique Sword would make a great super-rare "quest/encounter reward" item, IMO.

The (length of) Metal Pipe could be useful as a crafting component, too (zip gun!).

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post: can we *please* be allowed to craft "Crowbar with Sling" (Crowbar + Rifle Sling) so we can carry a Crowbar in place of a rifle? I like how it realistically doesn't fit in backpacks (forcing you to choose if you want to carry it), but having it *only* able to be carried in your hand is a bit restrictive... I can figure out how to tie a shoulder sling to a piece of metal! Having it occupy the "shoulder slot" with said sling is IMO not overpowered as it prohibits carrying a rifle in that way.

Oh, and if we DO get a Machete someday (pretty please? that and a knife would do me, actually!), I'd like to request a Sheath for it that it can be slung in the 'shoulder slot' too (said Sheath being maybe craftable from pelts, rags and twine?). Who wouldn't feel like a Badass Post Apocalypse Warrior walking around with a back-sheathed machete?

Heck, while I'm at it I'm going to also request the ability to craft a Rifle Sling out of multiple clear or dirty rags (x6?) + string/twine (x4) + multitool. Surely your character can manage that one?! (though here's where a sewing kit item would come in handy!).

(PS if the images in my previous post aren't displaying for anyone, please let me know!)

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I see no pictures, mate...

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Okay, so for some random reason I can't edit my previous post (but I CAN edit the one before it... WTF?!).

Anyway, since (as I was guessing) Dropbox sucks for hosting images (I can see them, others can't), here are the pics that *should've* appeared above:

IMAGE( (unopened tin) IMAGE( (opened tin) IMAGE( (tin contents)

IMAGE( (trap 'urban' game!)

IMAGE( (it fits in a pack!)

IMAGE( (fix it yourself!)

IMAGE( (empty) IMAGE( (water) IMAGE( (cola) IMAGE( (whiskey) IMAGE( (lighter fluid)

IMAGE( (empty) IMAGE( (water) IMAGE( (cola) IMAGE( (whiskey) IMAGE( (lighter fluid)

IMAGE( (empty) IMAGE( (water) IMAGE( (cola) IMAGE( (whiskey) IMAGE( (lighter fluid)

See this post for more information/details.

(pics visible now, Kaaven?)

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Now I can see them and I must say I really like them. It's no surprise that the game like NeoScavenger would draw people interested in pixel-art.

If I was to complain, the water in whiskey bottle is a bit too blue, looks like some sort of power-drink. Also, whiskey from a plastic bottle - yuck! :D

About editing - you have only certain amount of edits at one time, then you have to wait. It's an anti-spam feature.

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I agree about the water whiskey bottle... note my earlier comment "darn, looking at it again, my attempt at a Whiskey Bottle of water is a bit *too* blue, I looks like some sort of Star Trek liquor!" ;) Might have another shot at it tomorrow so it looks less like something from F2's Gecko bar.

Also agree on the "yuck" for plastic bottled whiskey... but then, I suspect I'd be using whiskey for crafting/medical purposes more than recreational drinking once NeoScavenger adds it to more crafting recipes. I also think Whiskey should be more valuable for trade, personally, as I see that as its primary use in this setting (like tobacco/cigarettes would be). Better than drinking the lighter fluid, after all! :)

Glad you like the rest, though; I'm no great pixel artist and some are a bit rough (the rat's tail looks a bit "off" to me still) but I really wanted to put something in visual form to encourage Dan to add this sort of thing... or give us a way to add it ourselves. Heck, why should he be doing all the work on "simple" stuff like adding new items when (IMO) modders/users could help there while he concentrates on complex stuff like the DMC and plot quests.

So the limited edits "feature" will let me edit my older posts perhaps tomorrow? Or never again?

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Sorry, I must have missed that part about the blue water somehow...

The problem with Dan using fan created content is... he cannot do that (in official version that is, not talking bout modding)
He is not making a free game but a paid one, so he cannot put things from random people in it because you could sue him for for that (if he is making money off your work, no matter how small, he is stealing from you). Also I think there is a law that forbids him to accept your stuff for free, he would have hire you as his worker. Legal BS, what it is.

Anyway, you could put in your artwork as a free license content on the net, then he could use it, but anyone else could too. And believe me, if NeoScavenger would become successful, based on free art, half of the indie wanna-be's would use it next day.
At least I think that's how it is, cause there is no developer that I've heard off to use fan made stuff :D

EDIT: If Dan or anyone other with a solid knowledge in that matter is reading this: please strait me out here if I'm wrong.

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Easy answer if there is a legal issue: allow modding. Everyone who wants more crafting recipes? Make their own. It seems to me that 90% of the suggestion posts are for new items, weapons or crafting... and Dan seems more interested in larger changers like the DMC, quests and combat engine.

