DMC Detail Work

I had a pretty solid day of DMC map detail work today. I finished up the block layouts, and most of the general lighting of the streets. There's some overall noise and procedurals used to give the scene texture, but by far, the interesting stuff is what was painted deliberately. Rooftop skylights, bright specs of light on tall buildings, and rows of street lamps really make a difference.

I also put together most of the wall lighting, the monorail, and highway lights. There's one major arcology (the Agrosanto Arcology) depicted, the "Concrete Forest," and the beginnings of Shiawassee Fusion Plant. (Note: that's Shiawassee, not Shiawase, for you Shadowrun fans. There's actually a Shiawassee county in Detroit.)

There's still more to do. In fact, there could probably be an endless amount of detail left to do, but there's still a minimum bar that I have yet to hit. For one thing, there are only the aforementioned major features, so it still lacks in well-defined details. I'll probably add some more to the fusion plant, and see if I can call out some more landmarks. I'm thinking there will probably be a "Little Kowloon" style area, where local gangs run the show, and government/police let it slide because the cheap labor fills a need, despite humanitarian issues.

Reaching for a Sim City style appearance is probably a stretch, but hopefully, I can manage to get a decent illusion of depth and detail.

But that will have to wait for Monday. It's time to call it a week here at Blue Bottle Games. Hope everyone enjoys there weekend, and I'll see you next Monday!