New player here to stay!

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New player here to stay!

I originally played this game as a demo a couple of months ago and then recently bought it as part of a bundle (because this title was incuded) and it's turned into a game i play every day for an hour or so.

What i notice is that every time i play i always discover something new.
For instance two days ago i found a shopping trolley which i could carry all my crap around in. I thought that was so great!!!
I couldn't believe i was so excited for my character that he had found this totally worthless item lying discarded in some bushes somewhere and it was so useful.

I've never found it again but there's always hope.

I've never lasted more than 20-30 turns but it never puts me off playing again as i have a gut feeling there is some really neat stuff waiting to be found or added to the game in future and im really happy to have got into the game at this stage in its development.

I also really like the detailed medical and combat side of things with always so many options during a fight.
I only wish in hindsight that i could of been able to ram that dogman with my shopping trolley before he killed me in a severely violent melee attack. Pity i wasn't on a slope either or i could of hopped in and rolled away at top speed.

The right click mouse menu is also a good idea as i use it all the time now and it makes things easier to do.

What i would like to know though is if there are any ideas to include a proper fullscreen option? This along with a bigger range of graphics to use for map tiles and for locations were my immediate thoughts for future updates. This is my first visit to the forums here so i'm gonna check out the 'suggestions' section before i go on and on as im sure it's all been said before.

New players REPRESENT.

Fullscreen has been asked for many times and he has many times said yes, though none of us know when exactly.


I forgot the e in my name cause I am stupid!

Use shopping trolley as a battering ram? I second that idea! Sounds like fun!