Currency on Hold, and Diner Done

I decided to put off currency stuff until later. There are still some questions without satisfying answers, and implementing a new system would probably delay new content for too long.

Plus, it turns out that there's a pretty easy way to check for and execute payments in encounters, just by using the existing "Money" stat. It postpones solving the problem of money being unrealistic, but I can continue creating content without interruptions, and that's a higher priority right now.

Diner First Draft

I managed to finish the first draft of the diner today. And I'm actually pretty surprised at how it turned out. I originally expected it to be a short-and-sweet vending machine for food (colorful food, mind you, but still fairly brief). Instead, I was able to inject it with some atmosphere, some history, a little bit of social commentary, and even a bit of the unexplained.

IMAGE( What I expected to build vs. what I actually built.

I originally pictured an intro node with three possible dishes to order. But in the end, I got a bit more creative, making the encounter a bit different on subsequent visits, and depending on the actions of the player.

It's also possible that some day I could add more encounters to this framework. Maybe when there's more time to add side plots, I could add a covert meeting branch to the encounter, or dialogue with another patron. I like knowing that a design can be added to incrementally later, if desired.

I'll probably read through it again tomorrow for a sanity check, and test it out to make sure the logic works. And then, it's on to the medical facility. There's room for quests and dialog there, too, but I have a feeling there will probably be more service options than the diner. So I might have to focus more on the practical in that location. We'll see.

Hope everyone has a good night!


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You continue to impress! I am going to be very honest here; I feel like I'm a detailed guy. I LOVE immersion and detail in my games. Think games like Morrowind. It contains THOUSANDS of books on the lore, stories, misc items and adventures that arent always obvious to find plus numerous hand-placed details. You go the extra-mile and that's why you've got my support!

I love where you're going with this. If you ever want any suggestions on events (which you might not, and I understand that) I'd be happy to help as well. :)


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I must commend going for quality, rather than quantity of new additions. I hoped that the diner won't be just a vending machine. In fact, there's potential for lot of events, possible quests, interaction with others not based on bashing their skulls in etc and it's great it's realized, at least partially. Please continue making stuff more interesting and developed, not just 'more stuff'.

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I think I'm a details kinda guy too. I like games that have lots of little things planted for me to unearth. When I discover such details, I feel like it makes the world even more believable, and worth my investment of time.

The downside is that it takes a long time to add the details. The biggest gaps in new builds happen when I'm working on encounters and plot. Usually a month or more will pass between updates.

I'm actually kind of hoping to open the game up to modding someday, so players can add their own stories and encounters. Communities like NWN, VtM:B, and Morrowind have shown that players really want to add to the worlds, and can often cover more ground than the developer alone.

However, I want to make sure there's enough existing content to set the right tone, and inspire players to add more to the setting. A primer on the world, the possibilities, the way it works, and the major players. That way, everyone can contribute to a shared, cohesive experience.

Some day, hopefully! And thank you for playing! Knowing that you guys enjoy the game is a huge motivation to work harder on it, so thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games