Encounter Implementation

Most of the day today was spent implementing a new encounter. It took a few running starts to get an overall encounter structure that I could manage.

The revising effort was mostly aimed at avoiding the spiderweb-like structure of the cryo facility encounter. In the cryo encounter, every node can go to every node directly. It saves a click for the user between each option, but it's almost impossible to design without making mistakes. Lots of connections are missed or misdirected, so the overall user experience is worse.

I think I've got a structure for this new encounter that's easier to manage, has several options to try, and has a few surprises and shortcuts. I have yet to test it, but it seems like it should provide some variety over the course of a few playthroughs.

I still have one ending to put together, though. And I'm thinking I want to flesh it out a bit, so the player has a few more choices they can make. It feels a little limited right now, and players seem to prefer character-centric options, so I'll see what I can do.

Overall, though, a pretty successful day using the editor! I found and fixed a few bugs this morning, but it was running pretty reliably for the majority of the day. Hopefully, this will speed up the implementation of future encounters.

That's it for now. Have a good night, all!