Bought game, downloaded Beta. How do I save?

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Bought game, downloaded Beta. How do I save?

Is it the button that says "No Worky?"

Hey henbayward!

The save function is on the "Main Menu," which can either be accessed via the Esc key, or by pressing the "Main Menu" button at the top left corner. There should then be a "Save+Quit" button, which will save your current game, and quit to the title screen. The title screen has a "Load" button, which will resume the game where you left off.

Just a heads-up: the game uses Flash's shared objects for save data, which can get deleted by some browsers if the settings clear cookies regularly. If you want to back up your save file, there's a sticky post which describes how to find save game files.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Oh, groovy! I was worried my game would go bye-bye if I went to the main title. Thanks!