The DMC needs a watering hole.

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The DMC needs a watering hole.

.... And by that I mean a bar. Bars are an excellent place to set up meetings for people for quest related places and a perfect meeting spot in a public area to do a dangerous deal. In addition it adds the ability to buy booze which is useful for a variety of things out in the wastes. Not to mention that historically speaking as times get harder booze sales go up. In a post apocalyptic future I bet there would be a lot of drunks if they found a safe haven like DMC to live in.

Also just for the sake of booze and it's related awesome powers out in the wild it would be nice if junktown had a makeshift still. Maybe the booze there has a chance of causing blindness if drank or intense pain if used on wounds (Still cleans them though). But is pretty cheap (well in proportion to other medical related items).


I like this idea!

Im cool

Bars are also a good place to meet people for jobs and quests, like in Shadowrun.

By the Gods, I love Shadowrun so much.

Me too. :)

Shadowrun is what I thought of the second Dan showed us the DMC stuff.

A bar would make a great "quest source" for Neoscavenger, I agree.

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