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Issues so far...

I don't understand the motivation of Looters, Raiders, and most of the other wild humans I encounter. I'm surprised I don't encounter more wildlife and that all encounters are immediately hostile- I expect a bit more precursor to my encounters, a bit more... circling, weighing each other up, Encounter-type mechanics. Things like...

  • Threatening with a gun (loaded or not) to avoid confrontation
  • Being tracked, but not attacked, by opportunistic animals waiting for you to die from your injuries, or at least become too weak to defend yourself
  • Scaring off opportunistic animals by intimidating them
  • Getting attacked/pursued by territorial animals by intimidating them
  • Attracting hungry animals with bad food hygiene and/or bleeding injuries
  • Being cautiously ignored by other people because you're obviously just carrying a penknife
  • Being attacked by other people because you're carrying their penknife and refuse to give it back
  • Being attacked because you're wearing nothing but shoes and wielding a cleaver (best not to take your chances with someone who's obviously crazy, right?)
  • Genuinely altruistic/humane people who might help you out when you're injured or disadvantaged, if they can

Any other ideas in this vein?

See, I mentioned something about this in my post, too - and I like how you fleshed out the idea, Danikov. I totally second this line of thought. After all, "fear" is an important part of human survival. Without it, we'd never be where we are right now, so, intimidation (perhaps working both ways) might be a VERY good idea if Combat gets changed to an Encounter Format.

Canned soup and a bottle of hootch.

Random trade/barter opportunities with encounters.  As you say, not all encounters will be hostile, will they?