World Mythology and Actors

I had a pretty productive day today. Early on, I decided to review an old background document on the NEO Scavenger world, and it really helped kick off a series of revisions which incorporated my last few days of plot contemplation. There were some old assumptions that I was able to clear up and/or remove, and some blank areas I could now fill in with more satisfying explanations. Plus, I was able to further flesh-out some of the major agents/factions Cameron and I created for the Michigan theater.

Finally, based on this revised background, I was able to start connecting dots between the goals of these factions and actual encounters. I've been having some trouble coming up with a good, prioritized list of future encounters that need developing, and this dot-connecting has really helped. Now, I am starting to see how these faction agents might hinder or help with the player's quest for self-discovery, and the methods they might use to do so. It incorporates some of the already-extant encounters we've worked on, and highlights some opportunities for future ones.

In short, some much-needed structural plot reinforcement.

Tomorrow, I think I'll be confident enough to start thinking about example encounters that align with either player or faction agent goals, and how to position them on the map and in the game timeline. Overall, a good day. Most plot-related work days leave me feeling self-conscious or clueless, but today felt pretty satisfying.

Have a good night, all!