Lighters, pockets, and a tools

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Lighters, pockets, and a tools

Hi all,I am really enjoying the game, but I still struggle a bit with the interface, more so than the difficulty. In particular, I have trouble with the lighter. Namely I lose it all the time.They are tiny in the interface screen because of the accurate scale of the items. A solution would be to allow items, such as jeans or even a utility belt, to have pockets that carry small items. Pockets could offer a different scale in the items menu to allow lighters to appear larger. In addition, these pocket might be considered to hold tools by the game. So when crafting, so you don't have to be constantly moving around the lighter because the game recognizes that a tool exists in the your pocket or utility belt that would convert a newspaper to a tiny fire. Just at thought.Best,Fenwick


Definitely want pockets, plus tool use definitely could be better; same goes for abilities (even more so, given they're on a separate page)

Add my voice to this.  Pockets (depending on garment, maybe 1-6 pockets each 1-4 slots) would be marvelous.   Someone in a different thread mentioned cargo pants.  (I always think of my old combat pants and that would be much more appropriate to this sort of game.)


You mean like this? like a quickslot for tools would make crafting a tad less clunky.

Ketchup Packet Hoarder

That looks like an excellent utility belt (by my reconning).


Ggnomely - exactly like that picture. Just something where the lighter would be easier to find, and it could change dimensions, as Corwin mentioned, depending on the outfit.Thanks for the comments


Figured I'd add my voice as well. Pockets would do wonders for this game, and they would be just what you need to store those tiny little items. This could go along with more clothing items, as right now there is really only one type of pants. 

IMHO, there need to be more clothing items, more types of ranged weapons (not just bows and crossbows but more forms of firearms) and more melee weapon options (how many nerd friends do you have that have a longsword hanging over or a daisho sitting on their mantle, and why can't I find a wood axe or machete in one of those cabins in the woods?).  A couple pieces of actual armour might be nice too... a breastplate that was once a museum piece might now be the perfect way to keep dogman claws off (even while having your comfort level noticably drop), and police riot armour must be around somewhere... and what about the security lockers at the cyro facility?  There must be some armour or weapons there; why do we have to jump out the window without finding them?


My suggestion to this would be that crafted items where something is taken from my backpack would put the thing back in my backpack afterwards - i.e after lighting a fire or cutting a squirrel, my lighter or multitool would end up back in my rucksack. I get that this might be difficult to implement, though.

This would be very helpful, if the game could remember which items came from the backpack/bag or whatever. But yes, I can also understand how this might be hard to add in. Still, if it's possible, it would be pretty nice.

There's a few solutions to this... one is to not 'move' non-consumables into the crafting area, but to virtually represent them there. Or, practically the same solution, is to leave a ghost where they were before the crafting and return them there when done (it's just a case of which one do you consider the 'ghost').

Another would be to 'verb'ify the items, that is to say, when you have a lighter with fluid, 'Small flame (lighter)' becomes available. Same might go for 'Small flame (fire)'. Same goes for all semi- or non-consumable items. Becomes a little awkward/counter to the game's grammar, however, as lighter fluid will be consumed without being placed in the crafting area...

I think it's the semi-consumables, such as the lighter, that are the most difficult. Strictly speaking, the lighter is non-consumable while the lighter fluid is consumable... for convenience, we're skipping a step- lighter + lighter fluid (conveniently contained) -> tiny flame (that only last for one turn/use). Maybe if the 'ghost' e.g. non-consumed lighter appears in the crafting area with a non-ghost e.g. consumable lighter fluid appearing inside of it?

Wow, I love this idea and the one mentioned earlier in this thread. This is perfect though. A recipe already searches your bags for the proper items, maybe the ghost item could go in the crafting box as Danikov suggested. That way the item could be left in its location in the bag. Just wanted to say there are great ideas here.

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