VFX Testing on Map

I've reached a point where the map is starting to look pretty good today. I could probably push it further, but before I do that, I thought I'd rig a quick and dirty UI together in the game, to see how it looks in place. I've knocked out some debug code in to display the map when I hit a key, and it seems to fit ok. So that's encouraging.

It still needs some way to get the player from place-to-place, so that'll be an upcoming test. Probably the simplest approach here (for both the player to use, and me to implement) is to just label certain destinations on the map, and let the player click those labels directly, triggering the appropriate destination encounters. I'll give that a shot once I have a destination encounter or two to try out (probably just some placeholder for now).

I also want to see if there are any tricks I can use to add life to the map, such as animated dots, glowing lights, and such. Nothing too fancy, but just enough to catch the eye. When I was younger, I remember enjoying backgrounds that featured skyscrapers with color-cycling red lights on the tops, and other glowing windows. It felt like there was a living world back there behind the stage, so it'd be cool if I could produce a similar illusion.

I've already got some VFX code in there for things like rain/snow and the items flying from source to destination, so I can probably piggy back on that code without too much new work.

I only started putting that together this evening, though, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how it looks. I'm looking forward to it!


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I'm looking forward to it, too! It sounds like it's coming along very quickly. As always, I enjoy hearing about the process!