A bit of the ol' ultra violence

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A bit of the ol' ultra violence

I really enjoy the combat in this game. It reminds me of a lot of older games I've played and greatly enjoyed, all mixed together. The flavor text in particular reminds me of Castle of the Winds. The first time I chased down a fellow hobo (my friends and I have taken to calling it Neo Hobo) I knocked him out cold with a pot before endlessly kicking him all over his body for his precious ketchup packets and community college shirt.

At that time and a handful since, one thing I really wished for was a paper doll of the enemy. As it stands the conditions are the only way to track the abuse you're piling on your enemy. After a long and bloody back and forth it'd be nice to admire your handiwork as well as have a better idea of how bad the other guy is hurting than "well I've been beating him for a while now..." I understand and appreciate this game's realism and the lack of HP/health bars hovering over the names of every opponent, but I'd like the ability to see each of the enemy's injuries the way you can on your own character.

That said, I really like the paper doll available to the player in their own conditions screen. I think something like that or even the exact same thing to keep track of the results of your cleaver swings would just be darn nifty. If he's severely bruised or bleeding profusely all over his body it'd just be really cool to be able to see it like you can on your own character, even if that information were a mouse click or two away (as in not displayed on the main combat screen.)

In any case, cheers to the great game and all the work you put in. Bought it a few weeks ago and have gotten more gameplay hours out of it than a lot of AAA titles. Looking forward to the new updates!