As to using modders' art in a commercial project... 'Project Zomboid' obviously has some kind of deal figured out for RC3 (if/when it ever gets released) with several major mods being incorporated. I don't see an issue if someone makes some art for Dan and *gives* it to him, providing they are willing to sign something to say they are doing so. I don't see it as too different from the way user requests/ideas are incorporated into a paid game (e.g. 'Zafehouse: Diaries') without fear the idea's originator will turn around and sue for "using my idea". Heck, while they might not use actual fan-made resources to do it, Bethesda *clearly* "steals" their modders' ideas for their commercial games and DLC ("Hearthfire", anyone?)... so I'm sure they have a legal clause that says "if we like your mod enough to make our own version, you can't sue us since we gave you the tools and permission to mod our game in the first place".

Of course, in this case, my "art" (and I use the term loosely!) here is mostly edits of Dan's own original work... so really it's more a case of *me* being unable to sell/use this in my own commercial projects. Still, I honestly just intended them to be visual guidelines at the least, and a "starting point" to work from at best, as I know Dan can make these look better than I can. I just hate that - since Dan's one guy working by himself on every game aspect - minor things like a couple of new items and recipes take ages to add because he has to do it all himself from scratch.

Just my own take on this, though.

<i>Back on topic...</i>

I'm now wondering... am I the *only* one who wants to trap and eat rats in PA games (one of my first Fallout 3 mods)? :)

Regarding "game", I'd also like to see "Birds" added one day; just handle them the same as Squirrels (scavenge certain spaces using certain items - snares? rifle? - for a chance to find a Dead Bird). That "Dead Bird" can then be crafted into a "Roast Bird" with a lit campfire and branch. Bird Eggs being able to be scavenged randomly would add to our foraging diet too (and open up future crafting/cooking, too).

I wanted to ask (re: my earlier post) if anyone else like the idea of adding a new "junk" item: "Circuits, Resistors and Wires" (or something) for crafting/repairing electronic stuff? I think it would fill a "gap" between "Screws & Bolts" (for attaching/building stuff, bits of metal for noise, etc.) and "String & Twine" (for sewing, fastening or tying stuff together). it should be quite rare to find except in occasional urban spaces (or sold at the Junk Market) but would be needed to repair things for quests and to craft/repair electrical items.

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Better, mate?

IMAGE( (whiskey bottle, water, alt1) IMAGE( (whiskey bottle, water, alt2)

I just realized that I forgot "Bark Tea" versions!

IMAGE( ('Eerie' bottle, tea) IMAGE( (Cola bottle, tea) IMAGE( (whiskey bottle, tea)

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Looks, much less "radioactive" now :D Can't really see much difference in hue between those new atl versions (my laptop is really old and have a crappy screen) but the right one seems a little less blue, which is cool. Tea looks just right, good work.

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I like the pixel art, nice work. I have a few thoughts on the overall thread.

1. A Sawed-off riffle would be inaccurate. Sawed-off Shotguns work because they have buckshot which spreads outs.

2. I strongly disagree that the game should be less dangerous early on. The danger level is what makes it fun.

3. The wall-of-text approach isn't ideal. Instead, try to make brief and concise suggestions.

There are some good suggestions here (although I disagree with some of them), but it's kind of hard to find the good suggestions in the unnecessary detail. The ability to communicate clearly and consciously is not easy to master, but it's a powerful communication tool. Don't loose your audience with too much detail.

Let me just start out by saying that if you look up a freedom of use conditioning then Dan is free to use what every he wants in here. So if you just post that because your not a money hoarding monster then Dan will most likely be able to use your ideas. I also love the idea of different colors in the bottles i dont know why XD.

Orbit Its actually best that he keeps it long its not too hard to read through some thing that you like also it helps Dan with implementing the ideas in the first with much more info.

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Everyone has a right to their opinion and I stated mine, it's as simple as that, Nickboom.

When you work in a collaborative environment, you quickly learn that having good communication skill is the ability to speak clearly and concisely. Doing that avoids confusion, gets the point across and saves time. I meant it as a helpful suggestion and as a simple statement of my opinion. It's common for walls-of-text to be overlooked, which is unfortunate because there could be a good idea hidden under all the musings and side-thoughts.

I did mention that I like many of the ideas in the thread, it's just hard to find them.

The thread title does suggest "musings" that aren't just a bullet point list of what I want added to the game. I hoped that was warning enough that some reading might be required (or avoided, if you're so time poor). I made this thread to give my thoughts on Neoscavenger as a whole, not just some concise list of what I think it might lack. Besides, I don't find suggestions very helpful unless someone explains *why* they think something should be changed/added.

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1) Sawed-off shotguns would be far preferable, I agree. However, the rifle is already in the game, and I wanted to make this the least amount of work to add. Besides, it's perfectly do-able to saw off a rifle... it just makes it crap! :)

2) I have said several times I personally dislike permadeath, but aside from that my only early-game difficulty issue is that I think dogmen are too plentiful for how tough they are.

3) I make no apologies for writing a lot (I wrote professionally for a living for many years, actually, so kind of take offense to your veiled insults). I know some folks online seem to eschew "walls of text". Still, I made my own thread deliberately so as to not to annoy those who suffer from "TL:DR"-itis. Long posts anywhere seldom bother me (unless they're rants!) as long as they're legible and punctuated.

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